Combat System

Tokens are placed in sliders and then slid toward regions with the highest number. Tokens are placed in sliders and then slid toward regions with the highest number.

You don't roll combat dice in True Dungeon. It is up to your skills to succeed!

When you attack a monster in a True Dungeon event you don't roll a d20 as is the case in many tabletop role playing games. Instead of luck controlling the fate of your attack, the result of the attack is determined by your hand and eye coordination!

To attack a monster in True Dungeon, you insert your weapon token into a custon-designed puck and slide it on a "combat board" resembling a shuffleboard. Your puck must come to rest within certain areas of the combat board in order to hit the monster. Your coordination and nerves are tested, making this a really cool way to resolve combat. In addition, your battle strategies are tested because all attacks are made before any hits are determined. Therefore, it is possible to bump a team member’s puck out of a non-hit area and into a hit area--or vice versa! This simulates the chaos of battle and how combatants can affect each other's attacks. Damage is determined by the direction the numbers on the weapon token are facing in relation to the damage indicator on the combat board. So, your damage is randomized as you slide your token. It makes for some very exciting combat!

Note that melee-focused characters have a chance to practice sliding on a sample combat board before the actual adventure, while all other classes train on their own specific skill tests. This simulates the combat advantage melee-types have and also allows spellcasters and rogue players to work on the skills which only they can accomplish.

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