2021 Token Collection

The 2021 Treasure Token Collection is now in stock and ready to ship. All orders placed by 2:00pm Central will ship the same business day via USPS 2-3 Day Priority Mail. We have some great premiums for larger orders -- like a FREE Ultra Rare Treasure Token of your choice. Thank you for your support!

Note: All Golden Ticket tokens have been released into the wild, so any orders placed after May, 3rd, 2021 will NOT have a chance to receive a random Golden Ticket token.

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Ten-Pack of 2021 Treasure Tokens

Each highly collectible Treasure Token ten-pack comes in a velveteen pouch and includes 7 Common, 2 Uncommon, and 1 Rare token.

Because we are big old-school D&D geeks and we love to roll up treasure, we decided to simulate getting a "00" result while rolling up treasure. One out of 100 token bags contains 6 Common, 2 Uncommon, 1 Rare, and 1 Ultra Rare token!

Finally, one random token in each ten-pack is guaranteed to have a "platinum" back instead of the standard gold back.

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Ultra Rare Value Pack

This special $250 Ultra Rare Value Pack includes:

(30) 2021 Standard random Treasure Token ten-packs*

(1) Ultra Rare of your choice from the 2021 or 2020 collection (while supplies last)

*Each group of 30 ten-packs has a decent chance to contain a random Ultra Rare Token! This means that for every Ultra Rare Value Pack you purchase you receive 30 ten-packs, 1 Ultra Rare of your choice, and a decent chance to also get a random Ultra Rare token!

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$1K Module Value Pack

$1K Module Value Pack
In addition to the 120 ten-packs of 2021 tokens, you receive all the following:

  • Four (4) Ultra Rare tokens of your choice from either the 2021 or 2020 print runs--mix & match as you like (while supplies last). There is a really good chance you'll receive one or two additional random URs in your ten-packs! Read more...
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Pre-Order: Adventurers' Guild Value Pack

$2K “Adventurers Guild” Order Option
In addition to the 240 ten-packs of 2020 tokens, you receive all of the following:

  • Eight (8) Ultra Rare tokens of your choice from either the 2021 or 2020 print runs—mix & match as you like (while supplies last).
  • Two (2) random 2021 Ultra Rare tokens somewhere in your order.
  • There is a really good chance you will receive an ADDITIONAL (third) random UR in your ten-packs! Read more...
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Onyx & Wish Ring Value Pack

$8K "Onyx & Wish Ring" Order Bonuses

Updated July 1st, 2021

Now...any $8K order also receives one free Patron Thank You Ultra Rare as shown below.


Two Primary Choices
When purchasing an $8K Onyx & Wish Ring Pack, there are two primary choices to make:

  1. An Onyx Choice
    Detailed below, this choice determines how many Ultra Rare tokens you get to choose. This choice does not affect how many random URs you receive.
  2. A Condensed Choice
    Detailed further below, you may choose from Standard (nothing condensed), all or some Condensed (in $1K increments), or Super-Condensed. This choice does not affect how many random URs you receive.

Note: All three Onyx options described near the bottom come in either Standard, Condensed, or Super-Condensed versions. Each option comes with the same bonus items, the only difference is the distribution of Onyx and Ultra Rare picks. See each option's description for details. The following Bonus Items come with every Onyx & Wish Ring Pack, no matter which options you choose:

  • 9 random 2021 Ultra Rare tokens somewhere in your order. Also, there is a good chance for an ADDITIONAL (tenth) random Ultra Rare token to appear in your order!
  • Four (4) limited-edition Goggles of Ethereal Vision tokens only available to Adventurers' Guildmembers.
  • Eight (8) 7th Tooth of Cavadar Premium tokens
  •  Sold Out  Four (4) Limited-edition Adventurers' Guild membership buttons. Each person wearing an AG button receives access to the exclusive Adventurers' Guild bag check service at Gen Con, Gamehole Con and Origins Game Fair. You can leave one item at the Bag Check for free with each AG button. Read more...
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