$1K Module Value Pack


$1K Module Value Pack
In addition to the 120 ten-packs of 2020 tokens, you receive all the following:

  • Four (4) Ultra Rare tokens of your choice from either the 2020 or 2019 print runs--mix & match as you like (while supplies last). There is a really good chance you'll receive one or two additional random URs in your ten-packs!
  • One (1) copy of all three modules, shipped in November, 2020
  • One (1) 6th Tooth of Cavadar Premium token


Condensed Packs
Some token collectors don't want to spend a lot of time opening hundreds of packs of tokens. They asked if we could make a condensed version available that would approximate what 120 ten-packs look like after the Common tokens were exchanged for Trade tokens. Condensed saves you the hassle of opening all those ten-packs, sorting them, and then sending them off to be exchanged for Trade tokens.

A $1K Condensed order gets all the bonuses shown above, plus the following:

  • One (1) random 2020 Ultra Rare token (with a chance to get a second random Ultra Rare)
  • 120× Random Rare tokens (10% of these are platinum backed)
  • 240× Random Uncommon tokens (10% of these are platinum backed)
  • Alchemist's Ink
  • Alchemist's Parchment
  • Darkwood Plank
  • Dwarven Steel
  • Enchanter's Munition
  • Minotaur Hide
  • Mystic Silk
  • Philosopher's Stone
  • 1,050 GP
  • Potion Condensed Healing
  • Lenses of the Owl