This is your official guide to True Dungeon. Please feel free to download and share. If you have any questions, please visit our Forum to ask veteran players your questions. We have a great community who are very welcoming to new players.

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There are some great online resources available for new and veteran players.

Token Database


Use to research any question regarding Treasure Tokens you may need answered.  It has some useful search and filter functions that allow you to find just the info you want.  For instance, you can see a listing of all Rare two-handed weapons or you can see something very specific like a listing of all 2012-minted, Rare two-handed weapon tokens that are only usable by Barbarians that have "fire" in the token's description.

 Any of the three resources below will walk you through the process of equipping your character.  Click on the text to go to that resource.

TD Character Creator   

Amorgen's Excellent Excel Character Generator  

Cogwind's Character Generator for iDevices or Character Generator for Android  

Contact the Creators
There are dedicated forum threads where you can communicate with the fine folks who created and maintain these resources. If you have a question or comment about one of these programs, this is the perfect place to communicate with the person who makes it:


Cogwind's Revenge for iPad: We are pleased to announce the release of Cogwind's Revenge, an iPad app inspired by the 2014 True Dungeon modules Golembane and Flight of the Zephyr.  It has puzzles to test your wits, combat to test your skill, and even the fun of token collecting.  Download this free app from iTunes and relive the adventure!


Download all 4th and 5th level character cards HERE!

After you have downloaded and read the Players Handbook (especially if you are a DM or Coach!), then the next thing you want to look at is the various character cards.  

This year there are three different Character Class Cards available.  One card is the 4th level version of the character, one is the 5th level version of the character, and the final version are the very rare Rod of Seven Parts cards (sub-class cards).  To use the 5th level cards, you must possess either a Trio of Might items, a Ring of Heroism or a Charm of Heroism.  To use the Rod of Seven Parts cards, you have to possess a Rod of Seven Parts Eldritch token.

Below are all the 4th level character cards.  Look for other articles to see the 5th level and Rod of Seven Parts cards.

View the embedded image gallery online at:

Download all 4th and 5th level character cards HERE!


These are the 5th level Character Cards. A player must either equip a "Heroism" token or a set of tokens which increase a character's level to use these cards. 


View the embedded image gallery online at:

These are the rare sub-class character cards granted by Rod of Seven Parts or Skull of Cavadar. They can only be used once per year by a player who possesses a complete Rod of Seven Parts or Skull of Cavadar token. Players with both of those tokens can play a sub-class character twice per year.

View the embedded image gallery online at:

Player Token Mat

Every player begins their adventure within a Coaching Room, and they use one of these 11" x 17" token mats to help equip their character. It's a handy tool to help you plan out your character's token build.

Player Token Mat

All DMs and Coaches should study the Dungeon Master's Guide. It has crucial info that you are required to know.

If you are a player and are really interested in how True Dungeon works, you're welcome to peruse the Dungeon Master's Guide. This handbook has exacting info on how combat works and gives you a peek at how TD DM's are trained.

CLICK HERE to read the Dungeon Master's Guide.

This is required reading for all Coach's, Coach Trainers, and Coach Assistants. It details everying you need to know to perform your duties.

CLICK HERE to read the Coach's Guide.

Some of our 2011 adventures took place in an underwater setting and used some special rules for players to cope with adventuring while submerged. We created this guide for players to learn the ins and outs of "gaming while wet". In case you were curious how that all went down, you may still read the 2011 Underwater Rules Guide.

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