4th Level Character Cards


Download all 4th and 5th level character cards HERE!

After you have downloaded and read the Player's Handbook (especially if you are a DM or Coach!), the next thing you want to look at is the various character cards.  

There are three different categories of Character Class Cards available. One category is the 4th level version of the characters, one is the 5th level version of the characters, and the final category is the exclusive sub-class cards. To use the 5th level cards, you must equip a token that increases your character's level. To play a sub-class, you must equip either a completed Rod of Seven Parts or Skull of Cavadar token. (Click those links for details and restrictions.)

Below are all the 4th level character cards. 5th level cards can be viewed here and sub-class cards can be viewed here.

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