Onyx & Wish Ultra Rare Value Pack

Please select 1 of the 3 options available for Onyx Sets

Note: We are still offering Condensed and Super Condensed alternatives for your $8K order.  CLICK HERE to read more about these labor-saving alternatives (near bottom of page if you don't see it immediately).  You will tell us your wishes for any Condensed or Super Condensed alternatives inside a text box during check out.

$8K "Onyx Set" Order Option

Option #1: Non-Ultra Rare Onyx Set   
In addition to the 960 10-packs of 2019 tokens, you will receive all of the following:
  • 32 FREE 2019 or 2018 Ultra Rare tokens of your choice.
  • 9 random 2019 Ultra Rare tokens somewhere in your order 
  • Also, there is a 60% chance an ADDITIONAL (tenth) random Ultra Rare token will appear in your order!
  • Eight (8) 5th Tooth of Cavadar Premium tokens (shipped with your order)
  • Four (4) limited-edition Mask of Mayhem tokens only available to AG/Patron members. This is shipped with your token order. 

  • Four (4) Limited-edition “Adventurers’ Guild” membership buttons.  Each person wearing an AG button receives access to the exclusive “Adventurers’ Guild” bag check service at Gen Con, Gamehole Con and Origins Game Fair. You can leave one item at the Bag Check for free with each AG button. 
  • Each Patron member will have FIRST priority purchasing rights (before AG members) to event tickets at Origins Game Fair in mid-June in Columbus, OH.  AG members will be able to purchase event tickets a day before event tickets go on sale to the general public.  For a complete list of all the exciting events we have going on at Origins Game Fair please click the Upcoming Events tab.

  • Four (4) limited-edition Adventurers' Guild tokens. An AG token is a nice keepsake token that has no in-game function.

  • Eight (8) signed copies of all three modules after the event is over in November, 2019.
  • A proof set of Onyx tokens of the 2019 Common, Uncommon and Rare (but no Ultra Rare) tokens.  
  • One (1) über-rare Wish Ring token sent with your order
  • One (1) über-rare Orb of Dragonkind (Elder Serpent) token.  There will be a different Dragonkind token made each year from 2015-2022, and all eight can be transmuted in 2022 into the Supreme Orb of Dragonkind.  A Grand Orb of Dragonkind (requiring only 5 different tokens) can also be made at that time.  The details of what benefits these transmuted tokens bestow are shrouded in mystery at this time.
  • One (1) über-rare Patron Lapel Pin which will allow you to enjoy the TD Patron benefits and events at Origins Game Fair.  We are still planning the event, but there may be a special "best of" two-hour TD adventure that only Patron's can play.  Additionally, True Hoard will return, but this time three teams of 10 will go up against an even more fearsome foe -- The Averygorgon!  Additionally, Patrons will have the first chance to buy event tickets at Origins where four new Participation Tokens will be handed out.  More info to come!  Check the Upcoming Events tab for more info.
Option #2: Ultra Rare Onyx Set  
The same as Option #1, but instead you may select 16 Ultra Rare tokens from 2019 or 2018 (instead of 32 as with Option #1), but you will ALSO receive a complete set of the 20 different 2019 Onyx Ultra Rare tokens along with your Common – Rare Onyx set tokens. 
Option #3: NO Onyx Set but 2 Extra Ultra Rares  
The same as Option #1, but instead of receiving any Onyx tokens, you gain the ability to select two more Ultra Rare tokens for free during check out.