In the world of True Dungeon, magic plays an important role. Wizards are masters of devastating arcane power which they can use to cause massive damage to terrible foes! Clerics, with their divine healing and curative abilities, are often the only thing standing between a fellow adventurer and certain death. Druids commune with nature to not only to bring forth healing, but to command the elements themselves as mighty weapons.

Bards' magic is varied and practical, but in addition, they can inspire their companions through their magical gifts of music and song as well as offer useful information on how to defeat a monster.

Magic occurs in two forms within the dungeon. The classes mentioned above have spells at their command which they may cast at any time. When casting these spells, each class performs a task unique to them in order to display their prowess and maximize the effectiveness of their magic. Also, some characters may use scrolls. Scrolls are treasure tokens that are consumed (collected by the DM) when used.

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