Rewards & XP

Every player receives at least three Treasure Chips at the conclusion of their adventure. In a special area of the storyscape, a Treasure Chip can be exchanged for a random pull from the Treasure Generator or sometimes exchanged for other cool stuff.

You may also be given Treasure Tokens inside the adventure by your DM in the event of your team completing some important task.  Tokens are never hidden inside the adventure, so don't waste your time (or damage the sets) looking for tokens.

In addition to Treasure Chips, players will receive Experience Points (XP) at the end of their adventure. Your XP accumulates over time, just like in D&D, eventually letting YOU gain levels! With higher levels come special abilities and privileges. You can track your XP by clicking the "Xth Level Player" link in the upper left of every page on this site.

1st 0–999 XP: No benefit

2nd 1,000–2,999 XP: Ability to enter certain special events like True Grind

3rd 3,000–5,999 XP: You get first pick of character class before 1st and 2nd level players. (All 3rd level or higher players will roll off for order of choosing*.)

4th 6,000–9,999 XP: No extra benefit at this time

5th 10,000–14,999 XP: Gain title of “Lord” or “Lady” in the official TD website, access to a private section of the Forum, and the exclusive Medallion of Nobility token.

6th 15,000–20,999 XP: Gain one extra Treasure Chip at the end of your adventure

7th 21,000–27,999 XP: Receive a specially designed True Dungeon convention badge holder

8th 28,000–39,999 XP: Receive a specially designed True Dungeon lapel pin

9th 40,000–69,999 XP: Receive a specially designed Badge of Nobility token that bestows +1 AC and membership in the Adventurers' Guild

10th 70,000–99,999 XP: To be announced in 2019

* If two or more 3rd-level or higher players can't amicably decide who gets to play a disputed class, roll a die. Whomever rolls highest may play that character class. Re-roll ties. If nobody in your group has a die, ask a TD volunteer if they can get one for you.

Note: Being a higher player level than 3rd does not bestow any bonus to this roll. E.g., if a 6th-level player and a 3rd-level player are rolling-off against each other, they both have an equal chance at getting the character they want.

CLICK HERE to get instructions on how to enter XP codes.

XP Stacking & Post-Adventure Rewards  

Earning Player XP: The Player XP you earn depends on the challenge rating of the adventure you ran.

  • Non-Lethal: 650 (no per room bonus)
  • Normal: 650 + 50 per room entered
  • Hardcore: 1,650 + 50 per room entered
  • Nightmare: 1,650 + 50 per room entered (same as Hardcore)
  • Epic: 1,650 + 50 per room entered (same as Hardcore)

Your character does not need to survive the room to earn Player XP, you merely need to enter the room to earn XP for that room. E.g., if your character died in room 7 (the final room), you would still receive full XP for that adventure because your character entered the room. 
Stacking Player XP: You earn Player XP based on the highest challenge level you ran. E.g., if you survived Dancing Among Stones on Normal, you would earn 1,000 XP. But if you later survived Dancing Among Stones on Hardcore (or Nightmare, since they earn the same XP), you would earn a total of 2,000 XP—not 3,000. Repeating the same dungeon on the same difficulty does not earn additional XP—unless your character entered additional rooms in the adventure. E.g., if your first attempt at running Dancing Among Stones on Hardcore resulted in your character dying in room 6, you would earn 1,950 XP. But if you later ran Dancing Among Stones on Hardcore (or Nightmare) and made it to room 7—whether your character survived or not—you would earn a total of 2,000 for that adventure, thus making up the 50 XP deficit from your first run. Once you reach the XP cap of a particular adventure, playing that same adventure will not earn you any additional XP. For the purposes of calculating XP, combat and puzzle versions of the same-named adventure count as the same adventure. E.g., surviving both the puzzle and combat versions of Dancing Among Stones on Hardcore (or Nightmare) would earn a total of 2,000 XP—not 2,000 each. The same-named adventure run at different conventions counts as a single adventure for XP purposes. E.g., running Dancing Among Stones at both Gen Con and Gamehole Con counts as one adventure. If you run the same-named adventure on different challenge levels at different conventions, you will earn Player XP for the highest level you ran. E.g., in you survived Dancing Among Stones on Normal at Gen Con and then later survived Dancing Among Stones on Hardcore (or Nightmare) at Gamehole Con, you would earn a total of 2,000 XP for that adventure. 
Player Level vs. Character Level: Your player level has absolutely nothing to do with your character’s level and vice versa. Attaining 5th-level as a player does not mean you automatically play a 5th-level character. Only tokens can increase your character’s level. Similarly, having tokens that allow you to play a 5th-level character does not entitle you to 5th-level player benefits. 

Completion Tokens: Non-Lethal and Normal adventurers receive an Uncommon completion token. Hardcore adventurers receive a Rare completion token. Nightmare or Epic adventurers receive both the Uncommon and Rare completion tokens.

How To Claim XP Rewards

"Now that my XP has been entered, how do I get my stuff?" I'm so glad you asked! It's as easy as 1-2-3.

  1. Go to the TD Store. (The link is at the top of this page or just click here.)
  2. Find the item you're now qualified for and click its [Add to cart] button.
  3. Check out.

There is a $5 shipping fee, but you're more than welcome to claim your level-reward with another purchase or a Transmute order. They'll all be shipped to you together for the one $5 shipping charge.

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