In addition to combat and class skills, there are many other challenges that await players in True Dungeon. Most of these challenges take the form of puzzles and creative problem solving tasks. There also might be physical challenges such as walking a balance beam or dodging a foam dart.

A mainstay of True Dungeon is its unique room puzzles that are similar to the types at the end of the first Harry Potter book/movie. For instance, players may find themselves faced with trying to figure out how to cross a checkerboard hallway, or they might find a beautiful stained glass table that asks them to pick the proper chalice. The puzzles are meant to be tough so that it takes the input of the whole group to solve them.

In addition to puzzles, players must figure out how to overcome certain physical challenges. For instance, they may have to get a small gem onto a table behind a locked portcullis or somehow retrieve a small piece of paper from beneath a grate. These challenges allow players who have good problem solving skills to shine for the benefit of the gaming group.

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