In-Person Exchange Form

If you're preparing an order for Trade, Reserve, and/or Transmuted tokens to be exchanged at an in-person event, please use this order form and include a filled-out, signed, and dated copy with the tokens you turn in. This download includes all the forms, checklists, and bag tags you'll need for your token exchange order.

This form is not to be used with mail-in orders--even if you're picking them up in person. If you're going to mail your tokens in, you need to place your order through the Token Exchange Program page.

Click this sentence or the image above to download the most current version of the In-Person Order Form.

For Speedy Service

If you want to expedite your in-person token exchange process, here are some things you can do to make the exchange process go faster:

  1. Fill out your paperwork now so it's ready the instant you walk into the transmuting room. You can download the form here.
  2. Do not forget to include your verified recipe checklist(s) along with your completed & signed order form when you turn in your submission. A full and complete recipe checklist is not optional.
  3. Fill out the form legibly. Don't write so you can read it, write so a stranger can read it.
  4. Organize your bags. Specifically:
  • Face all your tokens in the same direction.
    · For recipes whose total ingredients number in the single-digits, don't worry about facing them. Keeping two or three tokens aligned and ordered in a bag is nearly impossible.
  • Whenever possible, don't make bags with lots of free-floating tokens. Obviously, this doesn't apply to bags of tokens numbering in the single digits.
  • When submitting a Transmute, place the tokens in the bag in the same order they are on the recipe checklist.
  • When submitting a Transmute whose recipe requires more tokens than can fit in a single snack size bag (looking at you, relics and legendaries), fill multiple snack size bags and then put all of those smaller bags in a single larger bag. Again, keeping the tokens in checklist order really helps.
  • Make sure the tag you put in each bag is facing out so it can be read before the bag is opened.
  • Do not put more than one tag in a bag. This is particularly true if you're making a 3× or a 6× bag. Do not put three or six tags in one bag. Put in one slip with 3× or 6× written after the Trade token's name. See the FAQ near the bottom of this page for details about 3× and 6× bags.
  • Keep like items together. E.g., if you're making 20 each of DP, AI, and MS, grouping all the DP together, all the AI together, and all the MS together helps.
  • Use printed, not hand-written bag tags. If you want to create your own tags, that's fine, but use a plain font that's at least 14 points in size.
  • Do not tape your bags shut.
  • Do not "roll" your tokens in a manner similar to how one might receive bulk change from a bank.

Assuming you've read this far, you may be saying to yourself, "Sheesh! That's a lot to take in!" Indeed, it is. As mentioned above, these are tips for people who want to maximize efficiency.

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