VTD-15: Tomb of Terror Chapter 4 - April 14th-16th, 2023

Tickets go on sale at Noon Central on Friday, Feb. 10th for 2023 Patrons. Saturday Feb. 11th for 2023 Adventurers' Guild members, and Sunday Feb. 12th for general admission.

Tickets are obtained at this website.

VTD-16: Tomb of Terror Chapter 5 - August 18th-20th, 2023  <- NEW DATE!

Tickets go on sale at Noon CDT on Friday, June 9th for 2023 Patrons. Saturday June 10th for 2023 Adventurers' Guild members, and Sunday June 11th to the general public.

Tickets are obtained at td.events.


Can you help your new friend Pudnort return back to his home in the Infernal Heck?  A tongue-in-cheek adventure awaits that will have you jumping through portals to other worlds while looking for Pudnort's home.

Our final special VTD Patron adventure "Pudnort's Peril" will take place on Friday, Sept. 15th, 2023.  To thank our Patrons for their amazing support, only Patrons (or folks they give their ticket access code to) are eligible to play.  All $8K Patron buyers will receive a special code which will allow them access to the tickets for this event.  No XP is available for this event, but there will be some cool swag.  All players will receive a flat 30 random Treasure pulls, so no treasure-enchancing tokens need be equipped.


Safehold is an exciting new add-on to our existing Token Exchange Program. Safeholds allow collectors of all dedication levels to create permanent homes for their characters.

Imagine your character has built a tower. Now that your character has an enduring dwelling, you can use your hard-earned resources to employ trainers to augment your adventuring skills. For example, you might choose to enlist the services of a Hireling Steward who has the power to recruit up to five Hirelings for the express purpose of preparing your character for upcoming adventures. If your next expedition happened to involve sneaking into a snake cult temple, you could have your Hireling Brewmaster cook up some venom-resisting libations which boosts your character’s Fortitude saves. This temporary effect might come in handy in a place like that.

There are five levels of Safeholds that can be created. Every Safehold begins as a Safehold V. As you enhance your Safehold, it becomes larger, more powerful, and the Roman numerals get smaller. The process culminates with Safehold I--the grandest of them all!

Increasing your Safehold’s size earns renown and enables you to hire more powerful trainers. Thus, you gain more options for pre-adventure training. The upper echelons of Safeholds grant you the ability to craft Mythic-level tokens!

There are quite a few components to the Safehold Program. To learn all about them, including the timetables for when each tier becomes available, please review the Safehold Program Details PDF.


VTD-17: Tomb of Terror Chapter 6 - September 16th-17th  <- Same Weekend as VTD Patron Run

Tickets go on sale at Noon Central on Friday, July 14th for 2023 Patrons. Saturday July 15th for 2023 Adventurers' Guild members, and Sunday July 16th for general admission.

Tickets are obtained at this website.


VTD-18: Tomb of Terror Chapter 7 - November 10th-12th  

Tickets go on sale at Noon Central on Friday, September 8th for 2023 Patrons. Saturday September 9th for 2023 Adventurers' Guild members, and Sunday September 10th for general admission.

Tickets are obtained at this website.

VTD-19:Grunnel's Holiday Special - December 8th-10th, 2023  < New dates!

Tickets go on sale on these dates at Noon Central:

Patron: Noon Friday, October 13th, 2023

AG Members: Saturday, October 14th, 2023

General Public: Sunday, October 15th, 2023


Enjoy a full-length VTD Adventure with a holiday twist!

Join Grunnel as he journeys to the castle of the Winter Witch to gift her a fruitcake--and melt her ice-cold heart. Will you be in time to save Gifting Day? Battle the denizens of the Winter Witch while overcoming puzzles like repairing a booster engine for a certain flying sleigh. Three NPCs await--as do many thrills and laughs. This is a full two-hour adventure with XP, swag, the Goggles of Anticipation Patricipation token, and also a bonus "fun" Participation token.



Most Transmuted tokens are created by combining ingredients that are less than 18 months old. Every now and then, players enjoy constructing more aspirational Transmuted tokens. Examples of these include:

  • Boots of the Four Winds
  • Kilt of Dungeonbane
  • Supreme Ring of Elemental Command

The core ingredients of those Transmuted tokens were comprised of Ultra Rare tokens that were released across multiple successive years.

Up until, 2019, all of those tokens were part of the Elemental Eldritch set. In 2020 we began a new multi-year Transmuted token which is the first component of a brand new powerful set bonus. The first of these Ultra Rare tokens was the Shirt of the Oaf. Over the next four years we're releasing four UR Shirts. The first three give bonus/penalties toward the physical stats (Strength, Dexterity, and Constitution) with the fourth one granting +3 Focus (+3 to cast healing spells, cast damage spells, and polymorph damage) and a saving throw penalty. At the end of the four years, all four of these exact shirts (no substitutions) can be combined so they make one Shirt that gives +2 to all three physical stats and +2 Focus. The combined shirt token is the first of the new Arcanum set.


Tap here or the image above to watch a cool video.

Your coach should arrive at the time written on your wristband. In the meantime, here are some tips, tricks, and suggestions for maximizing your enjoyment during your upcoming game:

1. Pick a Class

  • If sliding a weapon token down a combat board sounds fun, consider one of the melee classes:
    • barbarian
    • dwarf fighter
    • fighter
    • monk*
    • paladin
    • ranger*
    • rogue

*These classes slide two weapons and may require a bit more manual dexterity.

  • If you have good memorization skills and like casting spells, consider playing a spellcaster:
    • bard
    • cleric
    • druid
    • elf wizard
    • wizard

2. Prepare & Wear Your Class Card
After you've selected your class:

  • Take a lanyard and thread it through both of the holes at the top.
  • Attach your player light to your card.
  • Put one paper clip on the 10s digit of your starting Hit Points (HP) and a second clip on the 1s digit. During the game, you'll adjust these as your Hit Points go up or down.
  • Place the prepared card around your neck. Make sure the red side is facing away from you and the purple side is facing toward your torso.

3. Open Your Token Pack
If you haven't done so already, open the pack of tokens you received when you checked in. (Look in the drawstring bag the innkeeper gave you.) These tokens represent your equipment. Some people have amassed quite a few tokens over the years, but don't worry, you can have tons of fun AND emerge from the dungeon victoriously with just the tokens you have now.

4. Equip Your Character
Look at the class list found on the bottom of your tokens to see if your chosen class can equip it. If a token doesn't have a class list, all classes can use it.

  • If your character can equip the token, place it on your player mat over the appropriate spot. (E.g., put a belt on the waist spot, gloves on the hands spot, etc.)
  • If your character can't equip it, try trading with your teammates to make sure everyone has stuff they can use. This is also a great way to get to know your fellow players.
  • Be sure you have a weapon token. If you aren't able to trade for one, ask your coach and they'll get one for you.

5. Bio Break
If you think you might need to use the restroom in the next couple hours, do so now! Once you enter the dungeon, if you must leave--for any reason--you cannot come back in.

6. Get Your Questions Answered (Optional)

  • Have a question about how a token works? Look it up on tokendb.com. The Token Database (aka TDb) is the ultimate authority on how tokens work and how they interact with each other. It's free, has no ads, doesn't leave cookies, and doesn't require an account.
  • Here are some other links for those who want to take a deeper dive:
    • Player's Handbook: This free PDF goes over all the rules you'll need to know to play True Dungeon.
    • Quick Token Reference: A free downloadable guide that describes all the current year's tokens. It also has a handy checklist for collectors.
    • TD Forums: We've built up quite a community since we debuted in 2003. This is the central hub for getting to know fellow players, discussing tokens, and the best place to get the scoop on upcoming stuff. And unlike a lot of other well-established gaming communities that have become insular and unwelcoming of new players, our forumites welcome new players with open arms. You'll need to create a (free) account to post, but you can read most of the forums without logging in.

7. Learn Your Class
24 minutes after the time shown on your wristband, you'll be directed to the training room. There you'll learn how combat works. And if you're playing the rogue or a spellcaster, you'll also learn how your specific class skill test works.

Thank you for playing True Dungeon. Have fun!


We are excited to be offering a new type of True Dungeon event at Gen Con. We seek to serve the TD Community well with these goals in mind.

  • Offer a less expensive (but same quality) event for new or more budget-conscious players
  • Give all TD players a chance to play in a new adventure without reducing quality
  • Offer an adventure that is less "token intense" for newer players

This new event concept called "True Dungeon Con-Quest" premieres at Gen Con 2023 with a new adventure entitled "Barb Beard's Treasure". It tells the story of what happens after the party has defeated the dreaded pirate Barb Beard. It features the same high-quality sets, props, effects, and costumed performers as our standard adventures, but with four rooms instead of seven..

I'm in, gimme the details!

Equipment: Con-Quests are played in the sealed-pack run format. This means you may only use the tokens you receive in the free ten-pack of tokens you get when you sign in. This means you cannot bring in any previously-acquired tokens.

Treasure: All Con-Quest players receive three treasure draws after their run. If you're at least a 6th level player, you'll get one extra treasure pull, just like in standard TD adventures. Just make sure you bring proof of your level achievement with you into the adventure.  If you find a Treasure Enhancing token in your free pack of provided tokens, you may also use that to acquire additional pulls from the Treasure Generators.

XP: Con-Quest uses the standard method of determining XP for running an adventure: 650 + 50 per room entered. This means if your character enters room four alive, you'll get 850 XP for playing a Con-Quest event.

Challenge: By default, all Con-Quest runs are played on the Normal difficulty setting. But if the group would like a lesser or greater challenge, they may vote to play on either the Non-Lethal or Hardcore difficulty level. (Playing Con-Quest on Hardcore earns the same amount of XP as on Normal mode.) There must be a unanimous vote to play on anything other than Normal mode. Nightmare and Epic modes are not an option for Con-Quest.

Participation Token: Playing Con-Quest: Barb Beard's Treasure nets you the unique Rare participation token Expert Gloves.  

Survivor Button: Con-Quest survivors earn themselves a unique button to show off their adventuring prowess.

Cost: $58

Duration: Con-Quest lasts roughly an hour and a half.

Additional Info

Here are some links you may find useful:

Player's Handbook: This free PDF goes over all the rules you'll need to know to play True Dungeon.

Quick Token Reference: A free downloadable guide that describes all the current year's tokens. It also has a handy checklist for collectors.

Token Database: Colloquially known as the TDb, this exhaustive codex goes into great detail on how our tokens work. If you're ever unsure how a token functions, look it up on the TDb. It's free, has no ads, and doesn't require you to create an account.

TD Forums: We've built up quite a community since we debuted in 2003. This is the central hub for getting to know fellow players, discussing tokens, and the best place to get the scoop on upcoming stuff. And unlike a lot of other well-established gaming communities that have become insular and unwelcoming of new players, our forumites welcome new players with open arms. You'll need to create a (free) account to post, but you can read most of the forums without logging in.

Back in 2017, Dave Radtke put together a nice "yearbook" of each year's token collection. It starts all the way back with 2003 when we only sold about 100 packs at Gen Con So Cal, and includes tokens up to 2017. If you'd like to take a look, click the image above or click here.


If you'd like to take a deep-dive on the tokens printed from 2003 to 2016, click the image above or click here.

True Dungeon Comes to San Japan in 2024!

True Dungeon is headed back to San Antonio, Texas!  We are thrilled to announce our return to the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center as we present an event at San Japan on Labor Day weekend in 2024.  We loved the players and volunteers when we presented at PAX South, and we are happy to be back in the area.  Tanya and her staff put on a great show, and we look forward to working with them to bring the TD fun back to south Texas.  Event details will be announced at a later date.  

The 2024 Virtual True Dungeon Series

VTD is back for another season of fun and adventure, and this time we are teaming up with Peter Adkison to base our adventures in his gaming world of Chaldea.

Check out this quick teaser trailer to get psyched for all the fun!

True Dungeon is thrilled to bring a host of desert-themed adventures to live within the world of Chaldea.  Players will seek out the Tear of Creation which is needed to stop a terrible calamity.  This four-part, four-month adventure series will tell the story of our heroes’ journey that will culminate with additional new in-person adventures at game Cons in the Summer of 2024.  Be sure to play all 2024 VTD adventures so you can receive an uber-rare relic Ring of Psychic Mastery token.


New Full Resolution Cameras!

We are super-excited to announce that all VTD adventures in 2024 will feature live game feeds of a much higher quality than in 2023.  Not only are the new video feeds in full HD, but the color richness and sound quality from the NPCs will be improved.

CLICK HERE to see a real screen capture of the new HD camera feed in action.  Be sure to click on the image at the link to view in full-screen size.


Schedule for 2024

Click on the various individual VTD event menu choices (top right) for more details on individual VTD events, but here is a summary of what will be offered leading up to the summer in-person season.

VTD-20:  January 26th-28th (Special Patron Run on 1/26th)

VTD-21:  February 23rd-25th

VTD-22:  March 22nd-24th

VTD-23: April 19th-21st

NOTE:  Exact plans for VTD offerings in the Fall of 2024 are still being formed.  It is hoped we can offer new VTD adventures – much like we did in 2023.

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