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Your coach should arrive at the time written on your wristband. In the meantime, here are some tips, tricks, and suggestions for maximizing your enjoyment during your upcoming game:

1. Pick a Class

  • If sliding a weapon token down a combat board sounds fun, consider one of the melee classes:
    • barbarian
    • dwarf fighter
    • fighter
    • monk*
    • paladin
    • ranger*
    • rogue

*These classes slide two weapons and may require a bit more manual dexterity.

  • If you have good memorization skills and like casting spells, consider playing a spellcaster:
    • bard
    • cleric
    • druid
    • elf wizard
    • wizard

2. Prepare & Wear Your Class Card
After you've selected your class:

  • Take a lanyard and thread it through both of the holes at the top.
  • Attach your player light to your card.
  • Put one paper clip on the 10s digit of your starting Hit Points (HP) and a second clip on the 1s digit. During the game, you'll adjust these as your Hit Points go up or down.
  • Place the prepared card around your neck. Make sure the red side is facing away from you and the purple side is facing toward your torso.

3. Open Your Token Pack
If you haven't done so already, open the pack of tokens you received when you checked in. (Look in the drawstring bag the innkeeper gave you.) These tokens represent your equipment. Some people have amassed quite a few tokens over the years, but don't worry, you can have tons of fun AND emerge from the dungeon victoriously with just the tokens you have now.

4. Equip Your Character
Look at the class list found on the bottom of your tokens to see if your chosen class can equip it. If a token doesn't have a class list, all classes can use it.

  • If your character can equip the token, place it on your player mat over the appropriate spot. (E.g., put a belt on the waist spot, gloves on the hands spot, etc.)
  • If your character can't equip it, try trading with your teammates to make sure everyone has stuff they can use. This is also a great way to get to know your fellow players.
  • Be sure you have a weapon token. If you aren't able to trade for one, ask your coach and they'll get one for you.

5. Bio Break
If you think you might need to use the restroom in the next couple hours, do so now! Once you enter the dungeon, if you must leave--for any reason--you cannot come back in.

6. Get Your Questions Answered (Optional)

  • Have a question about how a token works? Look it up on tokendb.com. The Token Database (aka TDb) is the ultimate authority on how tokens work and how they interact with each other. It's free, has no ads, doesn't leave cookies, and doesn't require an account.
  • Here are some other links for those who want to take a deeper dive:
    • Player's Handbook: This free PDF goes over all the rules you'll need to know to play True Dungeon.
    • Quick Token Reference: A free downloadable guide that describes all the current year's tokens. It also has a handy checklist for collectors.
    • TD Forums: We've built up quite a community since we debuted in 2003. This is the central hub for getting to know fellow players, discussing tokens, and the best place to get the scoop on upcoming stuff. And unlike a lot of other well-established gaming communities that have become insular and unwelcoming of new players, our forumites welcome new players with open arms. You'll need to create a (free) account to post, but you can read most of the forums without logging in.

7. Learn Your Class
24 minutes after the time shown on your wristband, you'll be directed to the training room. There you'll learn how combat works. And if you're playing the rogue or a spellcaster, you'll also learn how your specific class skill test works.

Thank you for playing True Dungeon. Have fun!

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