We are excited to be offering a new type of True Dungeon event at Gen Con. We seek to serve the TD Community well with these goals in mind.

  • Offer a less expensive (but same quality) event for new or more budget-conscious players
  • Give all TD players a chance to play in a new adventure without reducing quality
  • Offer an adventure that is less "token intense" for newer players

This new event concept called "True Dungeon Con-Quest" premieres at Gen Con 2023 with a new adventure entitled "Barb Beard's Treasure". It tells the story of what happens after the party has defeated the dreaded pirate Barb Beard. It features the same high-quality sets, props, effects, and costumed performers as our standard adventures, but with four rooms instead of seven..

I'm in, gimme the details!

Equipment: Con-Quests are played in the sealed-pack run format. This means you may only use the tokens you receive in the free ten-pack of tokens you get when you sign in. This means you cannot bring in any previously-acquired tokens.

Treasure: All Con-Quest players receive three treasure draws after their run. If you're at least a 6th level player, you'll get one extra treasure pull, just like in standard TD adventures. Just make sure you bring proof of your level achievement with you into the adventure.  If you find a Treasure Enhancing token in your free pack of provided tokens, you may also use that to acquire additional pulls from the Treasure Generators.

XP: Con-Quest uses the standard method of determining XP for running an adventure: 650 + 50 per room entered. This means if your character enters room four alive, you'll get 850 XP for playing a Con-Quest event.

Challenge: By default, all Con-Quest runs are played on the Normal difficulty setting. But if the group would like a lesser or greater challenge, they may vote to play on either the Non-Lethal or Hardcore difficulty level. (Playing Con-Quest on Hardcore earns the same amount of XP as on Normal mode.) There must be a unanimous vote to play on anything other than Normal mode. Nightmare and Epic modes are not an option for Con-Quest.

Participation Token: Playing Con-Quest: Barb Beard's Treasure nets you the unique Rare participation token Expert Gloves.  

Survivor Button: Con-Quest survivors earn themselves a unique button to show off their adventuring prowess.

Cost: $58

Duration: Con-Quest lasts roughly an hour and a half.

Additional Info

Here are some links you may find useful:

Player's Handbook: This free PDF goes over all the rules you'll need to know to play True Dungeon.

Quick Token Reference: A free downloadable guide that describes all the current year's tokens. It also has a handy checklist for collectors.

Token Database: Colloquially known as the TDb, this exhaustive codex goes into great detail on how our tokens work. If you're ever unsure how a token functions, look it up on the TDb. It's free, has no ads, and doesn't require you to create an account.

TD Forums: We've built up quite a community since we debuted in 2003. This is the central hub for getting to know fellow players, discussing tokens, and the best place to get the scoop on upcoming stuff. And unlike a lot of other well-established gaming communities that have become insular and unwelcoming of new players, our forumites welcome new players with open arms. You'll need to create a (free) account to post, but you can read most of the forums without logging in.

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