Safehold is an exciting new add-on to our existing Token Exchange Program. Safeholds allow collectors of all dedication levels to create permanent homes for their characters.

Imagine your character has built a tower. Now that your character has an enduring dwelling, you can use your hard-earned resources to employ trainers to augment your adventuring skills. For example, you might choose to enlist the services of a Hireling Steward who has the power to recruit up to five Hirelings for the express purpose of preparing your character for upcoming adventures. If your next expedition happened to involve sneaking into a snake cult temple, you could have your Hireling Brewmaster cook up some venom-resisting libations which boosts your character’s Fortitude saves. This temporary effect might come in handy in a place like that.

There are five levels of Safeholds that can be created. Every Safehold begins as a Safehold V. As you enhance your Safehold, it becomes larger, more powerful, and the Roman numerals get smaller. The process culminates with Safehold I--the grandest of them all!

Increasing your Safehold’s size earns renown and enables you to hire more powerful trainers. Thus, you gain more options for pre-adventure training. The upper echelons of Safeholds grant you the ability to craft Mythic-level tokens!

There are quite a few components to the Safehold Program. To learn all about them, including the timetables for when each tier becomes available, please review the Safehold Program Details PDF.

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