(All four 2023-2026 Path of Enlightenment fragment tokens will transmute into the Mark of Enlightenment which grants a cool TBA Relic-level power)


Welcome Patron!

Thank you very much for your amazing support of True Dungeon. Lori and I, along with the entire TD Team greatly appreciate your help in presenting True Dungeon to the world. We are excited to give all Patrons two exclusive VTD events in 2023, detailed below. Each Patron Event has different Participation tokens. You will be emailed a Patron code at the time of purchase. Once you enter your Patron Code into your account, the code will carry forward for all 2023 events. You will be able to claim one ticket to each Patron Event. If you choose to transfer that ticket to another non-Patron user, you may do so.

Jan. 13th, 2023: The first Patron-exclusive event for 2023 (with a unique Participation token) is a prelude to the upcoming VTD Tomb of Terror mega-adventure which will be presented throughout 2023.

Early October: The second Patron-exclusive event for 2023 will be another amazing adventure tied into the Tomb of Terror adventure. This event also boasts a unique Participation token.

Urgent Note: Patrons have the first chance to buy event tickets at all virtual True Dungeon events in 2023. Tickets for V12 Tomb of Terror: Chapter 1 go on sale Nov. 11th for 2023 Onyx Set buyers.

How Digital Patron Codes Work

Two of the great benefits of being a Patron is the ability to buy TD event tickets before anyone else, and the chance to attend Patron-exclusive TD events. Both of these benefits utilize digital codes that are redeemed at

Buying Normal Event Tickets Early
A few days after an $8K Patron Pack is ordered, a Patron code (and four AG Codes) are generated and sent (as five separate emails) to the email address on the order. Both these types of codes allow the user to gain early access to purchasing tickets for events sold in 2023 at These codes must be entered into an account at quickly--before the next event has concluded. The email with the codes will specify which event (e.g., VTD 14) it must be paired with to unlock the early buy feature for that specific account for the rest of the year. If the code is not entered before the end of that Convention, the code no longer works, so please make sure the person using a code enters it into their account for that specific event--regardless of whether they plan to participate in that event or not. Thus, if you sell an AG code to someone, be sure they enter the newly received code before the end of the event  mentioned in the email. If you have any questions, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Gaining Access to Patron Exclusive Events
Because TD will present two Patron-exclusive Virtual events in 2023 (one in January, the other in Fall), Patrons will have access to purchase a Patron event ticket with their existing account. If a Patron is not able to participate in a Patron event and wants to transfer their ticket to another non-Patron user, you may do so. The original Patron code that you receive after the purchase of a Patron Pack will apply to all 2023 virtual events.

Multi-Year Patron Transmute Token
Coming in 2026, we'll host a special event for fans of True Dungeon called Ring Con. As a reward for their support from 2023-2026, multi-year Patrons can transmute their four different Path of Enlightenment Fragment tokens into a very special token: the Mark of Enlightenment. Owners of one of these special tokens can enjoy a special adventure presented just for them at Ring Con. In addition, this token will grant a Relic-level power. When you transmute this token, you'll have the option to have your named printed at the bottom of the token under the words "Crafted by:" In addition, each token will have a unique, random glyph. No two tokens will have the same "Mark" on them.

How This Special Transmuting Works: Starting in early 2026, Patrons can send in all four unique Path to Enlightenment Fragment tokens (2023-2026) to register for the patron-only Path to Enlightenment sub-event. Only those four tokens are required in the recipe. Early transmuters won't take possession of their completed Mark of Enlightenment (MoE) until Ring Con--assuming we receive their token submission before May 1, 2026. A MoE can still be transmuted after May 1, 2026, but in that case, the completed token won't be sent out until early 2027. To be able to particpate in the patron-only Path to Enlightenment sub-event at Ring Con, we must receive your MoE transmute order before the Ring Con registration deadline. The exact date for the registration deadline will be announced in 2025, but the deadline is likely to be sometime in mid-2026.

That's a lot of dates, so here's a timeline:

  • Early 2026: Registration for Ring Con event opens. Registration for the patron-only Path to Enlightenment sub-event requires sending all four PoE fragment tokens.
  • May 1, 2026: Cutoff date for us to receive your MoE transmute order if you want to receive your MoE token at Ring Con.
  • Mid 2026(ish): Ring Con registration deadline.
  • Slightly after Mid 2026: Ring Con held. This is also the first time a transmuter can take possession of their MoE token.
  • December 1, 2026: Last day for us to receive your MoE transmute order.
  • Early 2027: MoE transmute orders received between May 1, 2026 and December 1, 2026 get sent out.

Note: Unlike most transmuted tokens which have about a two-year window to create--whether or not you attend Ring Con--we must receive your MoE transmute package before December 1, 2026. Please plan accordingly as you'll have less than one year to make this very special token.

More information and exact dates will be posted in 2025. More info about Ring Con can be found HERE.

$8K Onyx Set Order Option for Patrons
Below are the full details of all the cool stuff included in the $8K Patron package:


Option #1: C-U-R Onyx Set & 32 URs

In addition to the 960 ten-packs of tokens, you receive all the following:

  • 32 FREE 2023 or 2022 Ultra Rare tokens of your choice
  • 9× random 2023 Ultra Rare tokens (Also, there is a chance of getting a 10th random Ultra Rare token in your order!)
  • Ring of the 4th Circle—the 2nd part in a 5-year story arc token! Transmuting all 5 Rings grants your character a special power and grants you access to Ring Con.
  • A set of Onyx tokens of the 2023 Common, Uncommon and Rare (but no Ultra Rare) tokens
  • 1× über-rare Wish Ring
  • 1× über-rare Path to Enlightenment (Fragment 1). Needed for extra fun at Ring Con.
    • There will be a different Path to Enlightenment Fragment token made each year from 2023-2026. Sometime after all four Fragments have been released, they can be transmuted into a Mark of Enlightenment. The details of the Mark of Enlightenment’s powers are shrouded in mystery at this time, but it will be required to play in the special Patron adventure at Ring Con
  • 1× über-rare Patron Lapel Pin which allows you to enjoy these TD Patron benefits:
    • The first Patron-exclusive event for 2023 (with a unique Participation token & code) is taking place via Virtual True Dungeon on Friday, January 13th, 2023. It's a prelude adventure to the upcoming VTD adventure season which premieres the next day.
    • The second Patron-exclusive event for 2023 (with a different, exclusive Participation token & code) is a special Virtual True Dungeon experience in the Fall of 2023. Details will be announced closer to the event, but it is open to all Patrons who make their purchase before 11:59 pm CDT on October 1st, 2023.
    • Patrons have the first chance to buy event tickets at all virtual True Dungeon events in 2023.
  • 4× Limited-edition Adventurers' Guild entrance buttons. Each person wearing an AG button receives access to the exclusive Adventurers' Guild bag check service at Gen Con and Gamehole Con. You can leave one item at the Bag Check for free with each AG button. Only Adventurers' Guild members have access to this service.
  • Grunnel’s +2 Pointy Stick, which is only available to AG members
  • 48× FREE 2023 treasure chips (applies only to orders placed before 11:59 pm CST on Dec. 16th, 2022)
  • 32× FREE Gib Gub’s Handy Acorn (applies only to orders placed before 11:59 pm CST on Dec. 16th, 2022)

Option #2: Full Onyx Set & 16 URs

Like Option #1, but you get a complete set (1 each of all 20) of the core 2023 Onyx Ultra Rare tokens. Plus, you may choose 16 Ultra Rare tokens from 2023 or 2022--instead of 32 as with Option #1.


Option #3: No Onyxes & 34 URs

The same as Option #1, but instead of receiving any Onyx tokens, you may pick two more Ultra Rare tokens (34 total) for free during check out.


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$8K Super Condensed Packs

Some collectors live overseas and/or have a limited amount of time to convert Uncommon and Rare tokens to Trade Tokens. Some of these folks have requested we transmute ALL their Common, Uncommon, and Rare tokens into Trade Tokens. To meet this need, we offer the $8K Super Condensed Pack. During the ordering process, you have the opportunity to select whether or not you want your order to be Super Condensed.

Instead of getting the normal 960 ten-packs, you receive the following for each $8K Super Condensed Pack:

  • 16×, 32×, or 34× Ultra Rare tokens (depending on the Onyx Set version you selected) of your choice from either the 2023 or 2022 print runs--mix & match as you like
  • Ring of the 4th Circle--the 2nd part in a 5-year story arc token! Transmuting all 5 Rings grants your character a special power and grants you access to Ring Con.
  • Amulet of Magnifying tokens
  • 1× über-rare Path to Enlightenment (Fragment 1)
  • 1× über-rare Wish Ring token
  • 1× über-rare Patron Lapel Pin
  • 4× Limited-edition Adventurers’ Guild membership buttons
  • Grunnel's +2 Pointy Stick, which is only available to AG members
  • 9×-10× random 2023 Ultra Rares 
  • 16× Potion Healer's Rum (in place of dozens and dozens of Potion Warm Spirits)
  • 51× Alchemist's Ink
  • 53× Alchemist's Parchment
  • 12× Aragonite
  • 107× Darkwood Plank
  • 64× Dwarven Steel
  • 14× Elven Bismuth
  • 20× Enchanter's Munition
  • 48× Minotaur Hide
  • 117× Mystic Silk
  • 10× Oil of Enchantment
  • 105× Philosopher's Stone
  • 44,000 GP
  • Normal chance of a Golden Ticket*

*Golden Ticket: The chance to get a Golden Ticket is the exact same chance you would have with a regular token purchase. The proper amount of Golden Tickets are randomly placed among the $8K Super Condensed Packs.

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