Gamehole Con

Gamehole Con
October 21th - 24th, 2021

We are excited to offer two highly-immersive adventures at Gamehole Con this year. Details will be announced soon.

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2021 Event Details

Coming soon.

Admission covers your enhanced two-hour adventure, provides you with a FREE velveteen drawstring pouch of 10 Treasure Tokens ($8 value), at least three draws from the Random Treasure Generator Chest (super-rare tokens can be had!), and a collectible limited-edition Treasure Token. The cost of each ticket is $58. A video summary of True Dungeon is shown below.

Token Transmuting
To save time and hassle with transmuting your tokens, we offer a location where you can drop off tokens to be transmuted or converted into trade goods, then pick them up later at your convenience. This is a great way to do multiple exchanges in a short amount of time--at no cost to you. This service is open to all token collectors.

Completion Tokens
At the conclusion of their adventure, all players receive a completion token. The token received depends on the adventure and the challenge rating their party elected to run for that adventure.

The specific completion tokens will be announced soon.

Volunteer Tokens
All True Dungeon volunteers at Gamehole Con receive a special token only available to volunteers. The volunteer tokens for Gamehole Con will be announced soon. For more information about volunteering for True Dungeon, please visit

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