2024 VTD Series

The 2024 Virtual True Dungeon Series

VTD is back for another season of fun and adventure, and this time we are teaming up with Peter Adkison to base our adventures in his gaming world of Chaldea.

Check out this quick teaser trailer to get psyched for all the fun!

True Dungeon is thrilled to bring a host of desert-themed adventures to live within the world of Chaldea.  Players will seek out the Tear of Creation which is needed to stop a terrible calamity.  This five-part, five-month adventure series will tell the story of our heroes’ journey that will culminate with additional new in-person adventures at Gen Con and Gamehole Con.  We will also have a brand new two-part VTD adventure series running in Septermber and November which ties into the events of the May VTD event.  Be sure to play all 2024 VTD adventures so you can receive an uber-rare relic Ring of Psychic Mastery token.

  • Q. Do I get some extra swag because I am leaving all the tickets I bought in my account--instead of transferring them to the other players? This means all the swag gets sent to my address, and that will save TD some mailing costs.
    • A. Yes. Starting with V-20, we include an extra random Trade 1 token for each extra ticket's swag sent to a single address. For example, if you bought 1 ticket for yourself and 4 tickets for your friends, and you do not transfer any of those 4 tickets to anyone else's account. When we ship all the swag for those 5 tickets to your address, we include 5 of the normal Treasure Token 10-packs that come with the 5 tickets, but we also include 4 random Trade 1 tokens --one for each additional swag bag sent to that address.  Note:  There is a 1 in 100 chance that one of these random Trade 1 tokens will be an Ultra Rare token instead.


New Full Resolution Cameras!

We are super-excited to announce that all VTD adventures in 2024 will feature live game feeds of a much higher quality than in 2023.  Not only are the new video feeds in full HD, but the color richness and sound quality from the NPCs will be improved.

CLICK HERE to see a real screen capture of the new HD camera feed in action.  Be sure to click on the image at the link to view in full-screen size.



Schedule for 2024

Click on the various individual VTD event menu choices (top right) for more details on individual VTD events.

Tickets will be available HERE.

The second 2024 "Patron Only" adventure is on Friday, September 20th!

This will be a combat-heavy 7-room adventure that tells the story of how the players proved to the gods their worthiness to wield the Tear of Creation.



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