How to Enter True Dungeon XP

Now that you’ve completed a True Dungeon adventure, it’s time to record your hard-earned experience. To do so, you’ll need to have a True Dungeon account. In Section I, we’ll show you how to make an account. If you already have a True Dungeon account, skip to Section II.

Section I: Account Creation

  1. From any page at, click the "My Account" link in the upper right.
  2. Click "Create an account".
  3. Enter the following in the appropriate boxes:
    • Name
    • Username (this can be the same as your name or different, whichever you prefer)
    • Password
    • Confirm Password
    • Email address
    • Confirm email
    • Complete the Captcha
  4. Within the Ticket System Preferences section, putting in a Signature is optional. A Signature is what appears at the bottom of all your forum posts.
  5. Click [Register].
  6. On the next page, log in with the username & password you just created.
  7. Review your account. If needed, you can make changes by clicking [Edit Profile].

Section II: Entering Experience

  1. From any page at, click the “Nth Level Player” link in the upper left.

  2. Click the [Enter XP Code] button.

  3. On the "Add XP Code" page:

    1. Open the drop-down menu.

    2. Select the year of the event you wish to claim XP for.

    3. Click [Contunue Registration].

  4. Type-in the code for your event. XP codes are a mix of numerals and letters and may use both upper-and lower-case letters. Please make sure the code you enter matches the code on your card exactly, including letter case.
    Click the [Submit] button when you’re ready to enter the code you typed in.

  5. On the Add XP - <your name here> page, you should see the name of the adventure next to “Unlocked” near the top. Open the drop-down box next to the difficulty level your party played:

    • Normal
    • Non-Lethal
    • Hardcore
    • Nightmare
    • Epic
  1. Select last the room that your character entered alive. Your character didn’t need to survive that room, it just needed to enter the room alive.
  2. Click [Save].
  3. You will be given an opportunity to enter another code. If you have another XP code, enter it. Otherwise, click [Take Me back].


Why should you bother tracking your XP? You get some cool rewards!

  • 1st 0–999 XP: No benefit
  • 2nd 1,000–2,999 XP: Ability to enter certain special events like True Grind
  • 3rd 3,000–5,999 XP: The Supporter Badge becomes available to you on the TD forums if you've done an on-line transmute or order
  • 4th 6,000–9,999 XP: Gain a Level Badge on the TD forums
  • 5th 10,000–14,999 XP: Gain title of "Lord" or "Lady" in the official TD website, access to a private section of the Forum, and the exclusive Medallion of Nobility token.
  • 6th 15,000–20,999 XP: Gain one extra Treasure Chip at the end of your adventure
  • 7th 21,000–27,999 XP: Receive a specially designed True Dungeon convention badge holder
  • 8th 28,000–39,999 XP: Receive a specially designed True Dungeon lapel pin
  • 9th 40,000–69,999 XP: Receive a specially designed Badge of Nobility token that bestows +1 AC and membership in the Adventurers' Guild
  • 10th 70,000–99,999 XP: 10th-level Amulet and lanyard (see reveal here)

Download - How to Enter True Dungeon XP PDF

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