How to Enter True Dungeon XP

Now that you’ve completed a True Dungeon adventure, it’s time to record your hard-earned experience. To do so, you’ll need to have a True Dungeon account. In Section I, we’ll show you how to make an account. If you already have a True Dungeon account, skip to Section II.

Section I: Account Creation

  1. From any page at, click the "My Account" link in the upper right.
  2. Click "Create an account".
  3. Enter the following in the appropriate boxes:
    • Name (please enter your real name here, it’s not publicly visible)
    • Username (this can be the same as your real name or different, whichever you prefer)
    • Password
    • Confirm Password
    • Email address
    • Confirm email
    • Complete the Captcha
  4. Within the Ticket System Preferences section, putting in a Signature is optional. A Signature is what appears at the bottom of all your forum posts.
  5. Click [Register].
  6. On the next page, log in with the username & password you just created.
  7. Review your account. If needed, you can make changes by clicking [Edit Profile].

Section II: Entering Experience

  1. From any page at, click the “Nth Level Player” link in the upper left.

  2. Click the [Enter XP Code] button.

  3. On the "Add XP Code" page:

    1. Open the drop-down menu.

    2. Select the year of the event you wish to claim XP for.

    3. Click [Continue Registration].

  4. Type-in the code for your event. XP codes are a mix of numerals and letters and may use both capital lowercase letters. Please make sure the code you enter matches the code on your card exactly, including letter case.
    Click the [Submit] button when you’re ready to enter the code you typed in.
    Note: Some characters look very similar. E.g., capital "i" & lowercase "L", the letter "S" & the numeral "5", or capital "o" & the numeral for zero can sometimes be indistinguishable. If your code isn't working, check to see if there are any look-alike characters. If so, try changing one of those characters to its doppelganger and see if that fixes the issue. If there is more than one ambiguous character, only change one per try.

  5. On the Add XP - <your name here> page, you should see the name of the adventure next to “Unlocked” near the top. Open the drop-down box next to the difficulty level your party played:

    • Normal
    • Non-Lethal
    • Hardcore
    • Nightmare
    • Epic
  1. Select last the room that your character entered alive. Your character didn’t need to survive that room, it just needed to enter the room alive.
  2. Click [Save].
  3. You will be given an opportunity to enter another code. If you have another XP code, enter it. Otherwise, click [Take Me back].


Why should you bother tracking your XP? You get some cool rewards!

  • 1st 0–999 XP: No benefit
  • 2nd 1,000–2,999 XP: Ability to enter certain special events like True Grind
  • 3rd 3,000–5,999 XP: The Supporter Badge becomes available to you on the TD forums if you've done an on-line transmute or order
  • 4th 6,000–9,999 XP: Gain a Level Badge on the TD forums
  • 5th 10,000–14,999 XP: Gain title of "Lord" or "Lady" in the official TD website, access to a private section of the Forum, and the exclusive Medallion of Nobility token.
  • 6th 15,000–20,999 XP: Gain one extra Treasure Chip at the end of your adventure
  • 7th 21,000–27,999 XP: Receive a specially designed True Dungeon convention badge holder
  • 8th 28,000–39,999 XP: Receive a specially designed True Dungeon lapel pin
  • 9th 40,000–69,999 XP: Receive a specially designed Badge of Nobility token that bestows +1 AC and membership in the Adventurers' Guild
  • 10th 70,000–99,999 XP: 10th-level Amulet and lanyard (see reveal here)

Download - How to Enter True Dungeon XP PDF

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