Token Exchange Program

True Dungeon Treasure Tokens have been a player favorite for ten years, and the popularity of collecting tokens keeps expanding every year.  One of the reasons for this popularity is the Token Exchange Program.  With this mail-in service, collectors are able to send in unwanted Treasure Tokens (mostly duplicate Commons and Uncommons) and exchange them for free limited-edition Trade, Reserve or Transmuted tokens. Any "exchange" token orders should be processed in 1-2 business days, and then mailed back via USPS Priority Mail.  

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Trade Tokens:  There are 12 different Trade tokens available to collectors.  For instance, a collector can send in 25 units of magical Ring tokens, and she will receive back a free limited-edition Philosopher's Stone Trade token.  There is a Trade token available for almost any unwanted token -- if a collector has a sufficient quantity to fulfill the recipe.  These Trade tokens can be traded with other collectors, and they can be turned in as part of a recipe for a Transmuted Token.

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Reserve Tokens:  There are three different Reserve tokens which represent a value of 1,000/ 5,000/ or 25,000 gold pieces.  For instance, a collector could send in a variety of Common, Uncommon and Rare tokens that have varying gold piece values.  All together the tokens could total 1,000 GP in value, and the collector would receive back a free 1,000 GP Gold Bar.  These Reserve tokens can be used to facilitate the trading of large sums of gold pieces, and they are also needed in certain recipes for Transmuted tokens.

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Transmuted Tokens: There are many different types of Transmuted tokens, and they are some of the most rare and powerful tokens available.  Each Transmuted token has its own unique recipe, and when a collector sends in all the tokens in a recipe she gets that particular limited-edition Transmuted token back for free.  Some of the Transmuted tokens are available for two years, while others are available indefinitely.  The most powerful Transmuted tokens may require a collector to gather the necessary tokens for several years, but in the end the collector will have a very rare and powerful token indeed.

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Frequently Asked Questions



Let's say I have the following to trade in for several Philosopher's Stones:

12 Rare Rings, etc (12 X 6 pts = 72pts)
1 Uncommon Ring (3pts)
Total 75, or 3 Stones

How should these tokens be bagged as it's not an easy division of tokens for each into 25 pts?

Answer: Please try to avoid this situation if possible. If you cannot, in the above example please place 24 pts of tokens separately in 3 bags, and then place the left-over 3 pts token in a separate non-labeled bag. Then, take all four bags and place them together in a larger ziplock bag. This is how we will know that this special case has occurred.



When is the cut-off date for sending in tokens for exchange prior to a convention?

We MUST receive your shipment two weeks before the start of the convention if you want to receive it back before that convention. All orders RECEIVED less than two weeks before a convention will be processed around a week after we return from that convention.


Can I send more than one of the same type of transmute in the same bag?

  • Example: Enough tokens to make 3 of the trade tokens for Dwarven Steel in one bag? Or do I need to break them down into 3 bags?

Answer: It depends on the type of Trade Tokens you're exchanging.

  • Standard: For all weapon and/or armor Trade tokens (Dwarven Steel, Minotaur Hide, Elven Bismuth, Oil of Enchantment, and Aragonite), please place them in separate bags. To make 3 Dwarven Steel tokens, you would need 3 different ziplock bags, each containing 25 Common weapon tokens.
  • Optional: For all point-based Trade tokens (Alchemist's Ink, Alchemist's Parchment, Darkwood Plank, Enchanter's Munition, Minotaur Hide, Mystic Silk, and Philosopher's Stone), you may put exactly 25 Uncommons ("×3") or exactly 25 Rares ("×6") in a single bag, but they must be marked accordingly. Let's say you're submitting a single bag of 25 Rare jewelry tokens, thus ordering 6 Philosopher's Stone tokens. Take 1 (one) Philosopher's Stone label and manually write "×6" on it. Take that single "Philosopher's Stone ×6" slip and place it in the bag (text side facing out so it can be easily read) of 25 Rare jewelry tokens. If you were to submit 25 Uncommon jewelry items, you'd write "×3" on the Philosopher's Stone slip. Please do not put multiple slips in a bag.
    • Please do not utilize this optional method if you have mixed rarities in the bag or with any quantity of tokens other than 25. This means, for example, do not put 23 Uncommons and 1 Rare in a bag. If you don't have exactly 25 Rares of the same category or exactly 25 Uncommons of the same category, please use the standard bagging method of one Trade token per bag
  • When submitting tokens to be exchanged for Trade items, please do not put more than 25 tokens in a single snack-size bag. It slows down the verification process and the bags tend to split.

We ask you to follow these procedures to speed up the fulfillment process and make it much more error-free.



Can I send in for more than one Transmuted Token in one shipment to TD?

  • Example 1 : From above, if they have to be seperate bags, can I stick many ziplock bags into one box?
  • Example 2 : I have one of every type of Trade Token, each in their own bag, can I stick that in one box?

Answer: Yes.  You can put any number of different kinds of ziplock bags in any Small Flat Rate box. Just be sure the appropriate printed-out label is placed inside each bag.


If I'm trading in for say Improved Ring of Evasion and I intend on making the trade items in the same shipment (toward the ring). Do I fill out both sections or just one? IE Just the ring, or both the ring and the trade items I'm making for it as well?

So you want to make an Improved Ring of Evasion, but you don't have all the required tokens to do that now.  You want to send in a bunch of tokens to make those Ingredient tokens, and then apply those tokens to make the Improved Ring of Evasion.

Unfortunately, the process has been designed to eliminate errors and confusion which leads to collectors upset with us because we don't agree with the multi-staged process the collector has in their head. Instead, we have made the Exchange program a step-by-step process where you must gather the exact recipe tokens before sending in for that new token. So, in this case, you would have to send in for all the Trade and Reserve tokens you need for the recipe, and then make a second shipment with those exact recipe tokens to get the Improved Ring of Evasion.

I realize this situation is not a perfect one, but I feel strongly that this is the best way to go moving forward. I want to avoid, if possible, situations where collectors and TD come into conflict because of complicated token exchanges.

I realize it costs more in shipping this way (for both of us), but I think an orderly exchange program is the best way to go.

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