Token Exchange Program

Using the Token Exchange Program, collectors can mail in certain groupings of tokens (aka recipes), then True Adventures, Ltd. will mail back a special token. The Token Exchange Program has three components. Collectors can turn in large numbers of unneeded tokens to receive Trade Tokens. Collectors can also consolidate a lot of small GP equivalent tokens into large denomination Reserve Tokens. Finally, collectors can turn in certain "transmutable" tokens along with additional recipe tokens to receive back an enhanced version of the original token – in the form of an improved Transmuted Token. Collectors MUST use this online ordering form to begin the token exchange process. Once it is complete, collectors will be prompted to print an Order Form that will include mailing labels, packing lists, and ID labels. These printed forms must all be used to exchange tokens or the order will be returned unfulfilled.

CLICK HERE for more info about Trade, Reserve and Transmuted Tokens

Token Exchange Instructions

Use the selection boxes below to enter the number of tokens you wish to receive in exchange. Once you have made a payment for your order, you will be presented a link to print your Token Exchange Program Order Form -- including your token bag labels, packing list, and shipping label. You must print and use these documents to complete your trade-in order. Shipments without the properly completed forms will be returned.

CLICK HERE to see how to properly package your tokens for safe delivery.

Trade Tokens

Collectors can exchange a group of tokens from a particular category for a Trade Token. These Trade Tokens can in turn be used later during another exchange to make Transmuted Tokens. This is the only manner that Trade Tokens are available to collectors. Trade Tokens cannot be purchased from the TD store.

Some Trade Tokens require a very specific class and rarity of tokens to be submitted for exchange. For instance, a collector must turn in any 25 Common Weapon tokens to obtain Dwarven Steel. Other Trade Tokens, like Mystic Silk, can be made with a broader mix of token categories and rarity levels (Common, Uncommon, and/or Rare). For these types, collectors get more credit for Uncommon (3 units) and Rare tokens (6 units).

CLICK HERE to download the Trade Token Worksheet. It classifies all your tokens into their proper corresponding Trade/Reserve token and is the final arbiter of token exchanges.

Below is the list of all currently available Trade tokens and which tokens are required to make them. Some of the Trade Tokens require 25 "units" of tokens to make one Trade Token. These 25 units are determined by the formula below:

Unit Conversion:

  • Rare = 6 units
  • Uncommon = 3 units
  • Common = 1 unit

For example:

  • 25 Common tokens (of a certain type) makes 25 units
  • 8 Uncommon tokens + 1 Common token makes 25 units
  • 2 Rare tokens + 3 Uncommon tokens + 4 Common tokens make 25 units

Transmuted Tokens

Token collectors can convert or "transmute" a particular group of tokens to obtain a special Transmuted Token. A different recipe (or list of certain tokens) must be submitted for each Transmuted Token. This is the only manner that these Transmuted Tokens are available to collectors. They cannot be purchased from the TD Store.

Each Transmuted Token has a unique recipe that must be fulfilled. A maximum of ten of each Transmuted token can be requested per order.

Add to cart

Welfor's +5 Slayer Sword

  • +3 Slayer Sword
  • Stu-pendus Pendant
  • Belt of Ogre Power (any year)
  • 4× Alchemist's Ink
  • 10× Alchemist's Parchment
  • 4× Aragonite
  • 14× Darkwood Plank
  • 28× Dwarven Steel
  • 4× Elven Bismuth
  • 3× Enchanter’s Munition
  • 1× Golden Fleece
  • 6× Minotaur Hide
  • 4× Mystic Silk
  • 2× Oil of Enchantment
  • 6× Philosopher's Stone
  • 25,000 GP Eldritch Bar

Plus ONLY ONE of the following:

  • Wish Ring
  • the equivalent of 15,000 GP (Reserve tokens only)
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