Nymph & Nimblewit

V1b - Nymph & Nimblewit (September 5th-7th) < our second showing of this event

Our first showing of this virtual event during Gen Con weekend was a smash hit!  So, we have added a new show for the Labor Day weekend.  Tickets will be available at www.td.events.  This performance will feature unique Participation tokens, but XP will not stack with other V1 adventures played.

This module tells the story of an adventuring party's shortcut through a faerie forest that unveils a strange secret.  This new knowledge will send them on a year-long quest over five adventures that will lead up to (and flesh out) next year's in-person S-series of modules.

This virtual adventure will be hosted through Zoom, and it is designed to best be viewed on a computer monitor.  You will view your adventure through an incredible graphical presentation that will include live video feeds, prepared cut scenes, animated effects and graphics as well as interactive new skill tests.

Managing your character in combat will be a snap with a free app that will make all your combat rolls, keep track of hit points and check off used spells and powers.  Just search for "True Dungeon Character Generator" in your app store.

Your ticket includes the postage to send you swag after the event via USPS Priority Mail.  These goodies will include three random treasure draws (or more if you have treasure enhancers equipped) from a Treasure Generator, a Participation token, an XP code for the adventure, and a free bag that includes a random pack of 10 Treasure Tokens.  If your character survives the adventure, your package will include your Survivor button, also.

The swag that can be earned is shown below.


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