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TOPIC: The Skull of Cavadar: Part Deux

The Skull of Cavadar: Part Deux 3 years 10 months ago #325

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Jeff Martin wrote: Yeah...I wanna do an in--person thing in 2022 when it is hopefully safe to come out of our holes. We have waited 7 years...we can wait 1 more year I guess. It will be great to see everyone and share our hobby in a physical space.

Can't wait to see you all again myself!
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The Skull of Cavadar: Part Deux 3 years 10 months ago #326

So, I'm super late to the discussion, but I wanted to put some thoughts out there.

Teeth of Cavadar are currently required to unlock Psychic Power Tiers.

Current Psychic Imbuers:
Future Psychic Imbuers:
  • 2021: Rare Back: Cloak of the Third Eye
    Secondary Effect: None
  • 2021: Eldritch Slotless: Skull of Cavadar
    Secondary Effect: Replaces all Teeth in Build but does not count as unique Teeth.
    Secondary Effect: Grants All tiers of Psychic Power.
    Secondary Effect: Grants usage of Eldritch Prestige Classes 1/Year.
    Elemental Eldritch Set Bonus: +1 Level when 2 or more pieces equipped.
    Elemental Eldritch Set Bonus: Up to +10 to Healing Spell Pool based on number of pieces equipped.
    Elemental Eldritch Set Bonus: Up to +4 Melee/Ranged/Spell Damage based on number of pieces equipped.

My Thoughts:
  1. Only Jeff knows if Tier 8 will truly be a one time thing or if we will have future journeys to other planes where we might find Unique and Powerful items or maybe change it up... Set bonuses, tokens, rules, etc, have all changed from time to time over the years to balance play and give people a fun experience.

  2. If Tier 8 Changes to something permanent after the event... Change Astral Projection to Astral Injection... At start of game, Players may unlock One "astral item slot" of their choosing that doesn't affect the Party Card. Alternatively... Allow it to affect the party card, but limit the extra slot to slots equipped with other Psychic Imbuers only.

  3. Regardless of if you pay attention to token development or not... The text on the Semi-Lich Skull clearly states "+1 hp/unique Tooth of Cavadar Equipped" also, TokenDB.com clearly states "uniquely named (numbered) Tooth of Cavadar token". Skull of Cavadar is not a Tooth but replaces them, just as a Rod is not a Rod Part but replaces them. There's little room for interpretation, and it was intended that way. (I enjoy the +6 HP while it lasts... but it makes me think I should make more Skulls rather than holding back sets of Teeth for the Semi-Lich) +7 HP with 8 tokens, or +10 with an ioun stone in a now-possibly-open slot (Could that still be changed to +4 con, or is it too late?? ha!). Some other item with Psychic Blast Immunity would be cool for the future, if it comes into effect again, that is.

  4. The Replacement Effect for this new item is the same as that of the the other completed 7-year Eldritch Slotless Item: Rod of Seven Parts . Unlike the rod, this item has 2 additional effects beyond the constituent parts and Prestige Class. (Imbuing and Access to All Tiers of Psychic Power).

  5. That the Eldritch Ring Item: Supreme Ring of Elemental Command doesn't follow this convention, always seemed odd to me as we appear to be able to use the individual Rings of Elemental Command along with their Eldritch Counterpart. ... If we were to Unlock more Pants and Boot slots somehow would the Kilt and Boots work like the rings?

  6. You can still wear multiple Imbuers for their secondary abilities except for the Semi-Lich Skull, which wasn't intended for usage with this item anyway.

  7. I would understand if Golden Fleece were required for this transmute as one was required for the Kilt where none were required for any previous items. It is more powerful action than the Rod transmute in a sense to make the Skull. More than one Fleece is just brutal on the low to mid level players. (Side-Eye at recent Legendary Recipes)

  8. Without the Skull you don't have access to the Tier 8 Special Event!!! or Whatever Tier 8 may become after the Event.

  9. One day we may have other items which unlock Psychic Power tiers and don't work with the Semi-Lich Skull

  10. One day we may have more than 8 tiers of Psychic Power. I wouldn't want to carry around all those Tier Unlockers all the time anyway... Lighten the load, free up binder space.

  11. The Skull will be a better investment long term as people will seek to complete their 2-piece sets to free up Charm, Ring, and other slots from Levelers to more advantageous equipment.
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