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TOPIC: Rare Token Thoughts?

Rare Token Thoughts? 2 years 4 weeks ago #277

Hat of Holding - protects scrolls, potions, etc.

One-man-band set for bards:

Neck slot harmonica: Plays, but Bard can't speak, cast spells or scrolls
Back slot drum: Plays if Bard can move
Pants/greaves slot cymbals: Plays if Bard can move
Set bonus of +1 hit +1 dmg for party, and I dunno, 2 sonic damage to all monsters? +1 save?

Or do the whole thing as a torso slot

Bard drum + mallet weapon/shield combo - basically the melee version of the fae blowgun flute, only play when paired, 1 AC and like a 1-8 weapon
I came here to sing and collect tokens, and I'm alllll out of money.
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