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TOPIC: What do you like to cook?

What do you like to cook? 1 month 2 weeks ago #133

Making some biscuits and gravy. I got some homemade sausage from my cousin… about 2 pounds. Making a few patties and chopping the rest up. Browning it with some flour, then add salt and pepper. Going to do some bisquick biscuits.
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What do you like to cook? 1 month 1 week ago #134

After doing two straight batches of chili (didn't finish first before doing second), decided to do something different.

First chili was to use up Italian sausage, added eight Serranoes and New Mexican chili powder been trying to get rid of forever. Second chili wanted something less spicy and generally lighter, where the Ethiopian Berbere spice mix, Ajika seasoning, and copious amounts of cumin left a bit earthier and bitter than I wanted, so I added a decent amount of sugar to the ground pork, Anaheim Chili, and cauliflower chili, and it turned out kind of nondescript. I think the pork was too lean, but I got it really cheap from grocery chain into healthy stuff.

So, vegan stir fry:
Canola oil in the larger wok, saute aromatics (onions, garlic). Dump in carrots and broccoli with ginger, nutmeg, and white pepper. Jarred fried chili crisp in oil (common brand with peanuts in it) over the top. Red bell pepper. Baby corn. Sesame oil. Some agave syrup to sweeten up and a dash of Chinese vinegar for the acid, then some salt. Was spicier than I expected, so I steamed rice and ate with cashews.

Broccoli bites are good. Some of the other bites are either bitter or too peppery. I imagine in leftovers it will lose spiciness and the edges on the flavors.

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