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TOPIC: 2025 Rare Tokens Heading to the Far East

2025 Rare Tokens Heading to the Far East 3 months 1 week ago #49

Ho-Yi Fung wrote:

OrionW wrote: I don't think the token is overpowered, but in part because I am viewing it from the lens of someone with a larger collection of tokens. The question is more how does it interact at the lower end of the token collecting spectrum, and I think there the damage vrs traditional weapons question is much more tied to class design.

Under the most recent ruling, there's no limitation to Trinkets. It's effectively +3 damage (assuming 0 Focus and 4th level) on top of other Rare weapons, at the cost of having no innate to-hit (but inherits the to-hit bonus of the equipped weapon). It's effectively a slotless +3 Melee damage. How many tokens do that?

OrionW wrote: My view is also colored, in my mind, by us never getting a UR polymorph potion to synergize with Iktomi's. My expectation is that we are unlikely to see a UR Trinket, but I hope I am wrong about that.

There have been no UR Polymorph potions in the past, because nobody wants to spend a PYP in order to run a dungeon. If one were printed, the complaint would be "Why do I need to spend an additional $60 (or whatever a PYP auctions for nowadays) every time to run a dungeon, when the Barbarian just needs a one-time investment?" The last single-use UR, the Special , was printed in 2015.

Trollform was initially proposed (by Jeff) as a UR token. It was bumped down to Rare with the expectation of class card redesign, so that whatever shakes out could be more properly balanced. I have every confidence that a UR Trinket will be produced once the redesign is done -- I myself would push for one! But it should be well balanced; it should not be much stronger that existing weapons without any drawbacks.

OrionW wrote: Also how the FAQ (which is a work in progress) lands is important. If folks have problems with the more permissive use of trinkets that is the better thread to be posting in. In 2023 when the first one was designed these were limited use tokens (1/game per token) which is pretty limiting to new players.

1/game per token is no less restrictive than Polymorph potions: each of those were 1/game per token too, and then you lose then forever! So why are Trinkets higher damage wheel, not turned in, and not cost any Action to activate?

OrionW wrote: Edit: to put it another way should the Defender set lose Freedom of Movement, because Defender Platemail is so much better than Armor of the Berserker? No because class design and the overall token eco-system are important.

As you say: class design is important. Why should Druid have a token that does +3 damage over a Fighter or Barbarian, when the latter two's specialty is "do damage" and "do more damage"?

Some of us had been hoping for a UR or Transmuted Polymorph Potion that was super cool (maybe like Dragon Whelp or something) because it would be reusable with Iktomi's. That might actually give Iktomi's a Polymorph potion worth using. I am hoping for future Trinket's above the Rare rarity level.
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