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TOPIC: Thoughts on Viv's and Kilgor's, and Class Legendaries in general

Thoughts on Viv's and Kilgor's, and Class Legendaries in general 1 year 3 months ago #25

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Tyraël The Just wrote:

NightGod wrote:

Tyraël The Just wrote:

Endgame wrote: How many of the Legendary weapons really need to be rebalanced anyway? Welfor’s needed a bump due to Asher’s being the same damage. Averon’s is going to need a bump now that Kilgore’s is going to pass it. Besides those, that balance seems fine on the legendary stuff

Ava’s. UR savage has better dmg than a legendary

Jeff has also stated that new weapons are expected to be higher than older ones, as a change in the fundamentals of the game

I completely understand, and get they why and how. But, unless these class legendary weapons are to be made a thing of the past then they have to be brought up to code. I do like the idea of adding a new class item vs a reprint, but I also like the idea of a reprint vs just a digital rework. I know this is coming as Jeff as already put it out there, until then I’ll do the best I can with what I have :) many great teammates to help kill 🙃😎👍

If older weapons are upgraded, they either need a flat bump that can be added to the party cart or a reprint because of the way weapon damage is handled in-dungeon.

I would be shocked if they went the reprint route, tbh. I honestly also will be shocked if they do much of anything with older legendaries unless it's making a set bonus with newer ones

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