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TOPIC: Finalish Transmuted Images

Finalish Transmuted Images 2 years 4 days ago #37

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I don't claim to have as much knowledge or experience in the transmute department as some folks, so take my input for what it's worth...

Arcanum Shirt: Love it! the artwork is fabulous, the purple-back token is gonna make a few folks happy (and it looks really good with this initial offering of artwork... the same way the Eldritch Art worked really well with the Dark Green backs).
I'm cool with just calling it the "Arcanum Shirt" as per its set name, the same way many folks call Bot4Winds "the Eldritch Boots" or call Supreme Ring "the Eldritch Ring." Might not have quite the same flavour, but it clearly says what's in the tin.

3 & 4 star transmutes look good. I kinda like that the Pirate Map art is the same as the previous Treasure Map art : )

Boots of Blocking look good. Decent progression up from Puhweehwa's. I get that some folks aren't super keen on it, but for people who didn't invest in the Eldritch Boots (See! I just did the thing right there, where I called them by their set name!) these are some of the best boots out there, shy of Barb Beard's Boots.

Barb Beard's Boots: NICE ART! I didn't realize our nemesis was such a stylish foe. Let's roll him and steal his boots!

Greater Bracelets of Luck & Boaz' Bracelets: I like the power, I like the art, and I'm glad Boaz gets his name on a token too (If it's the A. Boaz I'm thinking of.) All that said, I wouldn't use even the Legendary in place of my recently crafted Relic charm bracelets.

I think the suggested made earlier - to swap these out for a +Saves Ring - is a good one and has a lot of support. Plus, if you made either a +Fort or +Will variant of Khing's Ring this year, you could do the other one next year, which would be easier (both this year and next) as we've got a template to work with, for power level.

All told, this is looking to be another very nice year's worth of tokens. Really looking forward to seeing the FINAL-Final-Really-Mean-it-this-Time-FINAL set of tokens : )

Check out these awesome resources:
Cranston's Character Generator for iDevices or Android
Amorgen's Excel Character Generator
And the ever-useful Token DataBase , expertly maintained by Druegar.
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Finalish Transmuted Images 2 years 4 days ago #38

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Endgame wrote:

Mike Steele wrote: I like the "Marvel Comics Cosmic Awareness" look that the Arcanum Shirt has. Cosmic Shirt would have been a good name too. :)

Jeff said all the set items would need the word "Arcanum" in them. I'm wondering if there is room for an extra word?

Cosmic Arcanum Shirt?
Arcanum Wonderous Shirt?

Maybe Arcanum is a person or group (like a coven?), so it could be possessive
Arcanum's Cosmic Shirt
The Arcanum's Wonderous Shirt.

How about "Cosmic Shirt of the Arcanum"? I've personally always preferred using that "X Y of the Z" format for powerful magic items
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