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TOPIC: 2020 Transmute Recipes, From the QTR

2020 Transmute Recipes, From the QTR 4 years 6 months ago #325

Steven wrote:

Matthew Hayward wrote:
But, with regard to the charge of elitism...

The fact is: Legendaries are not for everyone. Relics are not for everyone. Ultrarares are not for everyone. Optimized rare builds are not for everyone. Buying a single token 10-pack other than what comes with the game is not for everyone.

But that is most definitely not a hobby for everyone, or even the majority of players.

I would hope that you are wrong here in the fact that all tokens should be for everyone it all depends on how much a person likes the game and the goal would be to have achievable goals that new players can see
If you are saying that this game isn’t for everyone then I would say you are correct, not everyone will enjoy it but I don’t want to be told “sorry new guy these tokens just aren’t for you”. That’s for the player to decide and for the community to help them get to that lvl if THEY choose

I think what Matthew is saying is that while of course everyone is welcome to transmute Relics, Legendaries, Eldritch Tokens, etc., not all players are willing and/or able to invest that much money into True Dungeon. I think the reason there are also some really easy transmutes to make is so that players that don't spend a lot on tokens can still have some fun transmuting.

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2020 Transmute Recipes, From the QTR 4 years 6 months ago #326

Rob F wrote:

Endgame wrote: So I just broke down the "true" cost of the trade goods of a 8k order. I did this by looking at everything in an 8k order, putting an approxmiate value to it based on the recent batch of auctions, and totaling it up. For example, I placed PYP URs at 100 each, Random URs at 75 each, Dragon Orb at 500, Wish Ring at 200, and so on. The total was 5796.

This leaves 2,204 to distribute among the trade goods, and I assigned the trade goods at some pretty common values based on auction prices (ex: $14 for gold, .75 for plank) and the priced out one of the new relics, and one of the old Relics.

The old relic I picked was the Lute of Free Fury (True Cost 307.50, presuming you paid $100 for the UR, which is not a guarantee). By Spring 2019, I recall seeing the lute at $350 at the different token stores, but the current prices are $315 at Trent tokens and $400 at TD tavern. It appears that no one is selling the Lute at a loss - especially if you used one of those $75 random URs to make the Lute.

The new relic I picked was the Necklace of the Drake, True cost 406.25. If we presume that there will be a similar markup as seen last year, I expect to see the Necklace of the drake at around $475 to start, and possibly dropping as low as $425 over time.

In 2019, it appears that you could almost make a lute of free fury on a single $1K order. You would have to buy a few darkwood plank, and maybe an Ink depending on your boosters. You will certainly not have enough goods to buy 2 Relics.

In 2020, you will need to buy a 2k order to have enough Ink, Parchment, Plank, Silk, Stone, and Steel to make the Necklace of the Drake.

Regarding the Lute of Free Fury...even with a Lute of Fury at $100 I think your missing something. How did you get a transmute cost of $307.50?

Edit: Also I think your logic is flawed in terms of the cost comparison. On one hand your taking the sum of low auction prices for all the components used to make a Relic and your comparing that total to the retail price of the Relic on a store front. To do a like comparison you should either take the sum of all the component prices from the storefront vs. the cost of the Relic on the storefront OR the sum of the component prices from the auction vs. an auction price of the completed Relic. The last two Lute's of Free Fury on Ebay sold for $230 and $250.01.

Its not a matter of using auction prices for all of the components - auction prices are actually just coming in very close to what the "actual" cost of everything is in an 8k order. The idea is that the 8k order is actually wholesale price because it has the most "extras" that could be sold off that come with the Trade goods in a super condensed pack. So in this situation, I would buy 1 8k order, sell off everything except the trade goods. I then take the total money I made selling everything off, subtract it from 8K, and that gives me the cost of the trade goods alone.

In this exercise, I pretended I bought a 34 UR 8k, and then assigned values to all of the components within. Since I don't have personal experience selling any of this stuff, I just used auction prices for the non trade goods - such as $10 each for the Treasure chips, or $500 for the Orb of Dragon Kind. It is possible (plausible?) that I could sell off all the non trade goods for more than the $5800 I estimated, but using auction prices seemed fair as the items would likely sell off pretty quickly at those prices.

I then took the total remaining (~2200) and divided it among the trade goods - ex $14 per 1000 gold, 75 cents for plank / silk / stone, 25 for aragonite, and so on. I then took these prices per trade good and used it to get the cost for the materials of the relics.

This is method (buying a 8k order directly from TD) of costing relics is very different than using ebay for Relic prices. Selling something on ebay is a sale on the seller's timeline - the seller is willing to compromise price to sell something quickly. If I were to calculate Relic prices based on Ebay prices, I would check all of the ebay auctions for trade goods, take the lowest, and use that to calculate the

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2020 Transmute Recipes, From the QTR 4 years 6 months ago #327

There is a glut of trade goods for two reasons (IMO).

1. There are a lot more 8Ks going on. More people wanting URs means more junk (trade goods) in the market.

2. The class-specific relic/legendary tokens have lower demand than the more generic tokens usable by more classes. Half the players wanted Redoubt, and the number of Hammers and CoAS and Kilts that we made was insane. But we’re only making relics available for 25% of the classes each year, and a lot of people who could use those are hesitant to invest in a relic they can’t be sure they can use.

Increasing the recipes might address #1, but we’re stuck with #2 for another couple years.

So I predict a trade glut until 2022, and if the recipes stay so expensive we’ll be screaming about how we can’t find enough trade goods to satisfy the pent-up demand.

I agree with Rob. If your goal is to transmute all your own stuff then it’s going to be tricky, but it has always been true for as long as relics existed that it’s MUCH cheaper to just buy a relic than to buy the bits to make one.

If you want it cheap, you can get them cheap, especially after a year or two. If you want it now, or the satisfaction of making it from scratch, you have to pay a premium for that. And that’s nothing new; it’s been true since at least 2010. Four years of single-class tokens will just exacerbate it.

"Ceci n'est pas une pipe" - Magritte

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