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TOPIC: 2020 Transmuted Token Images

2020 Transmuted Token Images 3 years 8 months ago #181

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Jeff Martin wrote:

Matthew Hayward wrote: Question on Fury:

Various tokens and abilities make reference to a slid "natural 20."

If a Barbarian announces a Fury, and scores a hit, will their slide be considered:

* A slid natural 20
* Just a 20, triggering a standard 2x crit, but not triggering anything that requires a natural 20


Good question!

I will amend Fury so it explains it better. Activating your Fury power is NOT a natural "20", but it is a "20" so it will critical hit the monster. It won't activate the "natural 20" required for special items -- unless the Barbarian slides a natural "20" anyway.

Also, keep in mind that if the Barbarian misses the monster, then no Fury effect will happen. They have to declare a head of time and slide well.

That mechanic seems a little complicated because DM may not hear etc but I guess if you have a legendary class weapon you will be a little more informed of how to use its powers.
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2020 Transmuted Token Images 3 years 8 months ago #182

Jeff Martin wrote:

Justice wrote: Did we find out if the guard from the pally legendary stacks with the amulet of guarding?

I allows another player to be Guarded -- so 3 is possible with the Amulet.

Solid! This shores things up a bit.
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2020 Transmuted Token Images 3 years 8 months ago #183

Steven wrote:

FiannaTiger wrote:

Fiddy wrote: Can't remember whether it has already been called out, but just so it doesn't get missed... the Barbarian Legendary still needs a name tied to it.


I think it should be something like Bob or John. Guaranteed someone with those two names did something awesome

Bob and I are pretty decent coaches. :P

I don’t know about awesome, though. ;)
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