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TOPIC: Ghosting proposal for smaller conventions

Ghosting proposal for smaller conventions 6 years 8 months ago #121

Donald Rients wrote: Cost of TD tickets at Gen Con was $2,288. Value of tokens drawn (did get one relic and a couple of Ultra-Rares) was around $1,500, and I thought we did well in our draws. So who is farming for a profit?

Also, I like running with a know team (family and/or friends). I'd rather not be forced to run with one or two unknown individuals who may want the same characters of play normal. Thus if I can't fill the slot (though all ten tickets are bought) i'd rather ghost them.

We didn't buy the full slots at GHC due to ghosting rules, so it should get interesting. Bring out the dice! Actually we can kind of switch characters without much of a problem (some less powerful than others though). But not playing at least hardcore will be hard to justify with our level of experience and tokens. Just think of doing 250 HP of damage in one round to a Normal Mega-Monster who only has 200 HP.

I didn't get a whole number when working with the $2288 that you spent on tickets, but if you got max pulls from all of those slots, you got about 703 pulls. Treasure pulls were selling for more $3.25 on ebay and the forums. Granted, that price would drop if everyone dumped their pulls on the web for sale.

I can't imagine you will get stuck with a run that is at Normal, but you could always slide an empty puck and use the bonuses on the sheet?

When did equipping 'ghosts' with enhancers start, and were people buying 'ghost' slots before that happened?

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Ghosting proposal for smaller conventions 6 years 8 months ago #122

Harlax wrote: For GHC all registration groups have opened, VIP, early TD, and general.

At this moment only 52% of tickets have sold. Only 47 of 160 runs are sold out. 37 runs have no tickets sold and another 21 have only 1 or 2 tickets sold

Good? Bad? Who knows?

There is still plenty of time. Event submission is still open until October 1.

As of today 50 runs are sold out, 33 have no tickets sold, 21 have only 1 or 2 tickets sold.
Another 15 runs have 8 or 9 tickets sold.

Still lots of time to buy.
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