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TOPIC: New True Dungeon Video

New True Dungeon Video 8 years 2 months ago #25

FiannaTiger wrote:

Matthew Hayward wrote:

True hero of time (THOT) wrote: I enjoyed the video. I do take concern with the pride in the NPC's voice about the TPK's. I do not think the intent of an NPC/DM should be to accumulate TPK's.

That struck me as a bid odd as well - but on consideration if new players go in with the expectation that they might die, they might have a better time.

TD101 class we mention that we are there to help them have fun not SURVIVE the dungeon. So we make it clear to all that attend that you may die while in the dungeon.

Agreed. But, we don't want to come across as gloating when we kill them. I'm always secretly rooting for the party to survive, so I'm sad, not gleeful, when they don't. But I'm not going to fudge the dice or otherwise cheat to hand them a victory, either. I hope that's a majority attitude.

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