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Mike's Token Shop - LOWEST PRICES, HUGE INVENTORY! 12 years 5 months ago #1

Welcome to the oldest and best Token shop!!

Here's a listing of tokens I'm interested in, and ones I have available. I'm open to trades for tokens not on this list. Please feel free to send me a PM or email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you are interested in a trade or purchase :)

Add $4 for shipping (possibly more for large quantities of tokens) for token purchases in the USA, and if you want to pay for insurance let me know. If I have both Gold and Plat quantities listed for a token, the price is for the Gold token, and contact me for the Platinum price.

WOODEN TOKENS: I also have the only Wooden Token shop (years 2003-2006). The link to my list of wooden tokens that have for sale or trade as well as my want list is:

Tokens that I'm looking for:

2009 ONYX C/U/R set (High Priority)
2013 ONYX Set
Golden Fleece
Monster Ingredient Tokens
Ioun Stone Gold Nugget
Kilt of Barrelbane
Charm of Quick Strike
Charm of Spell Swapping
Gregor's Tome of Focus
Ioun Stone Infernal Fire Prism
Lenses of Divine Sight
Questor's Charm of Luck
1x Ring of Riches
Wooden Tokens / Old Token Bags / TD Binder / Mugs / etc.
Always open to trades for other URs or higher Tokens

ONYX R/U/C Sets Available Quantity Price
2011 Complete R/U/C ONYX Set x1 $299.99
2012 Complete R/U/C ONYX Set x1 $299.99
2014 Complete R/U/C ONYX Set x1 $299.99
2015 Complete R/U/C ONYX Set x1 $299.99
2016 Complete R/U/C ONYX Set x1 $299.99
2017 Complete R/U/C ONYX Set x1 $299.99
2018 Complete R/U/C ONYX Set x1 $249.99

Legendary and Eldritch Tokens Available: Quantity Price
Charm of Avarice LEGENDARY (+11 to +13 Treasure Chips) x0 $1,249.00
Boots of the Four Winds ELDRITCH (+5 to All Damage) x4 $1,199.99
Rod of Seven Parts Segment 4 (+1 Will saves, Slotless) x9 $169.99
Rod of Seven Parts Segment 5 (+1 St, Slotless) x10 $124.99
Rod of Seven Parts Segment 6 (+1 Dex, Slotless) x10 $118.99
Rod of Seven Parts Segment 7 (+1 Con, Slotless) x4 $189.99
Supreme Ring of Elemental Command ELDRITCH x1 $2,499.99
Tooth of Cavadar #4 x2 $89.99

Relic Tokens Available: Quantity Price
+3 Baton of Focus (+3 to Damage/Healing Spells & Polymorph) x1 $349.99
+3 Mithral Bracers (+3 AC) x3 (2 original printing, 1 new printing) $84.99
+3 Staff of Focus (+3 to Damage Spells) x1 $429.99
Dracolich Claw Charm (+2 Dam Melee & Ranged) x1 $189.99
Dragon Tooth Amulet (50% Combat Magic Resistance) x2 $9.89
Girdle of Frost Giant Strength RELIC (+5 St) x1 $399.95
Greater Cloak of Destiny (+4 Saves) RELIC x1 $479.99
Icecrag Hero's Earcuff (-5 Cold, +2 Con, Regen 1 Pt) x3 $179.99
Medallion of Greyhawk (Immune to Poison, Petrification) x0 $89.99
Ring of Heroism 2015 (+1 Level) x2 $199.99
Ring of Heroism 2013 (+1 Level) x1 $249.99
Ring of Improved Evasion RELIC - Both Printings Available (Grants Improved Evasion) x2 $73.99

Ultra-Rare, Volunteer, Premium & Special Tokens Available Quantity Price
+1 Mighty Long Bow (Adds Strength Damage Bonus) x3 $139.99
+1 Mighty Sling (Adds Strength Damage Bonus) x1 $149.99
+1 Plate Armor (+9 AC, 2007 Chip) x2 $64.99
+2 Archer's Buckler x0 Buying
+2 Dread Sword (Fighter, High Dam Wheel) x1 $109.99
+2 Holy Great Sword (Paladin gets +3 Dam vs Evil) x1 $94.99
+2 Keen Scimitar (Criticals on 19-20) x1 $79.99
+2 Long Sword (Classic Ultra-Rare Weapon) x1 $79.99
+2 Mace of Dispelling (20 dispels evil outsider if * is slid) x1 $59.99
+2 Rod of Persuasion (Autosucceed on Rogue Test, take 10 Dam) x1 $144.99
+2 Scepter of Might (hit reduces monster hit roll by 1) x7 $84.99
+2 Staff of Focus (+2 Damage Spells) x1 $149.99
Amorgen's Amazing Ocarina (+2 Dam to Bardsong, Bard can read scrolls) x4 $179.99
Amulet of Guarding (Paladin can guard two characters) x6 $169.99
Amulet of the Champion VOLUNTEER (+2 St, +2 Dx, +2 Con) x1 $134.99
Amulet of Treasure Finding (4 Extra Treasure Chips) x1 $339.99
Amulet of Wonder (Different Cool Effect each year) x9 $97.99
Ash's Death Pouch (Resurrection for GP) x2 $123.99
Boots of Might (+2 Con) x4 $89.99
Boots of the Underdark (Sneak Attack 1st Round +2 to Hit) x1 $144.99
Bowl of Spirit Sight (Learn Rogue or Bard Clue) x1 $249.99
Bracers of Guided Strike (Negates Critical & Sneak Attack Immunities) x1 $119.99
Bracers of Supreme Archery (+2 Hit/Dam) x2 $249.99
Carter's Tome of Insight (recast 0-2nd level spell as scroll) x1 $209.99
Celestial Girdle (+2 Melee Dam, Immune to Fear) x1 $89.99
Charm Bracelets (Wear Two Additional Charms) x4 $189.99
Charm of Awareness (Never Surprised, +1 to Initiative) x1 Buying
Charm of Good Fortune (2-4 Extra Treasure Chips) x6 $339.99
Charm of Quick Strike (Bonus Attack for 15-20 on Initiative) x1 Buying
Charm of Spell Swapping (Sacrifice higher spell to cast damage or heal spell) x2 Buying
Charm of Synergy (+1 HP for each CoS in group) x0 $139.99
Circlet of Elemental Mastery 2009 (Change Energy type) x2 $139.99
Cloak of Blending (Can't be targeted until offensive action) x1 $64.99
Crown of Elemental Mastery (Change Energy type) x7 $99.99
Crown of Expertise (Use one power/spell without marking off) x2 Buying
Crown of Might 2009 (+1 Hit & Dam in Melee) x1 $199.99
Crown of Might 2012 (+1 Hit & Dam in Melee) x1 $189.99
Dougal's Cloak of the Stars (+3 to all Saves) x1 $164.99
Dougal's Cloak of the Stars ONYX (+3 to all Saves) x1 $209.99
Dragonhide Armor (+6 AC) x1 $89.99
Dragonhide Belt VOLUNTEER (melee +4 hit and damage vs Dragons) x4 $49.99
Dragonhide Boots VOLUNTEER (+4 AC vs Dragons) x2 $69.99
Dragonhide Bracers VOLUNTEER (missile +4 hit and damage vs Dragons) x2 $69.99
Dragonhide Cloak VOLUNTEER (+4 Reflex Saves vs Dragon Breath) x1 $99.99
Dragonhide Shirt VOLUNTEER (-4 damage on Dragon melee hits) x5 $49.99
Ektdar's Tinkering Tool (start or finish challenge at midpoint) x5 $249.99
Elixir of Life (2005b Woodie, restores player to life at full HP) x1 $89.99
Gearon's +2 Blessed Mace (+2 Dam vs Undead) x1 $79.99
Girdle of Might (+2 St, +1 Saves) x1 $169.99
Gloves of Greater Archery (+4 Dam Missile weapons) x5 $108.99
Gloves of the Cutpurse (+5 Dex, -2 St) x4 $129.95
Goggles of Instant Analysis (+2 to hit on Melee) x2 $129.99
Gregor's Tome of Focus x0 Buying
Horn of Plenty (get 3 Treasure Tokens instead of 1) x2 $749.99
Ioun Stone Fluorite Cube ONYX (+2 Damage for Wands) x2 $129.99
Ioun Stone Fluorite Cube (+2 Damage for Wands) x3 $109.99
Ioun Stone Silver Nugget (+2 Treasure Coins) x10 $174.99
Ioun Stone Tanzanite Sphere VOLUNTEER (+1 All Saves) x1 $64.99
Kilt of Barrelbane (+6 St -4 CON -4 Dex) x3 Buying
Kilt of Fatherbane (+6 Dex -2 St -2 Con) x4 Buying
Kilt of Tavernbane (+6 Con -4 Dex) x10 $174.99
Kvothe's Bloodless SLOTLESS (-4 Dam from Missile & Spells) x5 $139.99
Lenses of Clear Sight (Negates Invisible, etc) x1 $79.99
Lenses of Divine Sight (Duplicate healing spell w/bonuses) x1 Buying
Libram of Looting (Get Token & Hint) x10 $189.99
Medallion of Greyhawk (Immune Poison, Petrification, Undead) x1 $109.99
Medallion of Greyhawk CHIPPED (Immune Poison, Petrification, Undead) x1 $89.99
Medallion of Mystic Mouth (Swap in/out wand & use as free action) x7 $199.99
Mithral Chainmail (+6 AC) x0 $79.99
Mithral Coin of Luck VOLUNTEER (Reroll failed save, +10) x1 $49.99
Orb of Might (+2 Strength) x1 $189.99
Plate Armor of Attack (+10 AC, no Shields) x1 $144.99
Pouch of Tulz (ONYX) (use potion/oil/salve free action) x1 Buying
Pouch of Tulz (Slotless, Use 1 Potion, Oil, of Salve as Free Action) x5 Buying
Questor's Charm of Luck x1 Buying
Ring of Evasion (Grants Evasion Power) x1 $59.99
Ring of Riches (+3 Treasure Coins) x1 Buying
Ring of Spell Storing (cast any spell as free action, don't mark off card) x5 $229.99
Ring of the Eel x1 Buying
Ring of the Yeti x1 Buying
Ring of Wizardry (+2 to Hit spells, Double Dam on 20) x1 $98.99
Robe of the Arch-Mage (+3 AC, immune magic missile) x1 $119.99
Runestone Fitting Base 2017 (Equip Rare Runestone) x9 $139.99
Runestone Fitting Base 2010 (Equip Rare Runestone) x1 $189.99
Scepter of the Dead (Ghost Players can talk, great for Puzzles) x1 $94.99
SeyLah's +2 Sundering Cestus (-2 to monsters AC each hit) x2 $149.99
Shaed (-2 Dam from Melee,Ranged,Spell Attacks AND Effects) x4 $109.99
Shaman's Belt (Sacrifice 1st Level Spell to polymorph into Elemental) x1 $119.99
Shirt of Focus (+2 Healing & Damage spells, Polyporph) x3 Buying
Shirt of the Fae (Drink potion free action, speak/cast spells while polymorphed) x3 $89.99
Shirt of the Fae ONYX (Drink potion free action, speak/cast spells while polymorphed) x2 $129.99
Skull of Doom (usable by all, lots of damage) x2 $99.99
Sniper Spectacles (+3 Hit Missiles/Spells) x1 $179.99
Stu-Pendous Pendant (+3 Strength, +3 Dexterity) x4 $149.99
Stu's +3 Handy Stein (Drink 2 potions as Free Action) x3 $109.99
Troll Hide Armor (+5 AC, +4 Fort Saves) x1 $79.99
Widseth's Mystical Lute (+2 Party Dam, Bard can attack) x8 $184.99
Wil's Dragonheart (+4 HP) x1 $137.99

Trade Item Tokens Quantity Cash Price
Alchemist's Ink x0
Alchemist's Parchment x0
Aragonite x0
Darkwood Plank x50 $2.99
Dwarven Steel x0
Elven Bismuth x0
Enchanter's Munitions x0
Golden Fleece x0 BUYING
Mystic Silk x50 $2.99
Oil of Enchantment x0
Philosopher Stone x50 $2.99

Completion / Participation Tokens Quantity Price
2006 Potion Drow Blade Venom (Golden Ticket Run, +5 Dam 1st Attack) x1 $99.99
2007 Guild of Ale Drinkers (Membership in Guild, Free Tavern Admission) x2 $9.49
2007 Ring of the Eye (Can't be Surprised) x2 $9.99
2007 Alchemist Pouch (Only Available In Treasure Box) x1 $49.99
2008 Invitation to Celebration (Greyhawk is Saved & You're Invited, Free Tavern Admission) x2 $9.49
2008 Ring of Iuz (1/2 Dam from Undead Attacks) x0 $19.99
2008 Ring of Pelor (+2 Melee Dam vs Undead) x2 $4.99
2008 Censer of Sacrifice (100 GP in gems to remove curse) x0 $28.99
2009 Goblet of Healing (use 2 Faerie Waters to heal 3 Pts) x1 $29.99
2009 Harpy Claw Amulet (Immune to Magical Disease) x2 $9.99
2009 Necklace of the Oak (+2 Strength) x1 $24.99
2009 Ring of Gaia (-1 Dam Fire/Cold/Shock) x2 $7.99
2009 Yew Runestone (+1 HP For Adventure) x3 $5.99
2010 Bracelets of Greater Stunning ("1" ends monster turn & 6 Dam) x2 $5.99
2010 Bracelets of Stunning (1 rolled against player ends monster turn) x2 $3.99
2010 Flask of Combustion (3-8 Dam Wheel) x2 $7.99
2010 Flask of Conflagration (1-20 Dam Wheel) x1 $11.99
2011 Potion of Pelor's Piety (+4 Will Saves) x2 $7.99
2011 Sling Bullet of Chaos (8 pts random energy dam) x3 $8.99
2011 Sling Stone of Chaos (4 Pts Random Energy Dam) x3 $5.99
2012 Cadaver Charm (heals 2 pts when last monster in room dies) x1 $29.99
2012 Earcuff of Divination (Immune to Surprise Underground) x1 $29.99
2012 Horn of Blasting (Reusable 2 Pts Force Dam to all Monsters) x1 $124.99
2012 Potion Dwarven Doppelbock (+6 St & -2 AC) x1 $19.99
2012 Potion Dwarven Draught (+6 Fort Saves) x5 $2.99
2012 Wicked Charm (+1 St, -1 Saves) x4 $6.99
2013 Belt of the Fey (Immune to Charm) x0 $9.99
2013 Belt of the Vine (+2 Damage vs. Plants) x1 $9.99
2013 Ioun Stone Emerald Pyramid (+4 to Fort saves vs. plant poison ) x1 $6.99
2013 Ioun Stone Ruby Prism (-1 Damage From Melee) x0 $29.99
2013 Ring of Lycanbane (all Weapons treated as Silver) x2 $19.99
2014 Lamp of the Efreeti (Slotless Heals 6 pts Cold) x8 $19.99
2014 Lamp of the Marid (Slotless Cures 10 Pts Fire) x8 $24.99
2014 Lenses of Alert (+4 to AC vs. Ranged Attacks) x1 $12.99
2014 Lenses of the Navigator (Negates cloud/smoke vision penalties) x1 $8.99
2015 200 GP Underduck of Doom x10 $3.99
2015 Charm of the Lava Fiend (-2 Fire Dam) x7 $7.99
2015 Charm of the Salamandar (-1 Fire Dam) x0 $4.99
2015 Drow Commander's Gloves (+2 Darkrift Dam) x3 $7.99
2015 Drow Lieutenant's Gloves (+1 Darkrift Dam) x2 $6.99
2016 +2 Sling Bullet of Gazebo Slaying (Kills a Gazebo on any "20") x1 $9.99
2016 Earcuff of Crenellations (-2 Damage from Missile Attacks) x0 $6.99
2016 Earcuff of Ramparts (-2 Damage from Melee) x7 $5.99
2016 Potion Black Dragon Breath (5 Pts Acid Damage to all Monsters) x6 $8.99
2016 Potion Green Dragon Breath (3 Pts Poison Damage to all Monsters) x0 $6.99
2017 Greater Holly Ring (+1 Melee Sacred Damage) x10 $9.99
2017 Holly Ring (+1 Missile Sacred Damage) x0 $6.99
2017 Ring of the Hallowed (+1 Strength) x5 $19.99
2017 Pants of Lightstep (-2 Dam from Traps x0 $6.99
2017 Pants of Quickstep (-2 Dam from Missiles x10 $9.99
2017 Brawler's Horn (+2 to Hit in Melee Off Hand) x0 $19.99
2018 Ale Master Earcuff (+3 HP, -4 Char)) x3 $19.99
2018 Charm of Thorny Barbs (2 pts Piercing Damage to monster if it hits you) x7 $9.99
2018 Horn of Rally (Negates Fear & Charm on Subject) x3 $29.99

Treasure Box Exclusive Tokens Quantity Price
6th Charm of Transmorph (Redeem all 10 for Fun Surprise) x3 $24.99
Boots of Warmth (1/2 Damage from Frost Damage) x1 $19.99
Darkguard Greaves (-2 Darkrift Dam) x3 $9.99
Devilward Amulet (+1 Saves & Immune to Evil Outsider Possession) x1 $9.99
Dragonward Amulet (Immune to non-HP Breath Effects) x4 $9.49
Flameguard Greaves (-2 Fire Damage) x5 $5.99
Greaves of Firewalk (-1 Fire Damage) x6 $3.99
Greaves of the Viper (-1 Poison Damage) x1 $3.99
Venomguard Greaves (-2 Poison Damage) x2 $5.99

Combo/Transmuted/Special Tokens: Quantity Price
+1 Keen Hand Axe (Criticals 19-20) x0 $7.49
+1 Orchorn Shortbow x2 $3.79
+1 Scepter of the Stirge (Heals 1 Pt with each hit) x1 $9.99
+1 Staff of Striking (+3 Dam vs Constructs) x1 $4.99
+3 Ammo of Alteration (changes to ammo type needed) x2 $6.79
2009 GENCON Promo True Dungeon Token x10 $4.99
2017 Adventurer's Guild Token x1 $14.99
Arcane Scroll Tube (Protects Scrolls, +1 to Dam & Healing Scrolls) x2 $8.99
Averon's +3 Cherry Bomb (Cures 3 Pts & does 3 Pts Sacred Dam to all monsters) x2 $2.99
Averon's +5 Cherry (Cures 5 Pts & Restores Rage) x5 $3.99
Belt of Blessed Constitution (+2 Constitution)) x1 $39.99
Blessed Pants of the Hare (+2 Dexterity) x1 $18.99
Blessed Tempest Gloves (+3 Dam Ranged attacks & Spells) x1 $29.99
Boots of Sure Footing (+2 to Reflex Saves) x2 $4.89
Bracelets of the Zephyr (Cast 2 Spells 1 Round) x1 $79.99
Bronzeclad Cloak (-1 Dam from Melee Attacks) x2 $4.99
Dagger of Throwing (Automatically Returns) x2 $29.99
Dragonbane Surcoat (10 pt Retribution Dam to Dragons) x2 $4.99
Earcuff of Freedom (Free Movement when Bardsong is Heard) x2 $8.49
Eel Skin Gloves (+2 Shock Damage) x0 $7.49
Elixir of Vitality (+1 to Maximum HP) x1 $4.99
Enchant Truecraft Token x2 $2.99
Enhanced Creeper Amulet (+2 Dexterity) x1 $5.99
Fallen Star Mushroom (Resurrection & Full Heal) x3 $49.99
Fate Truecraft Token x0 $7.99
Feedback Loop (Immediately redo combat slide, 2 charges) x1 $6.99
Flask of Survival (Immune Natural Colt/Fire) x1 $4.99
Frost Short Bow (3-8 Damage Wheel) x1 $9.99
Gem of Blinding (Monster -4 to Hit 1 Rnd) x2 $19.99
Greater Alchemist Pouch (Cures +1 HP when Eat/Drink Heals) x2 $19.89
Greater Arcane Scroll Tube (+2 to Damage & Healing Scrolls) x2 $29.99
Lenses of Accuracy (+1 to Hit with Missiles & Spells) x2 $12.99
Lenses of the Navigator (no Smoke/cloud penalties) x0 $4.99
Minotaur Horn of Alert (Slotless, Sleeping players awake & attack) x1 $59.99
Morning Star (Combo, 2-7 Damage Wheel) x2 $4.99
Orb of Pelor (Thrown Weapon, 3-8 Dam Wheel) x1 $8.99
Potion Distilled Healing (Heals 10 Pts) x2 $8.99
Scythe of Reaping (Slid "20" heals user 3 Pts) x1 $4.99
Shade Cloak (+1 AC, +1 Saves, Speak with Dead) x2 $29.99
Shield of Deflection (+2 AC, +4 AC vs. Missiles) x1 $4.99
Shirt of Baneful Prowess (+2 St, -1 Dex) x1 $22.95
Shirt of Blessed Strength (+2 St) x2 $89.99
Shirt of Shielding (Immune to Retribution Dam) x4 $6.99
Spider Silk Shirt (Absorbs Spider Hit for no Damage) x2 $29.99
Steelclad Cloak (-2 Dam from Melee Attacks) x1 $19.99
Wicked Spear ("20" reduces monster melee dam by 2) x2 $5.99

Monster Ingredient Tokens: Quantity Price
Golden Fleece (See Listing under Trade Item Tokens BUYING
Complete set of 6 2010 Ingredient Tokens x1 $85.99
Complete set of 3 2008 Ingredient Tokens x6 $44.99
Complete set of 3 2006 Wooden Ingredient Tokens x6 $44.99
Complete set of 6 2019 Ingredient Tokens x1 $149.99
2006 Ghoul Tongue x2 $14.99
2006 Dryder Silk x1 $24.99
2006 Stone Spider Fang x2 $14.99
2007 Ectoplasm x0 BUYING
2007 Quicksilver x2 $19.99
2007 Shambler Slime x0 BUYING
2008 Mind Flayer Ooze x2 $14.99
2008 Outsider Feather x2 $14.99
2008 Stirge Spittle x2 $14.99
2009 Creeper Thorn x1 $19.99
2009 Harpy Talon x2 $14.99
2009 Mimic Slime x2 $14.99
2009 Ogre Tusk x2 $14.99
2009 Satyr Wine x2 $14.99
2009 Skeleton Tooth x2 $14.99
2010 Chain Devil Ichor x2 $14.99
2010 Dragon Tooth x2 $14.99
2010 Gelatinous Slime x2 $14.99
2010 Ice Demon Tongue x2 $14.99
2010 Minotaur Horn x2 $14.99
2010 Orc Ear x2 $14.99
2011 Astral Stalker Blood x0 BUYING
2011 Dire Squid Ink x2 $14.99
2011 Gargoyle Fang x0 BUYING
2011 Lich Finger x1 $19.99
2011 Rust Monster Antennae x0 BUYING
2012 Dracolich Claw x2 $14.99
2012 Frost Worm Tooth x1 $19.99
2012 Spectre Essence x2 $14.99
2012 Troll Tusk x2 $14.99
2013 Direwood Thorn x0 BUYING
2013 Genie Vapor x0 BUYING
2013 Golem Spring x2 $19.99
2013 Werewolf Fang x2 $19.99
2014 Hawk Kin Feather x2 $14.99
2014 Medusa Poison x2 $14.99
2014 Sand Beast Tooth x2 $19.99
2014 Wyvern Stinger x2 $14.99
2015 Carrion Crawler Antennae x2 $14.99
2015 Drow Blood x2 $14.99
2015 Dread Spider Mandible x2 $19.99
2015 Salamandar Ichor x2 $14.99
2016 Elder Eye Orb x10 $10.99
2016 Lava Beast Nugget x10 $10.99
2016 Succubus Horn x10 $10.99
2016 Spidaur Venom x10 $10.99
2017 Dracus Scale x9 $14.99
2017 Iron Rook Rivet x9 $14.99
2017 Old Holly Sprig x8 $14.99
2017 Scrael Claw x8 $14.99
2018 Giant Blood x10 $10.99
2018 Devil Drake Claw x10 $10.99
2018 Troll Shaman Finger x10 $10.99
2018 Helkyrie Ichor x10 $10.99
2019 Blight Bud x0
2019 Fiend Talon x0
2019 Lamia Scale x0
2019 Slayer Tentacle x0
2019 Stalker Blood x0
2019 Swamp Hag Venom x0

Note: Gear Tokens are usable in all rooms, and their use is limited only to your imagination (and DM concurrence).

Note: Gear Tokens are usable in all rooms, and their use is limited only to your imagination (and DM concurrence).

Gear Tokens: Quantity Cash Price
1 Day's Hard Rations x0
5 Ft. Iron Chain x0
10 ft Wooden Pole x0 PLATx1 $5.99
50 Ft Elven Rope x6 PLATx2 $4.99
50 Ft Twine 0x PLATx1 $4.99
100 Ft Spider Silk Rope x10 Platx1 $1.99
Belt Pouch x4 PLAT x3 $2.99
Bottle of Rum x0
Bone Scroll Case (Protects all scrolls from Damage) x0 $3.99
Crystal Vial x6 $2.99
Grappling Hook (Gear Token) x10 PLATx3 $2.99
Hammer and Spike x0 PLATx2 $4.99
Large Sack x10 PLATx4 $1.99
Machine Oil x2 $3.99
Magnifying Glass x6 $2.99
Marking Chalk x10 PLATx4 $1.99
Mortar & Pestle x10 PLATx3 $1.99
Pewter Mug x6 PLAT x1 $2.99
Small Silver Mirror (helps prevent petrification) x10 PLATx2 $2.99
Small Steel Mirror (Helps Prevent Petrification) x10 PLATx3 $2.99
Spyglass x5 $2.99
Tankard x7 PLATx1 $2.99
Tinder Box (Used to Start Fires) x0
Torch x0
Vial of Ink x0
Waterskin PLATx6 $4.99
Wetstone x9 PLATx1 $1.99
Whip 0

Rare Tokens: Quantity Cash Price
+1 Bastard Sword x5 PLATx1 $2.79
+1 Bracers of Defense x2 PLATx3 $5.99
+1 Bracers of the Dragonfist (Use in place of open hand) x1 PLATx2 $3.99
+1 Elven Long Bow x5 $2.99
+1 Fae Blowgun Flute (Bard may attack & Sing) x4 $4.49
+1 Gnomish Throwing Hammer x1 PLATx0 $4.99
+1 Great Club x5 $2.99
+1 Heavy Mace x2 $2.99
+1 Long Sword x5 PLATx0 $2.99
+1 Maul x2 $2.99
+1 Short Sword x2 PLATx2 $2.99
+1 Silver Bastard Sword x6 PLATx2 $2.99
+1 Thrall Cudgel PLATx2 $2.99
+1 Thrall Faerie Iron Skull (+3 Dam to Fae) x3 $2.99
+1 Thrall Kris PLATx2 $2.99
+1 Thrall Sword PLATx1 $2.99
+1 War Sling (2-9 Dam Wheel) x3 $4.49
+2 Bolt (+2 to Hit and Damage) x2 $2.99
+2 Cloak of Resistance (+2 to all saves) x7 PLAT x6 $7.99
Amulet of the Wind (Free Action Ability) x3 PLAT x1 $2.99
Amulet of Thorns (4 pts Retribution Dam) x0 $13.99
Armor of the Lynx x4 PLATx1 $2.99
Baton of Focus x7 PLATx1+E85 $4.49
Bead of Whole Vision (No 50% Miss against Incorporeal) x9 PLATx4 $2.49
Belt of Healing ("20" slid heals wielder 3 Pts) x3 PLATx2 $1.99
Belt of Ogre Power (+2 Strength) x10 PLATx1 $4.49
Belt of Retrieval (Drink Potion as Free Action) x10 PLATx2 $2.99
Belt of Vitality (+3 Max HP) x1 $5.99
Blessed Wind Gloves (+2 Dam Ranged & Spell Attacks) x8 PLATx1 $2.99
Boots of Agility (+2 Dexterity) x0 PLATx3 $9.99
Boots of Bounding (Attack flying target with melee, take 2 dam) x1 $2.99
Boots of Drowkind (Allows 2nd Sneak Attack) PLAT x3 $2.99
Boots of Elvenkind (Sneak Attack on 1st Round) x8 PLAT x5 $2.49
Boots of Free Action (Immune to Hold/Slow/Hindrances) x10 PLAt x5 $2.99
Bracelets of Frail Agility (+3 Dex & -1 Strength) x1 PLATx1 $2.99
Bracer of the Asp (5-10 Damage Wheel) PLATx1 $4.99
Bracers of Archery (+2 Missile Damage) x10 PLATx2 $3.99
Bracers of Archery (2006 Woodie) x1 $9.99
Bracers of Frost (+2 Frost Damage) x4 $2.99
Bracers of Lightning (+2 Shock Damage) x10 PLATx2 $2.49
Bracer of Smiting (Criticals on 19 & 20) x9 $2.99
Brawler's Mug (+2 Melee Damage) x1 PLATx1 $13.99
Bulwark Runestone (-3 Retribution Damage) x3 $1.99
Chaos Runestone (+1 Acid Dam on Missiles) x10 $1.79
Charm of Enlightenment (+8 Wisdom, +4 Will Saves) x2 $49.99
Charm of Sage (+2 Dam on Damage Scrolls) x10 $2.49
Charm of the Sipquick (+2 Dex, -1 St) x6 $2.49
Charm of Wealful Wind (retry reflex roll) x1 $4.49
Cloak of Curses (Monster might get -2 to hit) x7 $2.49
Cloak of Elvenkind (Invisible to Monster if no action) x2 PLAT x1 $9.99
Cloak of Gliding (No Fall Damage) x4 PLATx1 $1.99
Cloak of Many Pockets (+1 Treasure Chip, no other TE tokens) x10 PLATx3 $5.99
Cloak of the Bat (No Fall Damage) x1 PLATx2 $1.99
Cloak of the Footpad (+2 Dam with Sneak Attacks) x7 PLATx1 $1.99
Cloak of the Phalanx (+1 Saves, Immune to Fear) x3 $2.99
Crown of Charisma (+4 Char, +4 vs Charm) x3 PLATx1 $3.99
Crown of Iron Will (+4 Will Saves) x10 PLATx2 $2.49
Crown of Treasure Finding (+1 Treasure Chip if no other TE Tokens) x1 $3.99
Darkling Void Armor (+4 AC +2 Reflex Saves) x6 PLATx1 $2.49
Darkrift Runestone (+1 Darkrift Dam Missiles) x1 $2.49
Decay Runestone (+1 Acid Dam Melee) x10 $1.49
Defender Gold Set (Helm/Shield/Armor) x2 $15.99
Defender Helm x10 PLATx3 $5.99
Defender Platemail x9 PLATx3 $5.99
Defender Shield x10 PLATx3 $5.99
Dust of Deflection (monster won't attack if no offensive action taken) x1 PLATx1 $1.99
Earcuff of Inspiration (Damage Spells gain Bard Song Bonus) x8 $4.49
Earcuff of Salvation (Don't become undead after dying) x1 PLATx2 $1.99
Earcuff of The Wind (Can't Be Surprised) x1 PLATx2 $9.99
Earcuff of Understanding (Understand all languages) x1 PLAT x1 $3.99
Elven Chainmail (+5 AC) x2 $2.99
Fey Chainmail (+4 AC, +2 Reflex Save) x4 $2.99
Fey Plate Armor (+7 AC, +2 Reflex Saves) x12 PLAT x1 $2.49
Fiendish Charm (+2 St, -2 Con) x2 $5.49
Figurine of Power: Brownie (1 additional Ammo token each round for one room) x4 PLATx2 $1.49
Figurine of Power: Fiend (Set HP to 1 if killed by Fire) x1 $2.49
Figurine of Power: Salamander (Negates up to 8 Fire Dam) x1 PLATx1 $3.99
Fire Runestone (+1 Fire Dam Missiles) x4 $1.89
Frost Runestone (+1 Cold Dam Missiles) x9 $1.49
Gauntlets of Ogre Power (+2 Strength) x10 PLATx6 $7.99
Gloves of Spell Negation (Negates 1 Spell) PLATx2 $1.79
Goggles of Seeking (+2 to hit with Slings) x9 $1.99
Goggles of Serpent Sight (Cannot be surprised) x1 $5.99
Hat of Escape (monster makes will role to attack) x1 $3.99
Hat of Intellect (+4 Int & +2 to hit for Spells) x3 $8.99
Heavy Repeating Crossbow x7 PLAT x1 $2.99
Helm of Clear Thought (+1 AC +4 saves vs Charm) x3 $2.99
Helm of the Eagle (+1 AC +1 to Hit w/ Missiles) x1 PLAT x1 $2.99
Helmet of Fortitude (+1 AC +3 Fort Save) x1 $3.99
Holy Symbol of Pelor (+2 Dam Turning Undead) x10 PLATx0 $4.99
Hood of Elvenkind (sneak attack without 1 round delay) x1 $2.49
Hood of Shadows (+1 AC and sneak attack without 1 round delay) x2 $2.49
Ioun Stone Agate Orb (+1 when healed by spell or scroll) x1 $2.99
Ioun Stone Beryl Prism (+1 Saves) x9 PLATx1 $8.99
Ioun Stone Black Pearl (No Monster magic to-hit bonus) x2 PLATx1 $7.99
Ioun Stone Emerald Prism (No underwater Weapon Restrictions) x10 PLATx1 $2.89
Ioun Stone Faceted Amber (-2 Dam Missiles & Spells) x9 $8.99
Ioun Stone Iridescent Spindle (Sustains without air) x10 PLAT x3 $2.99
Ioun Stone Ruby Rhombus (-3 Damage from Fire) x1 $2.99
Ioun Stone Topaz Sphere (-10 Darkrift Dam) PLATx3 $9.99
Ioun Stone Violet Prism (absorbs 1 spell 3 charges) x2 $29.99
Lenses of Focus (+1 to Healing & Damage Spells) x10 PLATx1 $3.99
Lenses of Fortune (+1 Treasure Coin, Doesn't stack) x3 $9.99
Lenses of Heimdall Sight (+1 to Hit Melee & See Invisible Monsters) x8 PLATx5 $4.49
Lightning Runestone (+1 Shock Dam Missiles) x10 $2.49
Lyre of Echos (Bardsong lasts 2 rounds) x6 PLATx10 $2.99
Mage Robe of the Vale (+2 AC) x5 PLAT x1 $9.99
Medallion of Focus (+1 to Heal and Damage Spells) x1 PLATx1 $6.99
Medallion of the Third Eye (Imbues Psychic Power) x6 PLATx1 $1.99
Mighty Sling (Add St Bonus to Damage) x4 PLAT x2 $6.99
Monk's Red Belt (+2 to Armor Class) x5 $2.49
Mystic Mushroom (Restores to life at 1 HP) x3 $13.99
Necklace of Natural Armor (+2 to AC) x10 PLAT x3 $2.99
Oil of Ghost Touch (Can Hit Ethereal Creatures) x1 PLATx0 $2.99
Oil of Holiness (+3 Dam to Evil Monsters) x1 PLATx1 $3.99
Oil of the Will O' Wisp (+3 Shock Damage) x5 PLATx1 $2.49
Oil of the Yeti (+3 to Cold Damage) x1 $3.99
Pants of Springing (-1 Damage from Melee) x3 PLATx1 $1.89
Pantaloons of the Underdark (Free Action Ability) x8 $2.99
Pants of Blisswalk (+2 Heal from Healing Spells) x3 PLATx1 $6.99
Pants of the Lynx (+3 Reflex Saves, no fall damage) PLATx3 $2.99
Pixie Dust (Damage Spell deals +3 Damage) x10, PLATx1 $1.89
Plate Armor (+8 AC) x9 PLAT x1 $1.99
Potion Barkskin (+3 AC, 1 round to change) x2 $1.99
Potion Blessed Brandy (heals 5 Pts & undead touches) x2 PLATx0 $2.49
Potion Bliss Stout (heals 5 Pts & removes Curse) x10 $2.49
Potion Cure Lt Wounds (Heals 5 Pts) PLATx2 (2007,2008) $4.99
Potion Death's Door (Resurrects at 1 HP) x6 PLAT x6 $17.99
Potion Denner Infusion (Cures 6 Pts) x10 PLATx1 $1.99
Potion Dwarven Mead (immune charm, sleep, fear) x3 $2.49
Potion Hallowed Oasis Water (Heals 8 Pts, no other heal in room) PLAT x1 $2.99
Potion Leaping Attack x10 PLATx5 $3.49
Potion Moon Veil (removes curses/diseases) x4 PLATx8 $3.99
Potion Polymorph (Brownie +3 AC +1 Saves) x9 $1.99
Potion Polymorph (Giant Spider) x2 $3.99
Potion Polymorph (Gremlin, "20" kills Construct) x3 $2.99
Potion Polymorph (Scrael, 2-12 Dam Wheel) x10 PLATx5 $2.99
Potion Revival Root (Restore to life at 1 HP) x2 $8.99
Potion Thor's Retort (4 Pts Sonic Dam to all Monsters) x10 PLATx3 $1.89
Potion Vale Draught (Heals 6 Points) x1 PLATx1 $2.99
Ring of Dark Health (Successful attack deals1 Darkrift Dam & Heals 1) x10 PLATx1 $2.99
Ring of Feather Fall (no fall damage) x1 $3.99
Ring of Fire Absorption (-3 Fire Damage) x7 $2.99
Ring of Fire Resistance (1/2 fire damage) x10 PLAT x2 $3.99
Ring of Fortitude (+4 Fort Saves) x2 PLAT x2 $4.99
Ring of Frost Resistance (1/2 frost Dam) x10 PLAT x2 $3.99
Ring of Iron Will (+4 Will Saves) x3 $4.99
Ring of Protection +1 (+1 AC) x6 PLAT x2 $9.99
Ring of Reflexes (+4 Reflex Saves) x1 $9.49
Ring of Shock Resistance (1/2 Shock Dam) x2 $3.99
Ring of Sonic Resistance (1/2 Sonic Dam) x10 $2.99
Ring of Stunning Fist (re-slide Stunning Fist) x10 PLATx3 $1.99
Ring of the Deep (Less underwater restrictions) x10 $9.99
Ring of the Norns (As Free Action, recast 0 Level spell just recast as Scroll) x1 $2.99
Robe of the Mage (+2 AC) x3 $7.99
Sacred Arrow (+3 Sacred Damage) x10 PLATx0 $2.99
Sacred Runestone (+1 Sacred Missile Damage) x10 $2.49
Salve of Shadowvein (immune to undead special attack) x10 PLATx3 $2.49
Scroll Arcane Destruction (+10 Acid Damage) x10 PLATx1 $3.99
Scroll Call Lightning (8 pts shock dam) x7 PLAT x1 $3.99
Scroll Chain Lightning (12 pts dam all monsters) x10 PLATx2 $3.99
Scroll Cure Light Wounds (heals 8 Pts) x1 $3.99
Scroll Cure Moderate Wounds (heals 10 Pts) x10 PLAT x1 $3.99
Scroll False Image (50% chance Monster misses player) x1 PLATx1 $3.99
Scroll Fireshield (5 pts retribution dam) x1 PLATx1 $3.99
Scroll Flame Arrow (12 dam no save) SOLD OUT
Scroll Flame Protection (-2 Dam from Fire for Party for room) x1 $2.99
Scroll Frost Spear (12 Pts Dam, No Save) x1 $3.99
Scroll Frostshield (5 pts retribution dam) x1 $3.99
Scroll Fury's Blessing (Cures 6 Pts or 12 Pts in Combat) x7 PLAT x4 $3.49
Scroll Keen Edge (critical on 19 or 20) x10 PLATx1 $1.99
Scroll Leaping Lightning (+8 Shock Damage to all Monsters) x6 $3.99
Scroll Lightning Strike (12 dam no save) x1 PLAT x1 $3.99
Scroll Loki's Blessing (Cures whole party 3 Pts if Puzzle solved) x9 PLATx4 $3.99
Scroll Mage Armor Woodie (+4 AC whole Dungeon) x1 $9.99
Scroll Magic Spear (10 pts Force Dam No Save) SOLD OUT
Scroll Mind Blank (dispell & prevent mind control) x10 PLATx1 $2.49
Scroll of Soothing Wind (Heals 10 Pts & Fatigue) x6 $3.99
Scroll Slow Poison (cures poison) x10 PLATx1 $2.79
Scroll Soul Spear (15 Pts Dam if at least 1 monster defeated) x3 PLAT x2 $3.99
Scroll Stoneskin (Target immune to first melee hit) x3 PLATx3 $3.99
Scroll Thunderboom (6 Pts Sonic Dam to all monsters, 12 vs Crystalline) x20 PLATx2 $2.99
Scroll Urgent Health (heals 8 or 12 points) x10 PLATx7 $3.99
Scroll Valkyrie Shield (6 Pts Shock Dam to Monster if it hits caster) x10 $2.99
Scroll Venom Strike (12 pts Dam no Save) x5 $4.49
Shadow Cloak (+1 AC +1 Saves) x2 PLATx5 $4.99
Shield of the Prism (+2 AC, ignore first Ray effect) x1 $1.99
Shirt of Vitality (+3 to Max HP) x10 PLATx1 $8.99
Shoes of Skill (Various cool effects for Bard, Monk, Wizards, Druid) x1 $2.49
Shoes of Sneaking (+2 to hit with Sneak Attack) x9 PLATx2 $1.99
Shuriken of Shock (4-7 Dam Wheel) x3 PLATx3 $3.99
Silverweave Shirt (-1 melee damage) x3 PLATx4 $6.99
Spectres Spectacles (+10 gaze saves) x2 PLATx3 $2.49
Staff of Focus (+1 Damage to Spells) x7 PLATx2 $4.99
Thrall Scale Armor (+5 AC +1 Will Save vs Charm) PLATx1 $2.99
Thunderstone 2008 (1-10 Damage Wheel) x1 $2.99
Torc of Natural Armor (+2 AC) x1 $4.99
Tower Shield (+3 AC) x1 PLAT x1 $2.99
Tyr's Bracers (+1 AC & +1 Max HP) x8 PLATx3 $3.99
Wand of Forcebolts (4 pts dam to Target) x7 PLATx3 $2.49
Wand of Hornets (8 Pts Piercing Dam to Target) x6 PLATx4 $2.49
Wand of Lava Blasts (8 pts Fire Dam to Target) x2 PLATx2 $1.99
Wand of Life Stealing (6 Dam, wiz heals 6) x5 PLATx2 $4.99
Wand of Lightning Bolt (12 damage to Target) x10 PLAT x2 $2.99
Wand of Magic Missiles (6 damage to Target) x4 PLAT x2 $3.99
Wand of Slow (Monster save or lose next action) x1 PLAT x1 $2.49
Wand of Thor's Fury (8 Pts Shock Dam to Target) x20 PLATx2 $1.74

Uncommon and Common Tokens: Quantity Cash Price
50 GP Drinking Horn (Ingredient for Horn of the Blessed Ox) x30 $0.99
Alchemist Purse (Protects C/UC Potions) x2 $0.99
Ale Drinker's Belt (+2 Fort Saves) x2 $0.99
Anti-Toxin (allows another poison save) x7 PLATx4 $0.99
Antressor Lute (Adds +4 Will Saves to Bardsong Bonus) x10 PLATx4 $0.99
Archer's Buckler (+1 AC w/ 2 handed missile weapon) x10 PLATx7 $0.99
Arrow of True Flight (Ignores Cover & Wind) x1 PLAT x1 $0.99
Bead of Unseen Vision (See Invisible Monsters) 10x PLATx7 $0.99
Belt of Endurance (Ingredient for Belt of Baneful Mettle) x10 PLATx2 $0.99
Bliss Runestone (Don't drop weapons from Attacks) x3 $0.99
Bliss Throwing Axe (+3 Dam in Bliss) x10 PLATx5 $0.99
Charm of Blissward (Turn Undead affects Evil Outsiders & Giants) PLATx2 $0.99
Dream Dust (+1 Spell Damage) x7 $0.99
Druid's Sacred Vestments (+2 Healing) x10 PLATx4 $0.99
Dust of Appearance (Reveals Invisible) x7 PLATx1 $1.49
Dust of the Elders (+4 to hit with Spell or Scroll Slides) x1 $0.99
Dwarven Rations (Heal 1 Pt, +1 Fort Saves) PLATx2 $0.99
Earcuff of Bravery (Removes Fear & Charm with Bardsong) 20x PLAT3x $0.99
Earcuff of Sonic Splendor (+1 Sonic Damage to Spells) x1 $0.99
Faerie Dust (+2 Damage to Spell) x10 PLATx3 $0.99
Faerie Water (Purify 1 cubic yard liquid) x10 PLATx10 $0.99
Fey Bread (Cures 3 Pts, Removes Curse) x1 $1.99
Figurine of Power: Bat (+4 Spells hit for Room) x3 $0.99
Figurine of Power: Toad (-5 Damage from Falling) x1 PLATx1 $0.99
Footman Cap (Can't be Surprised) x10 $2.99
Footman Chainmail (+5 AC) x10 $2.99
Footman Shield (Footman Shield x6 PLATx1 $2.99
Girdle of Dwarven Health (+2 Max HP) x3 PLAT x1 $0.99
Girdle of Wealful Health (Cure +1 HP from eat/drink cure item) PLAT x1 $1.99
Gloves of Archery (+1 Dam Missile wpns) x0 PLATx1 $1.99
Gloves of the Footpad ONYX (+1 hit sneak attacks) x1 $1.99
Good Runestone (+1 Healing Received for Adventure) x10 PLATx1 $0.99
Goodberry (Heals 2 Points) x1 PLATx3 $0.99
Greater Mistletoe (+1 Dam on Spells) x10 PLATx3 $0.99
Haven Holy Symbol (Turn Undead affects Evil Outsiders & Aberrations) x3 PLATx1 $0.99
Holy Water (1-6 Dam, acts as acid to undead) x2 $0.99
Law Runestone (Hit Monster can't regenerate) PLATx2 $0.99
Lyre of Luck (+1 Saves added to Bardsong) x3 $0.99
Lyre of Rage (+1 to Hit added to Bardsong) PLATx1 $1.99
Magnificent Bard's Instrument (+2 Damage to Bardsong) X2 PLATx2 $0.99
Major Rumor (Turn in to Coach for Rumor) x10, PLATx2 $0.99
Masterwork Holy Symbol (+1 Damage Turning Undead) x10 PLATx5 $0.99
Masterwork Shuriken (Monk can use 2/Round) x1 $1.99
Masterwork Thieves Tools (retry skill check) x10 PLATx4 $0.99
Medallion of Energy (Recast 1st Level Spell as Scroll) x1 PLATx1 $0.99
Minor Rumor (Turn in to get Rumor) x10 PLATx2 $0.99
Monk's Spiked Belt (+1 AC and 3 Pts Retribution Damage) x2 $0.99
Nether Brute Armor (+2 AC and +1 ST) x2 $0.99
Nether Fate Armor (+2 AC +1 Saves) PLATx1 $0.99
Oak Runestone (If hit in Melee, monster can't fly 1 Rnd) x5 $0.99
Oil of Venom (+3 Poison Damage) PLATx1 $1.99
Orcish Rations (Cure 1 Pt, -2 to Hit) PLATx2 (2008) $0.99
Pearl of Prayer (+3 to Healing Spell) x10 $0.99
Pearl of the Planes (Retry Wizard Skill Test) x10 PLATx3 $0.79
Pendant of the Boar (+3 to Max HP) x10 PLATx6 $0.99
Potion Bliss Wine (Cures 3 Pts, Removes Fear) x20 PLATx7 $0.99
Potion Bull's Strength (2007,2008,recent) (+4 Strength) PLATx4 $2.99
Potion Cat's Grace (+4 Dexterity) x10 PLATx2 $0.99
Potion Creeper Stout (Heals 5 Pts, -2 AC for Room) x3 $0.99
Potion Cure Minor Wounds (Heals 1 Pt) PLATx6 (3x2007, 3x2008) $0.99
Potion Darkling Draft (Heals 1 Pts) x4 $0.99
Potion Death Draught (Remove Undead Attack Effect) x10 PLATx2 $0.99
Potion Denner Essence (Cures 3 Pts Dam) x10 PLATx3 $0.99
Potion Detect Secret Doors (Reveals all Secret Doors) x8 PLATx7 $0.99
Potion Fire Resistance (1/2 dam from Fire) x10 PLATx6 $0.99
Potion Frost Resistance (1/2 dam from Frost) x3 PLATx10 $0.99
Potion Goodberry Wine (Heals 3 Pts Damage) x4 $0.99
Potion Ironclad (+2 AC, +4 AC vs Fey) x2 $0.99
Potion Jewel Weed Extract (Cure 1 Pts) PLATx2 $0.99
Potion Monk's Mead (Cure 3 Pts, +4 Mental Saves) x6 PLATx5 $0.99
Potion Nixie Mead (Cure 1 Pts) PLATx2 $0.99
Potion Owl's Wisdom (Retry Cleric Skill Check) x9 PLATx3 $0.99
Potion Pixie Spirits (+1 to hit w/ Ranged Attacks) x1 $0.89
Potion Polymorph Asp (-5 Poison Dmg) x10 PLATx3 $0.99
Potion Rue Extract (Cures Paralysis) x10 PLATx1 $0.99
Potion Siren Wine (Heal 3 Pts, remove Charm) x7 PLATx1 $1.99
Potion Truefoil Extract (Heal 3 Pts, Remove Stun) x5 PLATx1 $1.99
Potion Vipron Wine (Heals 3 Pts) x1 $0.99
Ring of Health (+1 Max HP) x3 $0.99
Salve of Restoration (Remove Undead Touch attack effects) x6 PLAT x4 $0.99
Salve of Stoneskin (Immune to first Melee Hit) x10 PLATx0 $1.99
Satyr's Pipes of Dancing (Will Save or monster -2 Save) x5 $0.99
Scroll Banshee Wail (4 Pts Sonic Dam all Monsters) x10 $0.99
Scroll Bless (+1 Hit & Saves vs Fear for Party) SOLD OUT
Scroll Cure Lt Wounds (Heals 5 Pts) x10 PLATx9 $0.99
Scroll Darkrift Darts (4 Pts Darkrift Dam to all Monsters) x10 $0.99
Scroll Detect Illusion (Reveals all Illusions) x10 PLATx4 $0.99
Scroll Detect Undead (Detects all Undead in Room) x1 $3.99
Scroll Endure Elements (Immune to natural fire & cold) x1 $0.99
Scroll Faerie Fire (Reveals all Invisible creatures/objects) x6 PLATx1 $0.99
Scroll Frostbolt (Deals 10 Pts Cold Damage) x1 $0.99
Scroll Gaze Reflection (Immune to Gaze Effects) x7 PLATx3 $0.79
Scroll Ice Lance (10 Pts Cold Dam if AC 15 is hit ,no Save) x2 $0.99
Scroll Instant Awakening (Instantly Awake if Monster Enters Area) x10 PLATx1 $0.99
Scroll Knock (instantly unlocks one lock) x10 PLATx1 $0.99
Scroll Magic Javelin (6 Pts Force Damage) x4 $0.99
Scroll Magic Vestments (1/2 dam from Undead Attacks) x2 $0.99
Scroll Melf's Acid Arrow (8 pts Acid Damage) x1 $0.99
Scroll Obscuring Mist (fills 10 Cubic Feet with dense fog) x3 $0.99
Scroll Odin's Blessing (+1 Saves for Whole Party) x10 PLATx2 $0.99
Scroll of Instant Awakening (instantly awaken if monster near) x12 PLATx1 $0.79
Scroll Poison Arrow (10 Pts Poison Dmg) x11 $0.99
Scroll Remove Paralysis (Cures Paralysis) PLATx1 $2.99
Scroll Scorching Ray (12 pts Fire Damage) x10 PLATx2 $0.99
Scroll Siphon Spirit (cures 8 points after defeating monster) x1 $0.99
Scroll Shockbolt (9 pts Shock Damage) x10 PLATx0 $0.99
Scroll Soundburst (3 Pts Sonic Damage to all Monsters) x10 PLATx1 $0.99
Scroll Speak with Dead (Party speaks w/ dead members) x10 PLATx1 $0.99
Scroll Stone Rain (5 Pts Force Dam to all Monsters) x8 $0.99
Scroll Stone to Flesh (cures petrification) x7 PLATx3 $5.99
Scroll Thunderblast (6 Pts Sonic Dmg, 12 vs Crystalline) x10 PLAT x5 $0.99
Scroll Water Breathing (Can Breath Underwater) x2 $1.99
Selas Flower (Cures 1 Pt) x3 $0.99
Shaman's Charm (+1 to 1st Level Healing Spells) x1 $0.99
Shirt of Brawn (+1 St, -1 Dx) x9 PLATx1 $0.99
Shirt of Spiritward (Dead character can slide empty puck) x10 PLATx2 $1.49
Smokestick (Fills 10 cubic feet w/ dense smoke) x10 $0.99
Spotted Green Mushroom (Cures 3 Pts & Remove Fungal Effect) x5 $0.99
Spotted Red Mushroom (Cures 1 Pt) PLAT x1 $0.99
Tanglefoot Bag (Monster -2 to AC) x10 PLATx3 $0.99
Tome of Recall (1 Skill Check Retry per Game) x10 PLATx4 $0.99
Totem Paint Crushed Jade (+2 to Max HP) x1 $0.99
Triton Horn (2 Pts Sonic Dam to all Monsters) x3 PLATx1 $0.99
Trouper's Lute (+4 Reflex Save added to Bardsong Bonuses) x9 $0.99
Universal Solvent (free player from sticky substance) x10 PLATx5 $0.99
Vicious Charm (+2 Dex -2 St) x4 $1.99
Wand of Illumination (all Undead -2 AC, 5 Charges) x5 PLATx1 $0.99
Wand of Iceblasts (5 Pts Cold Damage to Target) x1 $0.99
Wand of Lava Bolts (4 pts Force Dam, 5 Charges) PLAT x2 $0.99
Wand of Thor's Favor (Clerics, Druids & Wizards, 4 Piercing Dam) 10x PLAT5x $0.99
Wand of Yellowjackets (Druids & Wizards, 4 Piercing Dam) 10x PLAT1x $0.99

Lore Tokens (2009): Quantity Cash Price
Lore Tokens Complete 40 Token Set x2 $39.99
Lore Token #1 Ashton x4 $1.50
Lore Token #2 Boaz x3 $1.50
Lore Token #3 Corpsewood x8 $1.50
Lore Token #4 Darkglen x6 $1.50
Lore Token #5 Dimglen x4 $1.50
Lore Token #6 Eagleton x10 $1.50
Lore Token #7 Elmwood x8 $1.50
Lore Token #8 Farin x4 $1.50
Lore Token #9 Fendon x1 $1.50
Lore Token #10 Geo x5 $1.50
Lore Token #11 Gillweed x7 $1.50
Lore Token #12 Greenbrye x12 $1.50
Lore Token #13 Greentowne x2 $1.50
Lore Token #14 Greywood x3 $1.50
Lore Token #15 Halfraft Looking For Two
Lore Token #16 Haven x3 $1.50
Lore Token #17 Indigo x0
Lore Token #18 Jewelglen x2 $1.50
Lore Token #19 Kirin Looking for One
Lore Token #20 Looking for Three
Lore Token #21 Lowburr x5 $1.50
Lore Token #22 Lutz x1 $1.50
Lore Token #23 Martinsburg x0
Lore Token #24 Millward x4 $1.50
Lore Token #25 Ninchill x1 $1.50
Lore Token #26 Oozebane x5 $1.50
Lore Token #27 Pilfer x13 $1.50
Lore Token #28 Quickhill x1 $1.50
Lore Token #29 Radtketown x10 $1.50
Lore Token #30 Rottgutt x5 $1.50
Lore Token #31 Silvona x12 $1.50
Lore Token #32 Soulford x3 $1.50
Lore Token #33 Sunleaf x8 $1.50
Lore Token #34 Tween x8 $1.50
Lore Token #35 Umberhill x6 $1.50
Lore Token #36 Valorton x0
Lore Token #37 Whiteglen x6 $1.50
Lore Token #38 Xornhill x8 $1.50
Lore Token #39 Yewbark x6 $1.50
Lore Token #40 Zealmount x7 $1.50

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Ummm, what exactly would you be trading them for? Other woodies? After all, none of us have any tokens from the new set other than our proofs and it's unlikely anyone's trading those.

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Mike's Token Shop - Open for Business Since 2007!! 12 years 5 months ago #3

<br />Ummm, what exactly would you be trading them for? Other woodies? After all, none of us have any tokens from the new set other than our proofs and it's unlikely anyone's trading those.<br />

<br /><br />Sure, either trade for Woodies or sell for cash, either is good.  The new Chippie tokens are great, but I really love the old Woodies also!  <br /><br />Mike

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Mike's Token Shop - Open for Business Since 2007!! 12 years 5 months ago #4

Things I've got:<br /><br />+1 Amulet of Armor<br />+1 Bracers of Defense<br />Fullplate Armor<br />Ring of Fire Resistance<br />Ring of Frost Resistance<br />MW Thieves tools<br />Dragonscale Shield<br />you'll trade for these right Mike  =D

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Mike's Token Shop - Open for Business Since 2007!! 12 years 5 months ago #5

<br />Things I've got:<br /><br />+1 Amulet of Armor<br />+1 Bracers of Defense<br />Fullplate Armor<br />Ring of Fire Resistance<br />Ring of Frost Resistance<br />MW Thieves tools<br />Dragonscale Shield<br />you'll trade for these right Mike  =D<br />

<br /><br />I can't deny it - those are great tokens!  ;/

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Mike's Token Shop - Open for Business Since 2007!! 12 years 5 months ago #6

I'd also be interested in trading for or buying Artisan Tokens, if anyone has any they don't want.<br /><br />Thanks!<br />Mike

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Mike's Token Shop - Open for Business Since 2007!! 12 years 5 months ago #7

So you've still got that Halfling Toe Ring eh...<br /><br />And quite a nice list to boot. You should get some nice offer.<br /><br /><br />
Cheers, Stuart O.  + Thats the short haired, short statured, no beard, Indy Stu ...+ "Nemo saltat sobrius"

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Mike's Token Shop - Open for Business Since 2007!! 12 years 5 months ago #8

<br />So you've still got that Halfling Toe Ring eh...<br /><br />And quite a nice list to boot. You should get some nice offer.<br /><br /><br /><br />

<br /><br />Hi Stu!<br /><br />Yep, and I'm really not eager to get rid of it as I'm QUITE fond of it, just tossing it out there to see if I get an offer I can't refuse.  In fact I wouldn't mind picking up anothe Artisan or two to keep it company.  Of course it's yours if you ever want to pull the trigger (I think I hear it calling your name...)  ;/<br /><br />It's fine actually if I don't trade or sell ANY of those tokens - I'm just having some fun talking trades with fellow forum-members prior to the big Chippie event in a couple of months.  Once the "view my tokens" link gets updated and back on-line, I'll post all my tokens and then REALLY talk trading/Buying/Selling!  <br /><br />Mike

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Mike's Token Shop - Open for Business Since 2007!! 6 years 2 months ago #9

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Mike's Token Shop - Open for Business Since 2007!! 6 years 2 months ago #10

Interesting thread resurrection, since the last post was 6 years ago.... :P

Maybe you meant to update the thread that is in the "Token Trades and Sales" subforum? ;)

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Mike's Token Shop - Open for Business Since 2007!! 6 years 2 months ago #11

Incognito wrote: Interesting thread resurrection, since the last post was 6 years ago.... :P

Maybe you meant to update the thread that is in the "Token Trades and Sales" subforum? ;)

Actually, I had wanted to update an older thread as the Token Shop from the start, but a couple of years ago for some reason I wasn't able to edit the older threads, so I created a new one. I guess they worked the bugs out, so I was now able to edit the older token thread after all. So, I figure I'm just moving the Token Shop to the original location :)

I guess maybe a Moderator can move it to the Token Trades and Sales subforum, since I don't think that existed when this thread was started.

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Last edit: by Mike Steele.

Mike's Token Shop - Open for Business Since 2007!! 6 years 2 months ago #12

The first post has been updated to show that a Gloves of Dexterity, Boots of Might, Orb of Might (the last one I had for sale), and Ring of Riches have all been sold. :)

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