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TOPIC: DEX Volunteer Charms Confirmed

DEX Volunteer Charms Confirmed 5 years 8 months ago #25

Not necessarily. The benefits so far proposed involve a number of ‘slots’ that open up every X steps of the guiding stat for figurines, tomes, and beads.

Maybe the trick is the wisdom/int/cha charms and stones carry other effects, potentially affect spell casting, and the benefits can be broader for them than the physical stats.

... or CoE can be a trade in token and released more in line with how it should be.
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DEX Volunteer Charms Confirmed 5 years 7 months ago #26

Wade Schwendemann wrote:
As for "high end" builds, it really depends on what you want to be. A ranged Ranger could fit one of these in, assuming they had charm bracelets or charm necklace.

Speaking as a ranged Ranger, that's challenging with the Ranger-specific neck item coming out next year, plus the Bracers of Supreme Archery. Even if you argue the stats of Fast Fitness or the Charm Bracelets with some Charm combo, it's hard to get past Supreme Archery when trying to stay thematically consistent.

But, I totally agree with the point that a character build should be about choices and tradeoffs; far more interesting when the "BiS" builds can be debated and taken in many different directions.
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