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TOPIC: Endgame 2019 Transmuted Recipes

Endgame 2019 Transmuted Recipes 2 years 5 months ago #97

Hawk Fingle wrote:

Brad Mortensen wrote:

Hawk Fingle wrote:

Arnold wrote:

Matthew Hayward wrote:

Arnold wrote: If you're worried about the value of your treasure pull, sell your gold treasure chips. Don't complain about an increased supply of bits.

AFAIK, the value of the pulls themselves has never dropped. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

Actually, I do both (sell my treasure pulls and express concern about the health of the secondary economy vis a vis monster bit supply outstripping demand).

The value of the pulls has dropped, as measured by eBay sales price in the period after the bonus tokens get sent out but before Gen Conn.

In 2017 they were going for $6+ and sometimes as high as $10 each. In 2018 they went for $4-5 per pull before Gen Con.

I myself have stopped caring about treasure pulls very much, I gave away probably 2/3rds of my pulls to new players in the storyscape or check in area this year.

But I'm not worried about the value of treasure pulls because I care about the money, I'm worried about it because I think it's bad for players in general.

Isn't $4-5 the stable price of a pull? $6+ seems more of a construct of lack of initial supply.

AFAIR, 2017 pulls were still selling for $4-5 going into Origins.

I don't think more bits is bad for the players. I think it's bad for farmers. To be clear, I am not accusing you of being a farmer.

We'll never know what it means to be an "average" player for this game. I only know what I do.

I attend Gen Con each year, and I run each adventure once. I'm nearly maxed out on treasure, only missing the extra pull from level 6 xp. This year, I got (16 * 3) + 3 pulls. The 3 extra are thanks to the sealed run.

51 pulls, and the box was rewarding roughly 20% treasure this year. I think 20% is generous for our calculations so let's go with that. That means I'd have pulled 10 bits.

4 of those are automatically accounted for due to the story arc. That leaves me with about 6 bits each year. If we stretch these numbers out over 3 years, that means I'd have 18 bits to spare. That means I don't have enough to even transmute the Kilt. It also assumes that I didn't want to transmute any Enhanced or Exalted tokens in that 3 year span.

Oh, and this year there are 6 bits for the arc, so I have to make up for that as well.

I don't think my experience is an unrealistic one. A player who's invested in a CoA & ISSN and runs every adventure should be able to make the Kilt without having to go on the secondary market to buy more fleece. There are plenty of players who are chasing this year's eldritch and don't have max treasure.

Not to mention if I want to make a relic, and eventually a legendary- I'm looking for even more fleece.

I don't think the player base at large has this issue of monster bits spilling out of their coffers. It's folks who run more than 3 or 4 dungeons a year and travel to multiple cons to run even more.


And I'm someone that goes to Origins and Gen Con, but I can only afford to run 2 or 3 times at Gen Con, and maybe 4 or 5 times at Origins, been playing and saving since 2014, and am still very hard pressed to cover these recipe requirements for the three transmutes I would make.

Apparently the preferred solution to your dilemma is to buy them at escalating prices from Ebay sellers

Forget that noise. I'd be contacting Trent first if it came to that. :laugh:

Work fast. They’ll buy them from him, jack up the price and resell them. Not a guess.
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Endgame 2019 Transmuted Recipes 2 years 5 months ago #98

Joshua Long wrote: Wow those Golden Fleece amounts are ridiculous! Especially when this year we have both an Eldritch and end of arc recipe.

All the fleece requirements should drop by one and the Eldritch really shouldn't require one to begin with.

I agree with many others that the amount of silk required and alchemist items seem high.

I would have expected the bard recipes to require more darkwood plank since that is what lutes break down to.

I would have also expected the rogues recipes to require more philosopher stones since that is what necklaces break down to.

One thing I really like is the alternative recipe for the bard legendary. (With a reduced GF requirement.)

+1 this is pretty much what I outlined. Thinking about a person that wants to make one of each new 3/4 star, the bead and kilt, and at least 1 relic, that would be equal to 65 monster bits. At about 20% pull rate you would need over 300 pulls to get that. Based on BC's spreadsheet it would take me more than 2 GenCons at 8 runs a con to acquire those naturally.
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Endgame 2019 Transmuted Recipes 2 years 5 months ago #99

Well I can only speak for me an my group by my tickets are

Cost= It doesn't matter cause I play to have fun.

Part of the fun was transmuting. I would sit down and sort everything from the previous year and figure out all my builds. I was really happy when the bard legendary was this year and the bead cause I managed to trade for complete sets of all the bits so far.... But now I have a choice to make. The bead, the lute or I have to go and buy some from eBay if I want to make both? So instead of a $250 order from true adventures for the Nugget I should instead by a nugget and a couple fleece from Billy Bob the token dealer? But what about all the rares from this year I would get for my builds with the $250 order? Maybe no lute for me? Well at least you all can sell your fleeces for more money that does make me feel better.
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Endgame 2019 Transmuted Recipes 2 years 5 months ago #100

Another point towards the "using too many monster bits/golden fleece" argument, of the 820 tickets sold for True Dungeon at GenCon this year, 200 were for Viper's pit which was both a sealed event (meaning no outside treasure enhancers) and which awarded last year's treasure.

For completeness:
2018: 820 total events
2017: 825
2016: 825
2015: 813
2014: 815
2013: 812
2012: 613
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Endgame 2019 Transmuted Recipes 2 years 5 months ago #101

Great feedback folks! Updated recipes soon!

And please remember we have went from about 8,000 TD tickets in a year a few years ago -- to a projected 13,000 non-sealed tickets in the coming adventuring season.
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