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In 2013 our plans call for us to add an additional adventure to the event. There will be two consecutive adventure modules, and each module will have two variations of either a combat or puzzle orientation. The first module called “Lycans Afoot” tasks the party to travel through a dark forest in search of a tower, while the second module called “Golembane” challenges the party to reach the top of tower.
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TOPIC: Ticketing Policies for 2013

Re: Ticketing Policies for 2013 7 years 9 months ago #13

Getting all the stamps would be hard indeed. "not dying" is trivial for the person that already has all this stuff, might as well go on normal.

Assuming you had 10HOPS,10RoR,10CoGF and you managed to get all 3 stamps
you'd net 160 pulls before artifact crazy stuff.

Thats $2.75 a pull. You're sad when you pull an uncommon. Indifferent on most rares and happy on anything else.

Would still take a while before those all "paid off".

This policy was really just designed to help offset the costs for those that wanted to run with fewer than 10 people, and eliminated the need for mules.
Sweet a combat room, we won't take damage!

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