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TOPIC: Offers coming in

Re: Offers coming in 12 years 5 months ago #49

Who in the world do you think you're trying to finesse? That might work on someone ignorant about the issue, but any sane person who's looked at the bill knows that it stinks like week old fish. In the past, companies could call for a secret ballot to determine if the workers at the company want to unionize. It is now impossible for them to do that unless there is shown to be fraud in the process. So for companies, it has eliminated the secret ballot. Or are you still claiming that because it's still possible for the union to decide to go for a secret ballot that it still exists and the bill is kosher? I'm not sure how anyone could suggest that with a straight face.<br /><br />Oh, we can still have a vote, but only I get to decide whether or not there should be one. Surely nothing could be wrong about that. <br /><br />I just don't understand how anyone who claims to support the secret ballot and democratic process could support a bill like this. Seriously, would you also back this in any other sort of process? Take those voter propositions in california. Do you think the people who sponser those propositions should get to decide whether or not there should be a vote on their issue or does it simply pass if they can get a majority of the people to sign their name? Seriously. Would you actually support them getting to decide whether or not there's a vote?

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