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TOPIC: Fantasy Football 2019

Fantasy Football 2019 1 week 5 days ago #133

Cary Kelly wrote: I’ll meet up with you again at Origins - either Poker night or during the Con.

excellent, sounds good

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Fantasy Football 2019 6 days 17 minutes ago #134

If anyone wants their tokens shipped let me know by PM, with your shipping information. Once I have your stuff boxed and shipped I will let you know how much you owe for the shipping. Thanks for another fun season, I hope to see you all next season!

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Fantasy Football 2019 5 days 23 hours ago #135

A couple of thoughts for next year

There seemed to be enough interest for a 12 team league. We could potentially add a 250 order and add 2 more teams. It would add a few bucks cost though, and makes drafting more of a challenge.

Could the full league and Prize rules be posted on the second post of next years league thread?

There is a pretty sizable in season advantage to winning a division, which can lead to a better chance of making the super bowl and win prizes. Perhaps division winners should be moved down in the prize priority?

Negative scoring on defenses and kickers seems to have some people turned off on those positions. Before eliminating them, perhaps make it harder / impossible for them to go negative points?

Could left over draft money be carried over to free agent money during the regular season? I actually thought this was how all auction leagues worked. After the league started, boy was I surprised that my extra $43 didn’t carry over!

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Fantasy Football 2019 5 days 5 hours ago #136

I think draft money did carry over but it was $1 for every $10 from the draft (that's pretty typical).

I wasn't a big fan of how defense scoring worked. I would prefer just going back to the default for Yahoo/ESPN (our league has the bonuses and penalties be higher (I believe doubling them)).

12 teams could be fun - I am ok with that. Everyone would need to be prepared as it makes drafting and free agency harder (but not necessarily bad).

I benefited hugely from the division structure. I'd recommend there be no prize for winning the division next year - you already get a benefit in making winning overall be more likely.

I'll be at Origins but would prefer to have tokens shipped.

What do we want? Evidence based science! When do we want it? After peer review!

Wizard build

Rogue build

Items for Sale or Trade

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Fantasy Football 2019 5 days 3 hours ago #137

I am fine with the 12 team league and a slight increase in expense. Our drafts already get weird quickly, so what is two more people joining the chaos. I will still be scrambling for a QB no matter what.

Moving points winner up to 3rd and then the division winners seems reasonable to me.

Kickers and Defenses are probably one of those much debated things. It is something to talk about.

The draft money does carry over 10 dollars to 1 dollar of FA. I personally would rather spend it on the draft but Cary used that really well last year.

Another notion to be considered while we are throwing ideas out. Do we want to have 1 pt for winning the head to head each week and 1 point for being in the top half of points scored. I almost didn't make the playoffs even though I was the points winner due to the head to heads.

Other potential changes????

I would like my tokens shipped. PM sent.

Also, I personally am very open to joining other leagues if anyone knows a spot available.

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Fantasy Football 2019 4 days 23 hours ago #138

I wouldn’t have a problem opening up to more teams - however that does mess with the division format. Currently I like how the division winners are rewarded for the “total season” and not just a good couple weeks at the end. The divisions play each other member 2 times so it seems balanced and fair to everyone. However with 12 teams you would have unbalanced schedules that could favor one divisional team over another simply due to who they get matched up with twice.

I wouldn’t mind more of the draft $ going to waiver - but obviously I’m biased on that because I’m always too much of a cheapskate during the draft - often to my regret. I’m also cool with keeping as is.

Same with Def and Kickers - I’m fine with points as is or switch to default. As long as we are all using the same system and know at start of the season I’m good. And I’m always against Kickers - but more people like them so let’s keep them. (I have the exact same view of Bards as my friends will tell you).

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Fantasy Football 2019 3 days 15 hours ago #139

For those that PM'd me I will be getting your tokens out this week. I do have to apologize to all, normally I am much more active on forums and here, had a legal issue, which was resolved this week that was hanging over my head (large medical bill) which I have never experienced, and it detracted from my normal work on the forums and such.

As for changes I would lump the kicker and defense question together. I would rather keep them as is, or completely scrap both positions in favor of some type of flex or superflex position(s).

As for the winnings distributions. The reason I put the points title as after the division winners is so if a team really dominates they don't get all the loot so to speak. So if a team

Wins the super bowl (2 picks)
Superbowl Loser (1pt)
Wins the points title (1 pick)
is the #1 seed (1 pick)

the only team that gets to pick between those is the super bowl loser... so one team gets 4 of the first 5 picks which, yeah I don't want to see that...

As for expanding I am fine with doing so, 12 teams is just as fun, but if we do go to 12 teams I recommend going with Tony's idea. If you win you get a point and if you finish the top half scoring for the week you get a point. That way schedule matters a little less as you are going to face only 2 teams twice and if those two teams are either both great or horrible it can be unbalancing.

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Fantasy Football 2019 2 hours 9 minutes ago #140

I should get tokens sent out tomorrow for those waiting... using the flat rate usps boxes... Also Jeff I need to paypal you your winning from the other league, let me know what Paypal address to use... thanks

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