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TOPIC: Frac! ! ! ! !

Re: Frac! ! ! ! ! 10 years 10 months ago #37

raptorov wrote:

cdsmith wrote: Unfortunately that takes something close to a tactical nuclear strike! That is still better than what it takes to get a far right wing christian fanatic to change their mind. Not by much I give you but still. :laugh:

Are you saying that Christians are far right wing? I really don't see that at all. If you are referring to cult like groups like the ones who protest funerals, well I will agree with you. They haven't actually read the Bible that I can tell.

Sorry. I derailed the fracking talk, but statements like that make me scratch my head.

Yes, I am talking about the ones that protest the funerals and some not quite so far out in wacky land but still nuts. Meaning the very small percentage of very far right wing Christians that are basically as insane as the very far left liberals. Did not intend to include all Christians by any means. I meant for all the modifiers to be cumulative.

As someone once said to me, "Every large family has its crazy uncle or two."
You can't fix stupid but you can TPK it.

"Mamma always said that True Dungeon is like a box of Drow Poisons. Ya never know how you're gonna die."

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