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TOPIC: Class-Specific Ultra Rares for 2025

Class-Specific Ultra Rares for 2025 4 months 1 week ago #13

Barbarian: sacrifice 25 hit points and gain an extra use of rage or fury
Bard: gain the ability to do any song (spell with song in title) as an instant action once per room
Cleric: transfer hit pints from once character to another
Druid: ability to fashion one of a select list of potions per adventure
Dwarf Fighter: once per room after taunting, cna attack creature attacking dwarf as a free action. Must be in same round.
Elf Wizard: ability to exchange energy types on any spell
Fighter: whirling attack against 3 or more foes with 2/3 damage against each foe hit
Monk: super fast flurry of blows allows a third attack in round once per room.
Paladin: once per adventure during combat may switch guards (all in the same round)
Ranger: trinket tokens so they don't have to use polymorph potions for animal companion
Rogue: once per adventure a quick strike backstab if party wins initiative
Wizard: able to stack crit multiplers
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Class-Specific Ultra Rares for 2025 4 months 1 week ago #14

So the idea here is to make a new slot with its own slot identity, Librams. A Libram being a tome that helps you learn how to be better at your specific class (if you can read), but they're big and heavy so you can only carry one. This would also involve turning the Libram of Looting from slotless into a Rogue Libram, if you so choose. I lumped the fighters and wizards together, so it's only 10 UR's.

Barbarian: Libram of Literacy- (token art would be a picture of a coloring book) once/game ignore one negative status effect (because you’re too busy trying to read your coloring book) Alternate idea: make the token art a thick book and have it deal some amount of ranged damage once/game because the Barb just throws the book instead.
Bard: Libram of Lyrics- Allows the bard to perform a Monster Lore Skillcheck as a Free Action. (this would also solve the necklace of the songbird problem for Bard necks)
Cleric:Libram of Living once/game cast 1st level spell on entire party (no bonus healing and still consumes the spell slot)
Druid:Libram of Leaping +5 damage while polymorphed
Dwarf Fighter: Libram of Lions - +2 STR +1 hit
Elf Wizard:Libram of Lucidity - once/game cast a 2nd level spell without consuming the spell slot
Fighter: Libram of Lions - +2 STR +1 hit
Monk: Libram of Luck- once/game force DM to reroll one die, must keep 2nd result
Paladin: Libram of Light- start of game +15 Lay on Hands healing
Ranger: Libram of Leading- -2 to monster's AC on each ranged hit (does not count pets) (think of it as a hunter's mark effect)
Rogue: Libram of Libel- once/room auto pass a different player’s skill check
Wizard: Libram of Lucidity - once/game cast a 2nd level spell without consuming the spell slot
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Class-Specific Ultra Rares for 2025 4 months 1 week ago #15


Marauder’s Helm (Head)
AC +1, DR +1, +2 Will save


Gloves of the Minstrel (Hands)
May make physical attacks while performing bardsong


Girdle of the Rebuker (Waist)
+5 Spell dmg. May cast Spiritual Hammer as std action w/o marking it off card (1/room)


Charm of Elemental Fury (Charm)
Sacrifice 0-lvl spell when casting damaging spell to add +6 damage (1/round)


Ring of the Mountain (Fingers)
Heal 5 hp when save is failed (2/room)


Robe of Elvenkind (Torso)
Restore a non-damaging spell (2/game)


Captain’s Charm (Charm)
+2 Cha, +4 Will save


Lenses of the Disciple (Eyes)
+5 to hit with shuriken


Mantle of Gallantry (Back)
Crit evil monsters on 16-20


Pathfinder’s Hood (Head)
Immune to Charm, Confusion, Petrification


Brigand’s Necklace (Neck)
+3 Str, +3 Con, +3 AC


Abjurer's Ring (Fingers)
Sacrifice spell to reduce monster damage by base damage of spell
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Class-Specific Ultra Rares for 2025 4 months 1 week ago #16

Barbarian - Mead Master's Helm (Head) - +2 str, apply effects of liquid consumable turned into coach to when entering rage 2 times/dungeon (rather than the normal upward pointing horns people envision of viking helms, the horns are on the side downward pointing implying the ability to drink from the bottom like a beer helmet). Maybe since it would usually be bull's strength loaded up in the horns it might need to just be +1 str, not sure.

Bard - Harmonizing Choker (Neck) - +1 saves, +2 damage to party and may physically attack while bardsong active, no instrument may be used,(envision it as a choker with multiple small speaker/megaphone like attachments, it's magically adding background music in real time while the bard sings, leaving their hands open for other activities)

Cleric - Warpriest Gloves (Hand) - May reduce spell healing bonus by up to 10 to improve melee damage bonus by that amount (in coaching room)

Druid - Bowl of Elemental Attunement (slotless) - Druid learns of elemental weakness of enemy 1/rm (sort of a more limited but reusable spirit sight)

Dwarf Fighter - Tossing Harness Armor (torso) - AC +7. Retribution 4. Ally may use an action to throw you to allow melee attack against ranged enemy. (it would allow a player not equipped well for ranged combat to throw a dwarf also not geared well for ranged combat at a ranged only enemy using both their actions for the round. It would be amusing to allow for either automatically dealing the dwarf's retribution damage or making a melee attack, but not sure there's a reasonable way to write that up. Image could be like a side view of plate armor showing something that looks like an ale mug handle attached to the back.) This maybe could work as a slotless armor attachment without the retribution or ac boost too.

Elf - Archwizards Finery (torso armor) - +4 dex, +2 int (this sort of assumes int is going to effect more than just the staves at some point)

Fighter - +2 shot put (thrown weapon) - Use melee to hit bonus. Stun target on natural 20

Monk - Gloves of Overwhelming Power (hand) - Thrown weapon attacks may use melee to hit bonus (not quite gloves of the flying fist, but close)

Paladin - Disorienting Shield (off hand) - AC3, Has a 3-8 damage wheel - On a natural 19-20 enemy AC reduced by 5 on following round.

Ranger - Elemental Quiver (back) - 1/rm Select Cold/Fire/Shock, your missile attacks do +2 damage of that type (does not require using ammunition tokens, effects normal bow shots as well). Sometimes +2 damage, sometimes with elemental weaknesses it ends up more like +7. maybe too strong, but almost certainly giving up good save boosts to get it, so maybe ok.

Rogue - +1 Dazzling dagger (main hand 3-6 dmg wheel) - Damage wheel includes 1 fire damage. Prevent self and 1 ally from being directly targeted by enemy for 1 round (not sure on the wording, but the idea would be it couldn't prevent area or cleaving damage, but could prevent an enemy with 4 separate attacks from using any of those attacks on the rogue and whoever they stand in front of that round)

Wizard - Pyromancer's Robe (torso) - +2 AC, -3 dmg from fire, +3 damage with fire spells, 1/rm may recast a fire damage spell if a higher level spell is sacrificed
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Class-Specific Ultra Rares for 2025 4 months 5 days ago #17

Barbarian: +2 Paraxeum Sword - 2H 7-9-9-11-15-20 On a Natural 20, add 5 damage.
+3 Paraxeum Sword - 2H 7-10-10-12-16-22 On a Natural 20, add 10 damage.
Grizwald's +4 Paraxeum Sword - 2H 8-11-11-14-18-25 On a Natural 20, add 20 damage.
MYTHIC- Dainslief +7 Paraxeum Sword – 2H 11-14-14-17-22-30 On a Crit, add 20 damage.
Bard: Torc of Baldr – Neck - +2 to Saves, Allows the bard to perform a Monster Lore Skill✓ as a Free Action. In addition to the standard bardsong bonuses, this item gives the entire party a +2 bonus to AC
Cleric: Holy Symbol of Tyr - +1 healing. In addition, any healing Spell or scroll cast by the wearer may be divided between two targets.
Druid: Trinket of Toothgrinder Form – 5-6-7-8-11-15 On a Natural 20, stun the target for 1 round.
Dwarf Fighter: Fanged Helm - +2 AC. If the player is attacked and missed, heal 5 hp.
Elf Wizard: Odin’s Runic Charm – Charm - +2 Focus, If failing a save would kill the player, the save is successful instead.
Fighter: Helm of Death - +2 AC, +4 Strength
Monk: + 2 Viper Strike Shuriken 5-6-7-8, Includes 2 points of poison. Monks can throw 2 per round
Paladin: FoP: Tiny Unicorn - Paladin - once per game may intercept an attack for another player. The Paladin gains the benefits of Guard for this attack.
Ranger: Raider’s Hunting Horn – Slotless – As a free action give all ranged attacks +2 to hit for the combat. (1/game)
Rogue: Grunnel’s +2 Paired Tiny Crossbows – 4-5-6-6-8-9 May use 2 ammunition tokens each round.
Wizard: Odin’s Eyepatch of Wisdom +3 Focus

Jeff Martin wrote: All damage is Sacred.

Acherin wrote: I also added VTD support for the most annoying token of 2024 the +2 Sun Scimitar.

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