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TOPIC: Class-Specific Ultra Rares for 2025

Class-Specific Ultra Rares for 2025 4 months 1 week ago #1

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This Thread Has A Posting Rule.
Please Read Before Replying.
Jeff asked me to ask y'all for some ideas on some class-specific Ultra Rares for 2025. His idea was to make 12 out of the 20 core URs specific to one class and then have the other eight URs be more general.

Thread Rule:
Please copy the following template and paste it into your post. Then give your suggestions for each class's UR.

Dwarf Fighter:
Elf Wizard:
Have you looked it up in the TDb ?
Please post TDb corrections in this thread .
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Class-Specific Ultra Rares for 2025 4 months 1 week ago #2

Barbarian: Megingjörd (waist slot), +2 Strength, +3 Force Damage on two-handed Melee attacks
Bard: Widseth's Freyr Sword (in honor of Widseth and his Dancing Sword): Bard only, Fights on it's own for 1 room per Dungeon, allowing wielder to take any other non-combat actions.
Cleric: Amulet of Odin, Doubles Turning Damage
Druid: Trinket of Dragonform, UR level damage wheel and allows melee attack at range (note, this is limited to 1/game unless wielder has Iktomi's)
Dwarf Fighter: Draugr Mask, Head Slot, 1/room extra taunting
Elf Wizard: Goggles of Tyr: Double the damage from a common or uncommon damage scroll, once per room.
Fighter: Balmung: +2 Sword, slays Dragon on a natural "20" if the top damage symbol is slid.
Monk: Gridarvölr, +2 Staff, slays a Giant on a Natural "20" if the top damage icon is slid.
Paladin: Vidar’s Boot (Feet slot): Prevent all damage from one melee attack on any party member, once per Dungeon.
Ranger: +2 Ullr Bow, allows 2nd Ranged attack, no damage bonuses on 2nd attack if both attacks hit
Rogue: Gloves of Greed, allows two rare tokens to be chosen for successful trap challenge, twice per Dungeon
Wizard: Mystic Gloves, +3 to hit and damage with Mystic Staves
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Class-Specific Ultra Rares for 2025 4 months 1 week ago #3

Barbarian: Trophy of Conquest - Retribution damage you are dealt is reduced by 2 (slotless)
Bard: Necklace of the Wayfarer - You gain 1 additional slot each for Beads, Charms, and Ioun Stones.
Cleric: Ring of the Pantheon - You may equip any number of Holy Symbols.
Druid: Chameleon Charm - Once per adventure, you may use a Polymorph potion without turning it in.
Dwarf Fighter: Book of Greater Insults - Whenever you Taunt an enemy, deal 2 psychic damage to it.
Elf Wizard: Charm of the Unageing - Gain 3 regeneration per room.
Fighter: Gloves of the Frost Giants - You may equip a 2-handed melee weapon as though it were one-handed.
Monk: Bandolier - You gain +2 to hit and damage with shurikens (shirt)
Paladin: Steadfast Breastplate - +6 A/C and 2 melee damage reduction
Ranger: Charm of the Panther - Once per room, you may reslide one of your pucks.
Rogue: Hidden Dagger - Your attacks gain +3 to hit (melee + ranged offhand, must equip for whole adventure)
Wizard: Wand of Blasting - Deals 6 damage to a single enemy as a standard action. Unlimited uses.
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Class-Specific Ultra Rares for 2025 4 months 1 week ago #4

Barbarian: +2 Ax of Berserking
2 Handed
Damage wheel 10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17
-2 Dex

Bard: Necklace of Strong Heart
+2 saves added to Bardsong

Cleric: Greater Holy Symbol of Pelor
This would be a reprint tokendb.com/token/greater-holy-symbol-of-pelor/

Druid: Trinket of Fenrir
Damage wheel 6,7,8,9,12,15
Battle frenzy (+2 damage if not at max health)

Druid: Trinket of Fafnir
UR Damage wheel
Can attack at range (Fafnir is a flying dragon)
+2 Treasure if you die in the dungeon and are not brought back (Fafnir had a cursed horde that brought doom to those that possessed it)
Okay so the bit about treasure is a joke, sort of - dragons always want more treasure, but the more serious bit is flying. Druids could really use a flying shape and a UR token is probably the best place to include it.

Dwarf Fighter: Dwarven Spiked Shield
+3 to AC and +4 to retribution damage when taunting

Elf Wizard: Medallion of Elvish Power
May cast a wizard scroll modified as a spell 3 times per game

Fighter: Amulet of Double Strike
Attacks can double strike

Double strike (from Viv’s): Once per round, if the wearer successfully hits a monster with a melee attack, and another monster is also in melee range, the same amount of damage is inflicted on the second monster automatically; no secondary attack is made. Double strike deals the same type(s) of damage in the same quantities as the damage from your melee attack. However, the secondary damage emanates from the amulet itself and is not considered a second melee attack. Thus, melee attack damage mitigation is not effective against the secondary damage granted by double strike.

Monk: Gloves of the Flying Fists
This would be a reprint of tokendb.com/token/gloves-of-the-flying-fists/

Paladin: Pendant of Sacred Protection
May pick an extra ally to guard (1/game)
May negate one missile or melee attack against a guarded ally (1/game)

Ranger: Pendant of Clanging Strike
+5 damage if both pucks hit

Rogue: Ring of Drowkind
Allows 2nd Sneak Attack on a different target next round
Basically these in a ring form: tokendb.com/token/boots-of-drowkind/

Wizard: Medallion of Dancing Hands
May use a mystic staff as a free action (1/room)

In the spirit of the posting rule I will keep my short commentary here in the same post.

To those thinking we might not need class specific URs I would point out that Paladins and Bards could definitely use a class specific neck slot item, Monks and Clerics have a clear need for a reprint, Druid's really could use a few UR trinkets (to make Iktomi's sort of useful again), and Barbarians really need a new(ish) option for a 2H that is comparable with the +2 Savage Sword. This gets us up to 6 classes, so I think it would be fun to complete the set and come up with another 6.

I think there are probably ways to keep this in check by putting the class specific URs in the same slot as class legendaries and slot expanders if the power of the item pushes up against the top end of what a UR could/should be. Along these lines I have put most of these items to the neck slot.
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Class-Specific Ultra Rares for 2025 4 months 1 week ago #5

Below are my suggestions to new URs for classes. The idea is to expand class FUNCTION and not just bland stat bonuses. Make the expansions compete with some other harder choices or synergistic ones. Tapping into some of the abilities of the Alt Classes only available via Eldritch Items can be fun if you pare it down to once/a game or room. Might be a fun way to add in flavor without the "calories" of stat creep.

Barbarian: 1 Extra Rage or Fury Ability (Once)
Barbarian option 2: Ignore immunity to Furty 1/game (slot tba)

Bard: Necklace of the Nighthawk: Allows the bard to perform a Monster Lore Skill✓ as a Free Action. Bard can Sneak Attack 1/Room as Rogue. (Neck or maybe slotless)

Cleric: Staff of RA (or whatever the Sun god is here): Casts: Sunburst 1/Game (6pts to all non-Unead, and 9pts to all undead). (Weapon)

Druid: Staff of Writhing (Cast: Summon Swarm 1/Game) (weapon)

Dwarf Fighter: Shield of Devotion (Use Aura of Devotion for 1 Room 1/game) (Offhand)

Elf Wizard/Wizard: Prismatic Rod: (Cast Prismatic Spray 1/Game) | (Weapon)
Ring of Invisibility (cast Invisibility 1/game - possibly transmute to Greater Invis) (ring Slot)

Fighter: Duelist Gloves +2 to hit w/ Mele and use "Twist The Blade" 1/game (Hand Slot)

Monk: Spiked Prayer Beads of Seth (FOB Weapon) | 1/game can desginate a target to crit regardless of immunities (Weapon)

Paladin: Gauntlets of Righetous Wrath: +2 AC and Allows Cast of Righteous Wrath 1/game (Hand slot)

Ranger: Quiver of Returning 1/room all ammo is returned to Ranger (Back slot/Quiver slot)

Rogue: Nightshade's Crossbow - damage on par with other nightshade weapons, 1/game can use "assassinate". Crits on 19-20 (2x) (weapon)

Wizard: Tome of Sorcery (Allows Flexible Spell Casting 1/ Room) (slotless)
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Class-Specific Ultra Rares for 2025 4 months 1 week ago #6

  • 12 class-specific tokens
  • 1 TE Bead
  • 1 Greaves for the multi-year transmute
  • 6 other general URs

If we're going to go this route, could we do something like have all 6 "other" URs each be the first step of a Relic (6 Relics total), with the 12 class-specific ones being ingredients in the further 6 Legendaries (maybe even make the recipes something like "any 2 of these 12 URs")?

Otherwise, that's a lot of URs that are going to have lower than usual desireability (since a party will want 1 of each at most)

[Yes, I know this post goes against the thread format rule. But I'm not sure how else to give feedback on the idea itself]
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Class-Specific Ultra Rares for 2025 4 months 1 week ago #7

Wanted to focus more on gaining a "fun" ability vs stat increases. Some are more tailored for in-person and newer players but can be used by all. Item names and slots are quick thoughts and open for change. Could just make these all Charms, Beads, or Ioun Stones for consistency. The intent is these can never be restored or copied by things like Restore Power, Spell Swapping, or Spell Storing.

Barbarian: Tavern Brawler Bracers - grants Enraged throw: 1/game, Can throw any item with a damage wheel using your melee stats. Item will not have returning and single use items such as alchemy weapons still break as normal. Enraged throw ignores the damage types and text on the items thrown.

Bard: Amulet of Inspiration - 1/game, grants the party quick strike if initiative is won and a 15 or higher is rolled.

Cleric: Tempest Shield - grants Thunder Wave: 1/game spell, 10 points of Sonic Damage to all enemies. Modified spell damage applies to each target you can hit (not split amongst them like Wizards Lightning Storm)

Druid: Lunar Antlers (head slot) - grants Moonbeam: 1/game spell, 5 points of sacred damage, and can recast as standard action for free as long as no other action is taken. Spell is modifiable by spell damage bonus, but may not be recovered or recast through powers or items.

Dwarf Fighter: Gloves of Forging - grants Dwarven Forge: 1/game, Spend a standard action to enhance your party's weapons for 1 round. Adds +5 damage to each other characters physical weapon this round.

Elf Wizard: Charm of Chromatic Orb: 1/game spell, Choose an element except sacred or eldritch, cast a spell that does damage of that type of damage. Puck is slid for damage (not to hit). Cannot use mage power on this spell (but can use a quickened spell along with this)

Fighter: Gigas Bracers: equip a 2H melee weapon in a single hand. Allowing either shields or other offhand items to be equipped as well.

Monk: Finishing Torso Wrap - grants Finishing Move: 1/game as FA, activate before your attack. If both your attacks hit you deal an additional attack for 1 damage (plus melee modifiers). This auto hits but cannot crit.

Paladin: Gloves of Sacred Smite - grants Sacred Smite: 1/game as FA, your weapons damage is converted to sacred and deals an additional 10 damage for a single attack.

Ranger: Trappers Boots - grants Hidden Trap: 1/game when you are stuck with a melee attack you can spring a trap that causes 10 retribution damage and the attacker must pass a reflex save or be stunned for 1 round.
Rogue: Stinging Sash - daggers gain returning

Wizard: Ioun Stone of Wild Magic - grants Wild Magic: 1/game spell as Free Action, a random spell is cast from an active players card on the enemy without marking. Spell gains the Wizards spell (or healing) modifiers. DM randomly chooses the player card and spell slot to pull from. (granted this is more difficult but could be fun as a 1/game effect). Cannot use mage powers with this spell.
- Alternate for Wizard is Ioun Stone of Knocking - 1/game Grants wizard the rogue clue
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Class-Specific Ultra Rares for 2025 4 months 1 week ago #8

Barbarian: Helm of Ancestral Spirits - Head - Declare Spiritual Rage: Rage also nullifies critical immunities [1/game]
Bard: Choir of Angels - Instrument/slotless - Adds "+2 AC, +2 to ALL saves" to party's Bardsong
Cleric: Holy Symbol of Thor - Holy Symbol/slotless - Cast Spiritual Hammer without marking off class card [1/combat]
Druid: Trinket of Serpentform - Trinket/slotless - Immune to poisoned condition while polymorphed as serpent
Dwarf Fighter: Gloves of the Deep - Hands - +2 to hit, allows second taunt, but character takes 7 eldritch damage [1/room] (see Abyssal Lenses of Taunting ,)
Elf Wizard: Ancestral Circlet - Head - +2 to hit and damage with Mystic Staves (or +3 int), wearer is immune to paralysis and sleep effects
Fighter: Gauntlets of Weapon Discipline - Hands - May use 1 oil as a free action once per combat, and melee weapon may be thrown & gains Returning once per combat
Monk: Bead of Precise Striking - Bead - Dazing/Stunning Fist can trigger a second time if natural 20 is hit (first hit need not be a natural 20)
Paladin: Gloves of Devotion - Hands- Choose another character to receive copy of Lay on Hands action, does not combine with other LOH effects [1/game]
Ranger: Boots of Land's Stride - Feet - Free Movement, -10 damage from Retribution, immune to harmful terrain effects
Rogue: Nothing to add
Wizard: Pointed Hat of Wizardry (aka Merlin hat) - Head - +2 damage if Spell's Skill Test is successful (see: Ring of the Savant ), critical hit on a spell requiring a slide with a natural 20 (see: Ring of Wizardry ) ((Unsure if this is too powerful but I think wizards should get an awesome pointy hat))
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Class-Specific Ultra Rares for 2025 4 months 1 week ago #9

Off the top, sorry that I don’t have enough ideas right now to suggest twelve URs. Just wanted to suggest that if this is the way TD wants to go with URs this year, that it may be cool if each class specific UR belongs to an existing Set that said classes already use somewhat regularly (example, Redoubt for Barbarians, Fighters, Paladins). Perhaps with some overlap on new items being in a slot where said Set already has an existing Set item in the same Slot.
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Class-Specific Ultra Rares for 2025 4 months 1 week ago #10

Elf Wizard: I will be happy if elves get to keep Awareness. And if in true Viking lore tradition there is a price to be paid to do so after character redesign -- call Awareness foreknowledge and remember that even Odin had to pay for knowledge -- so be it.
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Class-Specific Ultra Rares for 2025 4 months 1 week ago #11

Thread Rule:
Please copy the following template and paste it into your post. Then give your suggestions for each class's UR.

Barbarian: Reprint Bracer's of Reckless Fury, or create something new. Perhaps a UR version of Charm of Rampage (+4 damage with two handed melee weapons)

Bard: Widseth's Mystical Lute

Cleric: Greater Holy Symbol of Pelor

Druid: Probably need something new because existing class based URs are either basically obsolete, or are the Bowl of Spirit Sight which shouldn't ever be reprinted because it stomps on other classes uniqueness. Maybe an updated Druid's Wild Vestments or Coronet of the Arch Druid.

Dwarf Fighter: Tough spot since they just got +2 Savage Sword. Maybe combine multiple UC Taunt tokens into one: Abyssal Lenses of Epic Insults: Taunt effects 2 monsters, -2 damage from taunted monster attacks, allows additional taunt but stunned after use 1/game

Elf Wizard: +2 Staff of Power, +2 Staff of Focus or MeC

Fighter: Tough spot since they just got +2 Savage Sword. Maybe an twist on Plate Armor of Attack that gives a bonus with shields: +10 to AC, may re-slide an additional time 1/game if a shield is equipped

Monk: Gloves of the Flying Fist or Ring of the Drake

Paladin: Amulet of Guarding

Ranger: Charm of Shadow Shot

Rogue: +2 Rod of Persuasion

Wizard: +2 Staff of Power, +2 Staff of Focus or MeC


By the way - if you are looking at this list of reprints and thinking "wow - what an undesirable set of tokens"... I basically agree. Which is why I think this whole thing is a bad idea - it's either going to be a batch of undesirable tokens, or a batch of Relic+ level effects printed at UR.

I feel this idea has "cons" that may outweigh the "pros":

1. I have a hypothesis that single class URs are of reduced demand / desirability due to their specificity. TD could validate this by looking at selections of some past ones (Ektdar's Tinkering Tool, +2 Staff of Focus, Briano's Blessed Bodhran etc.)

2. There is going to be a huge push to make these the most powerful URs ever printed because they will "need to compete" with Relic, Legendary, Eldritch, and Arcanum tokens for slots, and because they are class restricted. If they are powerful, they create a problematic legacy:
* Either future general purpose URs will need to be more powerful than these to "compete" for those slots
* Or, it will create a "haves" and "have not" situation sort of like what used to exist for Widseth's Mystical Lute - where a core gameplay style or advantage is locked behind a single, not in print token

3. In retrospect, from my view, class based legendries did more harm than good: they pushed the power level incredibly, and created a large amount of hard feelings, frustration, and envy based comparisons between classes. If it were up to me and I had a time machine, I'd strongly argue against doing them in the first place. This seems to have the potential to all the same pitfalls:
* Locking slots and/or downstream power concerns because general purpose URs and Relics are going to be compared with class based ones
* Eternal griping about which classes class based URs are the worst, etc.

If this idea proceeds, I recommend either:

a. Making the class based tokens a set of reprints or minor tweaks to existing class based URs to bring them up to date.

b. Putting a design constraint that these token can't: affect party card stats, expand or swap slots, and all follow some similar design pattern. For example, maybe make a figurine for each class that does some 1/game class thing.

Alternatively may be a set of slotless but otherwise low power effects: +1 melee damage, +1 physical ranged damage, +1 spell damage, +1 spell healing, +1 party initiative, +1 AC, +2 Reflex save, +2 Fort Save, +2 Will Save, +2 polymorph damage, etc.
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Class-Specific Ultra Rares for 2025 4 months 1 week ago #12

By "class-specific", do you mean tokens that are exclusive to each class? Or are these token that can be used by other classes, but are best suited for one?
What was the feedback from the 2022 Rare necks that were exclusive to each class; and from the 2023 Rare items that had a bonus effect for each class?

Is there concern of power creep to "justify" the restricted class access of these tokens? If so, would that cause slot-lock and restrict future token design? If not, is there concern the desirability will be low due to the lack of flexibility of tokens that are not more powerful than generalist tokens?

Are these all-new ideas, or are reprints allowed? If the latter, there will be animosity if, say, Barbarian get a 2-handed variant of the Savage Sword while Clerics are stuck with the 2011 Greater Holy Symbol of Pelor, so it should be either all reprints, or no reprints.

12 class tokens + TE bead + multi-year greaves leaves 6 generalist token. Assuming no reprint among the twelve, that leaves ~2-4 generalist reprints, and ~2-4 all-new generalist token ideas.

Anyways, to adhere to thread rules:

Barbarian: Bracers of Reckless Fury
Bard: Lute of Fury
Cleric: Ring of Quick Blessing
Druid: Shaman’s Belt
Dwarf Fighter: Medallion of the Sweetwoods
Elf Wizard: Mad Evoker’s Charm
Fighter: Medallion of the Sweetwoods
Monk: Ring of the Drake
Paladin: +2 Holy Avenger
Ranger: Cloak of the Elm
Rogue: Shoes of the Sneak
Wizard: Mad Evoker’s Charm
Cleric main / Druid secondary
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