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TOPIC: Good luck!

Good luck! 3 weeks 6 days ago #25

Mike Steele wrote:

Jeff Martin wrote:

Rebeg wrote: This has to be the first year I can remember that TD didn't sell completely out on the first day in years.

We did this on purpose to maximize the most number of new players this year. I think 2025 is going to be back to crazy time as we will have 3-4 brand new events -- and some will ONLY be seen at Gen Con.

Let's hope we get a lot of new players this year. This is will help bolster the ranks of volunteers and token collectors. We were shooting for 90-95%, and we hit 94%. It would be great if 1-2% were left by the time Gen Con rolls around so more new folks can play.

Jeff, maybe it makes sense to do at least one Dungeon every year at GENCON aimed at bringing in new players. It looks like you'll still get close to 100% sellout doing so, and hopefully each year add to the player base. :)

Just a data point. The only runs I got were Golden Obelisk and Redux. I'm not a new player but they were the only runs available. I would switch either of them for Crimson or Dune Viper because I haven't played those. I do however enjoy the sealed format and I play with my family and kids at Gen Con so Obelisk and Redux are fine. But just because those two adventures had lots of ticket sales doesn't necessarily mean it's new players who bought them. There's no way to know. I bet a fair number of these runs got bought by vets because A) Obelisk is new and they want to play all the new runs and B ) They couldn't get tickets to the other two. But who knows for sure...
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