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FINAL TOKEN FAQ for 2024 1 year 2 months ago #1

2024 Token FAQ v4

New Set Bonuses
  • "of the Ancients" 3-Piece Bonus: If at least three items are equipped, gain +1 level.
  • "of the Ancients" 5-piece Bonus: This will be determined after the character class card revamp, but whatever it winds up being, it will most likely include the +1 level.
  • "Death Knight" 4-Piece Bonus: If at least four items are equipped, gain two more points of Retribution Damage for a grand total of 6 RD. There is no 5-piece or 6-piece bonus for the Death Knight set.
  • Snake Priest: If at least three items are equipped, deal +1 damage as Poison with your Melee and Ranged attacks. There is no four-piece bonus.

New Multi-Year Transmute Series
Updated: A new 4-year Arcanum collection item started in 2023 (we are just announcing it now -- 'Cuz we just thought about it) with the 2023 Greaves of Absorption, and it will continue with the 2024 Greaves of the Stalwart (-2 damage from Melee attacks). The exact power(s) granted by the FOUR-year Arcanum Greaves transmute will be announced at a later date.

New Conditions
We're creating three new conditions: Parched, Diseased & Poisoned.
  • Parched (or Dehydrated): Your character suffers a -1 penalty to all saves for the rest of the game or until the condition can be cured.
Both Disease and Poison can still deal HP damage (though not always), but if you fail a saving throw for Disease or Poison under certain conditions, there are going to be repercussions. Simply taking Disease or Poison damage won't trigger these conditions. It must be the result of a special attack that causes one of these conditions and you must fail the save. The details depend on your party's chosen difficulty level, but the effects last for the rest of the game until a cure can be found.
If you fail a Disease save:
  • Non-lethal, Normal & Hardcore: ALL damage your character inflicts (everything: Melee, Ranged, and all damage-dealing token effects) suffers a -2 penalty each time your character deals damage. If the attack can affect more than one target, each target takes -2 damage.
  • Nightmare & Epic: ALL damage your character inflicts (everything: Melee, Ranged, and all damage-dealing token effects) is divided in half, dropping any fractions.
    E.g., if a Fighter critically hits a monster and their total damage would have been 59 points, the Fighter only deals 29 points of damage. This would also apply to a massive 59 point Fireball Spell; its damage would be reduced to 29 points.
If you fail a Poison save:
  • Non-lethal, Normal & Hardcore: All healing and regeneration affecting your character suffers a -2 penalty per effect until your Poisoned condition is removed. E.g., a character who normally regenerates 4 HP when entering a new room would only regen 2 HP if they entered a room while Poisoned. If the cleric cast a 10 point heal on a Poisoned character, the character only heals 8 HP.
  • Nightmare & Epic: You cannot benefit from any healing or regeneration until your Poisoned condition is removed.
Note: Being Poisoned does not affect the amount of healing you can give, only the amount of healing you can receive. To help illustrate this, all the following scenarios would be true in a Hardcore party where the cleric and rogue are the only ones Poisoned:
  • If the Poisoned cleric uses a 10 point heal on the bard, the bard heals 10 HP. Being Poisoned doesn't impair the cleric's ability to heal others.
  • If the Poisoned cleric uses a 10 point heal on the rogue, the rogue only heals 8 HP. Being Poisoned doesn't impair the cleric's ability to heal others, but any kind of healing on the rogue is reduced by 2 points per effect.
  • If both the Poisoned cleric and the non-Poisoned druid cast a 10 point heal on the rogue, the rogue only heals 16 HP because both healing sources get reduced by 2 due to the recipient of the healing being Poisoned.
  • If the Poisoned cleric casts a 10 point heal on themself, the cleric only heals 8 HP. Even though that spell had the potential to heal 10 HP, because the recipient was Poisoned, the healing was reduced.
  • (In a Nightmare party, the Poisoned healer's ability to heal others is not impaired—assuming the target of the heal is not Poisoned.)
Q: Do these new conditions affect monsters as well?
A: Yes, but currently there are no ways for player characters to gain this special attack.

Q: Do old tokens that cure or remove Disease and Poison remove these new conditions?
A: Yes

Miscellaneous Questions
Can we equip both Kilt of Divine healing and Lenses of Divine Sight and do the effects stack?
Yes. Wearing both gives you a +4 to healing you cast and you may divide the healing between up to three (not four) targets. All fractional healing points are dropped.

Omni Orb - Q: Can an Omni Orb be used in place of an Enhanced or Exalted token? Currently, this only applies to the Steelclad Cloak used in Aron's Sunhide Robe.
A: Yes.

Hireling Archer: Yes, this affects Spell damage as well. "Ranged" is an umbrella term that includes both Missiles and Spells.

Making more than five Trainers
Q: If I want to make more than five of any particular tier of Trainers, do I have to make more than one Safehold of that particular tier?
A: Yes. When you make a Safehold V, IV, or III, you get five Stewards for one particular Trainer type. If you want to make more than five trainers of that type, you'd need to make another Safehold of that tier.

Underling Druid: If a single attack deals at least 5 Cold and at least 5 Fire and at least 5 Shock, you'd take -15 damage from that single attack.

Underling Elf Wizard: Yes, literally ANY class, even non-casters, can cast a scroll with this token.

Gloves of Common Practice: If a monk or ranger wear these, they get the +1 damage bonus with each hand

Earcuff of Aset: An offensive action is defined as doing at least one of the following:
  • Attempting to cause damage, whether or not the attempt is successful
  • Using an effect that requires a magic/Spell resistance check
  • Using an effect that requires a saving throw
Handy Holy Belt
Q: If the wearer of this belt has a bonus to healing potions they drink, does that bonus get passed to the other character?
A: No
- - -
Q: If a cleric/paladin transfers a healing effect, does the cleric/paladin get the healing as well?
A: No. Only the person to whom the effect was transferred gets the healing.

Ring of Serpent Strike:
Q: What does “final damage total” mean?
A: Calculate how much damage the Spell would have dealt if you were not wearing this ring. After all other bonuses, multipliers, and modifiers have been applied, add +6 to it.

Rod of Ra: 100% of this weapon's damage is Sacred, but it doesn't change the damage type granted by other tokens. If you have equipped other items that add a specific type of damage to your weapon attacks, the extra damage from those items stay whatever they are and the attack would deal both Sacred and whatever other damage type is relevant.

Ring of Psychic Mastery:
Q: Can I equip both Skull of Cavadar and Ring of Psychic Mastery (Relic made from VTD completion tokens)?
A: Yes. In fact, they have a symbiotic relationship. Any character who has equipped both Skull of Cavadar and Ring of Psychic Mastery can manifest any two Tier 1-7 Psychic Powers per game.
- - -
Q: Does equipping both Skull of Cavadar and Ring of Psychic Mastery allow me to manifest the same power twice?
A: Yes, though not simultaneously and only if the powers are Tier 7 or lower. Psychic Powers require a Free Action to activate and you may only use one Free Action per round.
- - -
Q: Then can I manifest Ring Initiate twice?
A: No. Ring Initiate is a Tier 8 power. Only Tiers 1-7 can be manifested twice using the aforementioned token combo.
- - -
Q: Can I equip Ring of Psychic Mastery and Cavadar teeth?
A: No. Cavadar teeth do not interact with Ring of Psychic Mastery.
- - -
Q: Are you deliberately trying to prevent non-Skull of Cavadar owners from being able to manifest Ring Initiate?
A: Yes. We want to reward the dedicated folks who went to the trouble of making a Skull of Cavadar to have something unique.

Mark of the 3rd Tenet and Mark of the Tenets: These are thank you tokens for purchases that qualify for Adventurers' Guild membership for that year. At the end of three years, you can transmute the 3rd, 2nd, and 1st Marks into Mark of the Tenets. The Power of this Mark of the Tenets will be determined in 2025. So, in 2026 AG members can have a cool Relic Mark made up of the three collected AG tokens, while Patrons will get a custom Mark of Enlightenment. This way, both groups have something cool.

Marks are basically temporary tattoos or henna stains. You apply them at the beginning of the adventure. Even though the tattoo/henna is temporary, the token is not. It's not turned in on use and you may reuse it on your next adventure.

The Mark (or tattoo) slot has only ONE spot.
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FINAL TOKEN FAQ for 2024 1 year 2 months ago #2

I suggest adding the new information about Trinkets/Polymorph Potions.
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