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TOPIC: 2024 Token FAQ

2024 Token FAQ 1 year 3 months ago #25

Quick question, for 2k orders will the new Marks be a replacement for AG buttons or we will get buttons as well? A huge benefit in the past for new players is being able to buy an AG buttton for physical conventions at a reasonable price sometimes free to help alleviate some of the weight. If the marks replace then it might not be as easy to access. Thank you!
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2024 Token FAQ 1 year 3 months ago #26

Matthew Hayward wrote:

jedibcg wrote: If you are getting a +1 level from another source does equipping 3 "of the Ancients" still do nothing for you so less than equipping 2 would for in this scenario?

+level do not stack:

"Note: +level effects do not stack."


Thank you but that does not answer the question I was asking. I am asking if you get the get no bonus so you don't even get the 2 piece bonus if you already have the +1 level.
You either discover a star or you don't. You arrogant punk.
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