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TOPIC: 2024 Uncommon Token Ideas

2024 Uncommon Token Ideas 1 month 3 weeks ago #1

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Please post your ideas for Uncommon 2024 tokens here.
If you'd like to see a previous Uncommon reprinted, please make that request in the
Reprint Requests thread, not in this thread.

Special Request: When referencing previous tokens, please spell them out rather than using initialisms. Not everyone is familiar with that they mean. If you want to spell them out and then use an initialism in the same paragraph, that's cool, as long as it's clear what you're talking about. E.g., "Charm of Avarice (CoA) is cool token. I hope I can make a CoA soon." is totally cool whereas, "I'd rather see BoGS reprinted than GoGA" is unintelligible to most folks.
Have you looked it up in the TDb ?
Please post TDb corrections in this thread .
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2024 Uncommon Token Ideas 1 month 3 weeks ago #2

Arcane Dust of Precision
Wizards, Druid, Cleric

Turn in to automatically pass 1 skill check.
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2024 Uncommon Token Ideas 1 month 3 weeks ago #3

Potion Polymorph (Sparrow) - attack at range
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2024 Uncommon Token Ideas 1 month 3 weeks ago #4

Although I only used it for 1 run, I liked collecting and equipping the Silver Elf set bonus from last year (easy to get when i just started). Having another 3 or 4 set uncommon would be cool. I would keep it simple and just give something like +1 saves or something useful to newcomers until they can get fancier things. I think alot of the fun of this game is the collecting piece so getting things (even if you don't always use them) provides you with a goal.

Similarly like the concept of the Shirt of Healing but would have liked it in a different slot and provide more of a reason for the whole party to collect them.
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2024 Uncommon Token Ideas 1 month 3 weeks ago #5

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A series of ioun stones with +1 to two saves. Ie

Fort and will
Fort and Reflex
Will and Reflex

Maybe they could have a cut of stone in common. It would give people the ability to stack into their weak save while still getting some love for the others.
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2024 Uncommon Token Ideas 1 month 2 weeks ago #6

2024 tokens

#1 Uncommon 150 GP

#2 Uncommon second 150 GP (get rid of the 100 GP token, there are 50’s for change, it is a feel bad pull by comparison)

#3 Masterwork Mystic Staff of Acid, +1 to hit, non-magical, acid damage (or can change theme to fit, but I think there should be a clear improvement from common to uncommon in the mystic staves)

#4 A two-handed, non-magical, melee weapon, usable by Barbarian, Bard, Fighters, Paladin, Ranger, and Rogue. The emphasis of this token is offering a 2-handed melee uncommon weapon to Bard and Rogue, of which there is currently none of in the game. These classes have proficiency in Simple Weapons in D&D, so I would recommend a Great Club, Spear, or Quarter Staff. I would expect a 1d6 damage wheel, but you could choose to do 1d8 if you really wanted to be nice.

#5 Uncommon bracer weapon for Monk. There are 0 in the game currently. Consider a Masterwork Braver (non-magical, +1 to hit?). Perhaps 1d6 damage wheel?

#6 Uncommon Shield. Barbarian, Bard, Cleric, Druid, Fighters, Paladin. +1 AC & +2 Fortitude saves (this is an amalgam of Shield of the Stag +1 AC/+2 Reflex and Fae Yew Shield +1 AC/+1 Fortitude)

#7 Uncommon Shield. Barbarian, Bard, Cleric, Druid, Fighters, Paladin. +1 AC & +2 Will saves (this is based on the Shield of the Stag +1 AC/+2 Reflex, but given Darkling Shield, Fae Yew Shield, and Nixie Shield, I could settle for +1 Will instead)

#8 Uncommon Bard Instrument. Add -2 cold damage (can change damage type, this is based on Harp of the Angels). Ideas for the theme - cittern, bandore, mandolin, banjo, ukulele, drums, horn, viol, dulcimer, shawm, bagpipes, vuvuzela, recorder, kazoo, harmonica, bells, chime, gong, fiddle, trumpet

#9 Uncommon Tome of Piety. Cleric. Allows 1 skill check re-try per adventure. (Based on the Bard’s Tome of Recall)

#10 Uncommon torso slot. Sacred Robes. Wearable by all. +1 Dexterity and +1 Constitution. (Based on Rare Robe of Deftness while trying to be a step down from it but still more than just +1 Dex, which I feel fits better as a common alternative to +1 AC)

#11 Uncommon Torso. All except Monk and Wizard. +3 AC & +1 Fortitude & +1 Reflex. (This is based on the numerous +4 AC/+1 to a specific save Uncommon Armors amalgamated with the +2 AC/+1 to all saves uncommon armor)

#12 Bracers of the [Blank]. Rogue. Negate sneak attack/critical hit immunity for [pick one in design from among undead, ooze, swarm, incorporeal, or aberration]. (Can make this wearable by all for just the crit negation. Can expand it to a rogue and ranger preferred token by adding the chosen monster type to Ranger’s Favored Enemy)

#14 Uncommon ring. +1 to all saves. (this is based on the amalgamation of existing rings - rare rings grant +4 to a single save or +1 AC/+1 all saves, uncommon rings currently grant +2 to a single save)

#15 Uncommon eyes slot. +1 or +2 to hit with spell slides.

#16 Uncommon gloves. +2 Strength, -2 Dexterity, and -2 Comstitution (This is based on the kilts of bane, the recent arcanum shirt components, and the existing uncommon gloves that each buff dex and con without any existing that buff strength)

#17 Uncommon Cat’s Claw Gloves. Deal 2 retribution damage.

#18 Uncommon boots. Immune to surprise.

#19 Uncommon. Boots of Snow Step. Deal +1 cold damage with melee attacks. (can change damage type to fit theme)

#20 Uncommon Charm of Minor Reflexes. +1 Reflex saves.

#21 Uncommon Charm of Minor Will. +1 Will saves.

#22 Uncommon necklace. +1 Constitution.

#23 Uncommon Necklace. +4 Charisma.

#24 Uncommon Necklace. -4 Shock damage received.

#25 Uncommon Dust. +2 to all saves. (Existing common dust gives +1 to all saves)

#26 Uncommon Dust. +4 AC. (Existing Common dust gives +2 AC)

#27 Uncommon Runestone. +1 AC.

#28 Uncommon Potion. +6 Reflex saves. (Based on Dwarven Draught and loosely on Potion Essence of Figwort)

#29 Uncommon Potion. +6 Will saves.

#30 Uncommon Potion. +2 to all saves.

#31 Uncommon Orb of Fire. Thrown weapon (1 use). (Can change theme of damage type)

#32 Uncommon Scroll. 5 darkrift damage to all monsters in room.
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2024 Uncommon Token Ideas 1 month 2 weeks ago #7

#33 Staff of Focused Aggression. 2-handed. 1d6 damage wheel. Usable by all. +1 damage to damage spells (This is a downgrade from the Staff of Focus because it does not affect healing or polymorphere, making it suitable for Uncommon)

#34 Staff of Focused Transformation. 2-handed. Usable by all. 1d6 damage wheel. +1 to hit and to damage while polymorphed with physical attacks.

#35 Baton of Focused Rejuvenation. 1-Handed. 1d6 damage wheel. All except Monk and Wizards. +1 to healing spells used. (For Druid especially, I feel this is an interesting trio of Uncommons that have a clear direct “upgrade path” but it also works for the other classes and it opens a Focus type weapon up to the Bard).
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2024 Uncommon Token Ideas 1 month 1 week ago #8

Ring of True Sight - Usable by All
Negate any sight based penalties

(Only print this in a year where the module would impose some sight based penalties).
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