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TOPIC: Uncommon Token Ideas

Uncommon Token Ideas 3 weeks 2 days ago #61

Matthew Hayward wrote:

Wade Schwendemann (Dr. Uid) wrote:

Matthew Hayward wrote: Ring of Greenskin (finger)

Usable by: Barbarian, Fighters

+1 to melee damage for each round you have been damaged this combat

While I.like the idea, and where the effect would be useful (new or new-ish players), this feels like asking a lot of both newer players and/or DMs.

Yeah... good point.

Maybe a simpler way:

+1 smashing retribution damage?

100% support more retribution damage.

Please not in Ring slot, though I understand why you would pick it.

Maybe shield? Or back?

Also, please add paladin.
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Uncommon Token Ideas 2 weeks 6 days ago #62

Blunder Bayonet

Melee “dagger” wheel and one handed or make it a “spear” and take two hands since it is likely “on” a blunder.

Or two Small Blunder Bayonet could be a single handed “dagger”

This should probably be in the theme thread .... /shrug
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