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TOPIC: FINAL 2021 Ultra Rare Token Images!

FINAL 2021 Ultra Rare Token Images! 3 years 9 months ago #181

David Zych wrote:

Wade Schwendemann (Dr. Uid) wrote: Just had an idea.

What if the RoQB said, may not polymorph or have polymorphed this room
In order to use it?

Our concern isn't that Druids are on the ring necessarily, its that they can polymorph, do a bunch of damage, then do a free action spell that would have gone otherwise unused during the run, right?

My feeling (can't necessarily speak for others) is more that it's off-theme for RoQB to apply to damage spells.

A Dr.Uid dmg+heal turn would be using the ring in the same way it's mainly intended to be used by Clerics (for a beneficial effect); a Dr.Uid dmg+dmg turn is something else entirely. In my view it doesn't make a difference whether the SA is poly melee attack or a damage spell.

Fair. I guess I saw dng spell +dmg spell as at least exhausting a finite resource (number of spell boxes avaliable)
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FINAL 2021 Ultra Rare Token Images! 3 years 9 months ago #182

Jeff you need to update the image for Mec.
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