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TOPIC: GHC FULL E2 Saturday 10:24 am

GHC FULL E2 Saturday 10:24 am 6 months 2 days ago #1

Update: This run is now full, pending word from our Ranger and Bard on whether they can make it.

Guildy McGuildface has all ten tickets for this E2 run on Saturday morning. Unfortunately, at least two of our players can't make it to Gamehole Con this year, so we're looking for brave adventurers to join us. Currently, the open classes are Cleric, Elf Wizard, Fighter, or Monk. (Please note that 2 spots are reserved for our Bard and Ranger, who aren't sure yet if they can come. If not, we'll open those spots up as well.)

We intend to play Nightmare. We have 10 each of Charm of Awakened Synergy, Ioun Stone Silver Nugget, and Ioun Stone Gold Nugget, and are happy to lend them as needed. We can also lend a Ring of Heroism if you don't have another way to get to Level 5. Full disclosure: we have 3 Charms of Avarice in our party, so this will not be a max treasure run unless you happen to have 7 CoAs or Charms of Good Fortune. (You are entirely welcome to join us whether you have no CoA/CoGF or many CoAs/CoGFs.)

Current player list:
1. Alyson - Dwarf Fighter
2. BeLinda - Barbarian
3. Brian/Azanul - Rogue
4. Chris/Darth Poker - Wizard
5. Jason/Bhorg - Druid
6. Katie - Paladin
7. Reserved for GMG Bard
8. Reserved for GMG Ranger
9. John Franczyk - Cleric
10. Jack Franczyk - Fighter

Post or PM me if you’d like to join us! PayPal (Friends & Family to avoid fees) will secure your spot.

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GHC FULL E2 Saturday 10:24 am 6 months 1 day ago #2

That was fast! Thanks to John Franczyk and Jack Franczyk for joining us as a Cleric and Fighter, respectively.

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