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TOPIC: New Slot Thought

New Slot Thought 1 year 4 months ago #73

raptorov wrote:

Marcques Domask wrote: Could this lead to a total party kill in the coaching room when someone tries to stag bags of holding inside bags of holding? ;)

TPK in the coaching room? As a coach, I am intrigued. I only ever gave a point of damage to the thief player when he couldn't get the lanyard bundle untied.

I made a mistake about bags of holding inside other bags of holding. Apparently that's perfectly fine. Where it gets tricky is bag of holding inside a portable hole, which opens a rift to the astral plane and sucks in everyone within a 10 foot radius. Pretty sure the coaching room is smaller than 10 feet, and depending on seating it could also pull parties in from adjacent rooms....

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