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TOPIC: Ioun Stone Jasper Ellipsoid Discussion

Ioun Stone Jaspter Ellipsoid Discussion 4 years 10 months ago #49

Arcanist Kolixela wrote: I would rather see 5/7 completion tokens each year across ALL conventions. 1 grind and 2 per dungeon.

I would prefer to see the volunteers get access to different tokens per event they volunteer at. Or potentially add an UR volunteer token available to swap for X rares and X uncommons for those vols that do multiple conventions.

I'll say again if there are multiple completion tokens at a given convention they should be equal in value. Having a $50+ token and a $5 token at the same convention just breeds negative reactions among new people

Agreed, really like to limit the various completion tokens. That way no matter where i play the dungeon at i can get my XP/token for the year at a given con. I thought that was part of the original intent of opening up to more cons as part of taking some stress off Gen Con ticket madness and to enourage players to get their fix in at other cons.

Vol tokens i'm ambivalent about at this time. I rather a +1/+2 token per year with the option to get pyp/other token credit based on shift/hours done. At a larger con I honestly rather have a full set of completion tokens as those are harder to get due to difficulty getting tickets that fit a full time vol schedule.
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Ioun Stone Jaspter Ellipsoid Discussion 4 years 10 months ago #50

Brad Mortensen wrote:

Matthew Hayward wrote: How would you feel about one dungeon having a 400 GP item as a completion token, and another one having a 5,000 GP reserve bar?

That’s effectively exactly what did happen last year (see Soul Coffer) and a lot of people seem okay with that.

I don’t think most people thought soul coffers was going to jump as high as it did including TD. I judged it a $20 to $40 token and sold my extras at $40. Also I think it will be a much Cheaper token after this block of adventures is over. I just think it’s a bad example since it’s a corner case that no one could see getting to that price.

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Ioun Stone Jasper Ellipsoid Discussion 4 years 10 months ago #51

Any completion token that is slotless and isn't a one use will be in demand, e.g., lamp of efreeti, flask of sharing, soul coffer, etc.

Any stat, save, to hit, damage bonus in in the charm slot or ioun stone slot will be in demand. Demand being very dependent on what stat, etc the bonus is for.

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Ioun Stone Jasper Ellipsoid Discussion 4 years 9 months ago #52

In an average year, how many new players join the forums or try to sell their tokens online after trying the game for the first time at a satellite con? I know the first year I played True Dungeon and found out how “complicated” trading/selling is by basically needing to go to a very specific webpage, make an account, post, and hope other people on that site see it, I basically thought it was impossible to trade/sell/buy. It took me a while to really attempt it.

If a “chase” completion token is at a satellite con with the goal of trying to get new players to be excited about their prize, will it work for a noticeable percentage of them? Or will they feel more like they won something with a perceived value that they can’t actually get rid of easily (especially if they don’t run with a vet who buys it on the spot), like a prized white elephant? How many will fail to be informed of the value and pack the token away in a drawer they never touch again until it is time for spring cleaning when they throw it away because they never use it? Not only would it be a chase token because of desirability, but it would be a chase token because the supply of sellers would be drastically diminished. Further consider even if the tickets sold out and this was PAX South, how many runs are there at that show compared to Dungeon X2 at Gen Con? I expect there would be more total runs creating a greater initial supply at Gen Con too, and a greater likelihood of it being sold as a token geared towards veteran players as opposed to specifically new players, and when more tokens are sold, more tokens are transferred into the hands of the players who have economically demonstrated greater joy from having the token than the seller (who gets greater joy from having the money), increasing total player happiness.

I do not like the idea of a chase completion token, but if there must be one, let’s minimize the chase please.
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