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TOPIC: Time to start the 2021 Token dev process

Time to start the 2021 Token dev process 5 months 1 week ago #217

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Anthony Barnstable wrote:

Xavon wrote:

Anthony Barnstable wrote:

Endgame wrote:

macXdmg wrote: I think I mentioned or read it from another thread, I think it’s worth noting.

Universal relics to draw trade goods out of the system. Maybe one could be “redundant helm of might”
+2 hit, counts as part of might set, counts as part of one other set.

Recipe could be any UR helm hat or headgear, silk, stone, planks, em usable by all

If you really want to drain trade goods, make an alternate, trade good only recipe. No ur, no fleece, no bits, just trade goods.

+1 to this! Making it even use only the surplus trade goods would make it drain those even faster. Or using the non-surplus trade goods in quantities far below normal at the very least.

What about something like the +3 Rod of Niltongue? But make it a little more usable and make it eternal. Something like:

+3 Scepter of Might
+1 to healing and damage spells, and melee damage. FoB Compatible
Usable by: All
(and yes, counts for the Might Set)

And the recipe would be something like:
Any UR Weapon
2× Alchemist’s Ink
2× Alchemist’s Parchment
1× Aragonite
7× Darkwood Plank
7× Dwarven Steel
1× Elven Bismuth
9× Mystic Silk
1x Oil of Enchantment
9× Philosopher’s Stone
the equivalent of 2500 GP

I think something like that would be a good, universal, entry level relic weapon.

1 Aragonite to 9 Mystic Silks? That doesn’t feel like a token that will make a dent in the MS surplus. And only 7 Darkwood Planks, affecting that token even less. I think the recipe should only be using Mystic Silk, Darkwood Plank, or Philosopher’s Stones, but if it has to include other ingredients then it should be closer to a ratio of 1 Aragonite to 20 of each of those.

They could be a little higher, I'm not good with coming up with trans-mats.

But my idea was if it is cheap, and a lot more people make them, that would be the drain, from numbers and increased demand. So maybe 12 SIlks/Stones/Planks, but I wouldn't want it to go too much higher.
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